Monday, 30 March 2015


Crop: Boohoo
Orange Maxi skirt: Boohoo
Camera Bag: Accessorize 
Embellished heels: Asos
Rainbow shades: Asos

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Currently crushing

Now Spring has finally arrived I thought I'd let you know what I've been crushin' on; mostly a blend of birthday presents from turning 25 & several new additions to my closet that have definitely got summer vibes dazzling through them, even if the weather won't quite let us believe so.... 

Starbucks, agreeably the best coffee shop in town due to their Refresher range alone have now crowned in the glory further by making OMBRE mugs. Hell yeah Starbucks! I opted for the turquoise due to all the mermaid vibes I've been lovin' of late. They also come in yellow or pink if you're feeling rainbow rad. 

     MJ Daisy 

This is gorgeous. Really floral, fruity and light enough to switch between impactful yet subtle. Love! 

Accessorize Cara Camera Bag

Blogger bag cliché written all over it #clickclickflash. It has such a pretty iridescent shimmer when it hits the light and I know it's going to be perfect for making that summery ootd a bit more snazzy. 

 Accessorize Revo Lens sunglasses 

Momentarily mesmerised by these reflective beauts when I first saw them in store with Josie, I had to go get them the second time I was passing by. Just from a little light you can see how much colour they mirror, and I can't wait until the sun really does its thing so I can show them off properly. I opted for something slightly different with the silver frames too. 

I've just started burning this down today and am already loving it. Like its description, Birthday Cake has a sweet, silky vanilla scent that really fills the room with an immediate sugar rush just as soon as the match strikes! A room filled with birthday cake? Result. Definitely just as good as a Yankee jar. 

What are you currently crushing on?

Any new s/s purchases

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Washed Up Mermaid



Top, Jacket, Jeans, sunglasses in hand: All Topshop (old)
Satchel, boots: Boohoo (old) 
Sunglasses: eBay 

So after trying out several of Bleach London's hair crayons; The Big Pink & Out Of The Blue I finally got around to applying Washed Up Mermaid. Not overly impactful yet reactive enough to get some ombre vibes going for the while. I haven't really tried blue-y green-y tones before and I think aqua is about as far as I'll reach to be honest. Definitely glad to switch up from the pink and purple though, and to try another ombre colour from the rainbow sky spectrum. 

Usually I rock a Kevin Murphy Colour Bug but they are so damn pricey (sometimes around £15 a go) so when I saw these back in Boots last summer I knew I had to give them a try. I prefer the chalks to BL's wash in, wash out dye. After experimenting with Rosè several years back and being disappointed with the very vague pink I'm not bothered about trying out another one. As for the crayons I most deff want to try out more colours someday. 

Have you tried out Bleach London? Would love to know your thoughts!