Monday, 30 May 2016

Travel: Our trip to Portugal

Back in April my boyfriend Graham & I took a trip to Albufeira (not just 'cos it rhymes with my surname Sierra, FYI). If you know me, you'll know I've definitely got travel jetting through my veins and a wanderlust list that's endlessly burning at my brain. Europe has never interested me half as much as America but Spain and Portugal have always been two countries on my hit-list. We flew out to Portugal on Graham's birthday and the holiday felt all the more special for it. We were both a bit nervy about the flight but thankfully it was only about 2 hours 45 mins, so therefore fairly breezy. The trip also signalled our first tropical holiday for a good few years and it came as such a blissful break for us both. 

We stayed at hotel Vila Petra which was more than affordable yet pretty paradisal to say the least. It was also only a short stones throw away from the pretty beaches lining Albufeira and was easily accessible to the local shops with a 'strip' that held bars, clubs, cafes, cocktail bars, restaurants and the best part, a load of boozing Brits. Perhaps the only downfall; the area was obviously a spot for stag nights so when we went out for a meal we often had to elbow our way through crowds of leery lads. It didn't matter that much as we rented an apartment in the hotel so mainly ate from our balcony in the evening. On the odd occasion we ventured out late, we made it through the mob without a fist in the face, always a bonus, let's face it.

We hadn't had much time to research the area so spent our days exploring the beaches; namely Oura. On the hottest day we sat by the sea, accompanied by cocktails and carbs. A few days were spent walking around, navigating the town and strolling past so many villas/houses/apartments that we bookmarked as holiday homes should we ever be lucky enough to dreamily afford one in the future. It's certainly no secret that I've always wanted a home abroad, be it a holiday home or a home, home. Our favourite discovery was a marshmallow pink row of buildings below; how f-ing cute? Literally the most soothing street I ever did see.

Graham's definitely rocking these ASOS shades better than I, they fit so well with his ootd! There weren't many Instagram husband feels to our holiday especially as I made the fatal mistake of losing most of my make-up at the airport. I spent the holiday feeling like a right troll to say the least and avoided posing for pics at all costs! The hotel also disallowed pool inflatables. Serious case of SHOCK and HORROR, so the donut we brought with us stayed safely in the suitcase. Donut and I stayed relegated to no-poser territory with a sassy salti-ness to rival the sea.

Overall we absolutely loved our time in Portugal and would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. The locals were all friendly as were the hotel staff at Vila Petra and I'd totally be up for a return visit one day. We stayed just under a week which was the perfect amount of time for our get-away and both agreed we'd love to make a return trip in the future (and buy one of those dreamy houses....)

Have you ever been to Portugal?
Have you got wanderlust? If so where for? 


  1. Such amazing photos! It looks beautiful over there, unfortunately i've never been! :) G. wears awesome sunglasses btw! :) WritingMonique

  2. All of those buildings are super pretty, especially the pink ones! I could definitely imagine you living there! :) I'm so glad that you both had a great time <3 Those beaches look stunning! <3 xxx

  3. Oh babe! It looks so beautiful, I'm glad you had a lovely time!

    What a shame that there was stag dos, but well done for avoiding them!

    Oh my goodness, I would have been a complete mess if I'd lost my makeup! I bet you still looked stunning regardless <3 xxxx

  4. This was such a great travel piece babe and I absolutely loved reading it and scrolling through all of your beautiful photos! It looks like such a gorgeous place. I've never been to Porugal before but you've certainly put it on my radar as it sounds like such a great getaway. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! But I'm very sorry about losing your make up, I would have a serious meltdown! Katie xx

  5. This post reminds me of just how badly I need a holiday! I've never been to Portugal myself but my parents have been here and rave about it! xx

  6. Potentially one of the dreamiest holiday-scrapbook-albums I ever did see! So glad to hear you both had a fab time, that sun lounger shot looks straight out of a Thompson's window display <3 Shame about those intoxicated Brits, though I feel as though there's a little clique of them in just about every foreign land with a pint in hand:') Irritating whilst comforting at the same time haha.
    In awe of those cute holiday homes, makes me desperate to escape to sunnier shores and spend my days on a candyfloss pink porch with a book in one hand and a tequila sunrise in the other.
    I have serious wanderlust for America; all the little nooks and crannies, unexplored roads and highway diners.. fingers crossed for adventures this summer;)

    // xx

  7. These are such great pictures, looks like you had an amazing time! Cocktails and carbs by the sea sounds SO appealing right now! X

  8. I haven't been to Portugal for years, but it is so pretty, especially around the coast. I love your photos - the houses really are dreamy! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. All l can think now that you've mentioned it is 'Sierra in Albufeira' haha ;) This looks like such a fab trip to have taken with your boyfriend; the colours of the buildings are SO you and wow, how I'd like to be walking along that beach right now...

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  10. I want to have a trip to go to the place just like this, so cool


  11. It looks and sounds like you had a lovely time. No inflatables in the pool though?!! What kind of pool is that?!!! I haven't been to Portugal since I was younger when we went to the Algarve, but it's a lovely country and I'd love to go back one day, my parent are currently there in Lisbon. I'm dying for a good holiday in the sunshine when my anxiety settles again, next on my list is either Mykonos or somewhere in Italy :) xx

  12. Looks like an amazing time!!

  13. Going on a trip with my boyfriend is definitely on the top of my bucket list; it doesn't even have to be as far as Europe (I'm a South East Asian!) It sounds like you had such a great time in Portugal, Sophie, and gahhh, that row of pastel buildings on the street you found looks straight out of a 90s movie?! Edward Scissorhands-esque, slightly Wes Anderson, haha. Thank you for sharing this with us!


  14. Ah it looks like such a beautiful place! I LOVE Portugal xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  15. Thank you for this lovely & honest post on your trip to Portugal! I've never been there, but I'm hearing so much good stories about holidays there so I really want to go there anytime soon - in need of some sun as rainy, stormy Paris starts depressing me. Also I'm so sad to hear you lost your make-up at the airport :( That's such an awful feeling when you have to hand over stuff that's more than 100 ml, had it before as well, luckily with only one make-up remover product. All pictures you shared here are so gorgeous and dreamy, honestly it seems like you booked a trip to paradise, not even a 3 hr flight away! Thank you for sharing Sophie!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  16. I live for posts like this haha! Loved every little picture & every little word as I am obsessed with traveling hon & practically live at the airport :)
    I haven't been to Portugal yet but it is on my list. Especially after reading about your adventures there <3
    Thanks for sharing, my sweet girl!!
    xox Nadia

  17. This looks like an absolutely gorgeous holiday location. I've never been to Portugal and haven't really considered it. All the houses look so beautiful!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  18. great pictures ! makes me want to go travel

  19. Sounds like you guys had such a lovely time! Those views look stunning! I'd be pretty upset if I lost my makeup on the way haha but I'm sure you looked nothing like a troll, you're such a beauty and I'm sure you looked gorgeous!!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  20. You know me babe, I always have wanderlust and now I think I have to add Portugal to my list too! Your photos are so breathtakingly beautiful- the beach looks so perfect and I'm glad you indulged in cocktails and carbs too- my kinda gal!!!!!!!! Haha oh god at the leery stags- at least they didn't bother you too much. I am one trillion percent positive that you looked like a total anti-thesis of a troll and were in fact an absolute beach babe! Your other half is rocking these sunnies though- better than I ever could ;) The pink street is making my inner barbie girl scream- I could totally live there too!

    Hope you're well gorgeous

    Rachel xx

  21. I can't wait to go on holidays! It's been a while :/ And those sunnies look so cool haha love them :D

  22. How ridiculously gorgeous is this place!! Your photographs are so beautiful. It sounds like you had such an amazing time. I love your editing so much <33. I have huge wanderlust, for the whole world!

    Katie // Words By Katie


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  24. Oh wow! These pictures are so dreamy! I have never been to Portugal, but I want to. :) Love the houses you captured here babe!


  25. Beautiful pictures and editing! I would love to visit someday x

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