Sophie Sierra, blogger & writer from Kent
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Thanks for stopping by! I've been blogging for five years now and still love every minute of it. I'm based in Kent, just close enough to get into London if needs be and in perfect milage of all the gorgeous beaches I love so much ♥︎ For the blog I often travel here and there in search of fun and colourful locations for my outfit photos & seek out anything else bright and vibrant I'm inspired by. I'm a summer girl, I can't stand the cold. Over the years I've discovered my fashion style to be a lot of sequins and glitter, shocking pink, rainbow, 90s, crochet, beads and gems, festival; basically a kaleidoscope of clashing colour with lots of shimmer added to the mix! I try and keep summer prominent in my wardrobe, even when things get glacial ☺︎

Despite sharing a lot of my life online I'm a very private person and mostly crave peace and quiet. I'm not the most confident girl in the world yet sometimes social media can be deceiving and give people the impression that you are, that you're living an amazing life and eternally happy when inside you're feeling anything but. I'm wary of that and always try and be as honest and open about how I'm feeling and my own self-esteem issues as is possible ♥︎

I've been open about my battle with anxiety and mental health over the years and it's been a real form of therapy to get it out in the open and help other people out there suffering. Even if my words only reach one person but make them feel a little better and less alone then it's all worth it. Alongside fashion I blog about mental health, self-confidence, empowerment, advice, girl talk and anything else I feel I can help other young girls and women out there with. I've spoken about everything from my struggle with the festive season to unhappy jobs, to low self-esteem and to why I wish companies would be more accepting of tattoos and colourful hair in the workplace. 


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  1. Best of luck finding your dream job, Sophie! Enjoying your work is basically living the dream, right? Stay positive, I definitely believe you'll find the right role for you! :)

    Tara x

    1. Aww thank you so very much T! Right? It totally is. What is it they say; "find your dream job and you'll never work a day in your life" or some such ;) Bless you for your kind encouragement, it means so much <3

  2. Sophieeeeee!!! I'm so glad you've got your inspo back! You know what...you're gonna find something you're really passionate about that will bring all your interests together and that will be your dream career...(forget calling it a job!) You've been so brave to travel to LA on your own, and even if the trip didn't turn out as you hoped you learnt that YES! You can do it! As you say this is the time to build your dream career. Start taking small steps towards it and make your dreams come true. Cannot wait to hear more. I hope one day me and you can work together I really do! What a dream would that be? ^_^ xx


  3. I just came across your blog now and I am hooked. So many of us are in a similar position as you are in, where we don't know what we want out of life - but we KNOW there's got to be more. Thank you for sharing your journey x