Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Selfie Factory Bluewater Christmas

So the Selfie Factory is back in Bluewater for Christmas! As soon as I heard that the Selfie Factory was back and with festive bells on, we booked tickets in a winter wonderland frenzy. I'm not a Christmassy person at all, but the snowy sets and candy cane themed ball pit was enough to lure me in. The Selfie Factory proved so popular during its first run at Bluewater back in April that its return with a Christmas theme was perfect for me - especially seeing as I needed a dose of seasonal content! I also thought the Selfie Factory was the perfect place to break out my purple hair which I absolutely love! In the spirit of sugar plum fairies, it's perfect for a sprinkle of December magic. 
My first stop of course, was the candy cane red, green and white ball pit. If only inflatable candy canes were a regular occurrence! Wearing my pink Christmas tinsel drop earrings from Topshop and Urban Outfitters Holographic tube top, I was certainly dressed to celebrate! Luckily our one hour time-slot was fairly peaceful meaning we had full run of any room we wanted. I could have stayed here all day (and all decade).
The candy cane wall was just as Christmassy and my new pink satin boots from Missguided added a dash of pink to proceedings. Back to blonde, I caught sight of further more hot pink rooms to bask in. Most notably this super fun flamingo tropical paved palace, what a dream?!

Next stop was a gorgeous flower wonderland complete with bath, phone box and dream swing seat! Safe to say I did not want to leave - reminiscent of the Selfie Factory's summer spirit back in April, it was a wonderful addition amongst all the Christmas joy and cheer.
This snowy winter wonderland wardrobe was Narnia reminiscent and oh so magical! I tried out my pink fairytale wings specially, and they were a lot of fun to rock!
Selfie juice anyone? This show-stopping pink room called out for Burn book vibes so of course I happily obliged. Shopping in this all-pink-dream supermarket was a blast!
Here are some highlights of more of my favourite rooms, all pretty self-explanatory! 

So that was my fun-filled Christmas trip to the Selfie Factory! I had an absolute blast and would definitely make a third visit if they ever come back to Bluewater. Be sure to check out my Instagram for surplus photos of our trip and I'll be putting more content up to my instagram stories from our Selfie Factory day out too.

Have you been to the Selfie Factory? 
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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Halloween look: blue-haired mermaid

This Halloween I decided to go all out blue, starting with the whole BLUE HAIR DON'T CARE!!! vibe, and transforming into a shimmery mermaid complete with shell bikini and glittering face jewels. My candyfloss pool float provided a sugary sweet sparkly finish to proceedings, whilst the blue gem tiara cemented the icing on the turquoise cake. Last Halloween I became a very pink version of Penelope Pitstop which I adored, but this year I wanted to break away from pink and focus on a new colour tone for this Hallow-season. My Instagram feed currently showcases more vibrancy; I love all colours of the rainbow, and I really want my aesthetic to reflect as much. I posted a Blue Moon Queen make-up look over on the 'gram too, complete with blue eyes, lips, eyebrows, icicles and the electric blue hair ♥︎

Colourful hair is a MOOD and I'm making a vow to keep experimenting with different colours, Halloween or no-ween! After our last attempt at shooting this look was rained off I decided second time round this one was happening come storm or snowfall, and despite quite a heavy rain shower we managed to pull off the pictures. This autumn and winter I'm trying to embrace the spirit of seasonal shifts a bit more which will reflect in my upcoming fashion content (we even shot a fairly Christmassy outfit a few weeks back!) But to hell was I going to let the weather put the kibosh on my blue Halloween!

One of my friends sweetly said my blue look reminded her of Queen Frostine from Candy Land and after a quick google search I was elated and over the blue moon to be compared to such a sassy stunnah! Candy Land also looks pretty to-die-for and I wanna live there, as soon as possible please.

My Skinnydip London Shell Carmen tote bag topped off the whole under-the-sea aura. This blue look was so much fun to rock that I really begrudged taking it off! After my blue moon queen make-up had been finished for Instagram I seriously considered keeping it all on - blue hair et al, to greet my friend later that night but alas I didn't! The blue vibe seems to have gone down really well on social media which I'm thrilled about. Thank you so much for all your continued support, be it on this blog or anywhere else! It means the world ♥︎

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

EL&N Cafe Hans Crescent: a dream come true!

A visit to EL&N cafe is always a good idea, and upon my rendezvous to the Hans Crescent branch, every pretty pink wish was granted. I've been lucky enough to visit three EL&N cafes so far, but this one has to be my favourite by a trillion years! With a love heart wall adorned with sassy quotes to a unicorn carousel, to dreamy fixtures and fittings and to-die-for dragonfruit salads, what's not to love? 

Read on for all the magic you can expect when entering EL&N Cafe in Hans Crescent..... 

Love Heart wall

We were lucky enough to get seated by the actual love heart wall, something I'd really wanted to do last time we'd been but unfortunately couldn't as it was closed. By some miracle on our second visit it was available and empty, so we got the whole of downstairs all to ourselves! I still can't get over how utterly fairytale this setting is, pure Arianna Grande meets 90s Love Heart fever. MADE FOR ME. I'd love a whole house paved with these bright pink love hearts, can you imagine? Fellow pink-a-holics rejoice! 

Seeing as it was April when we came here, my pink floral dress matched with all the cherry blossom surrounding the streets and trees, and even more so with this sweetheart deco! Major thanks as well to my lovely boyfriend, who, realising I'd forgotten my sparkly white heels for my shoot at EL&N made an hour round journey just to drop them off specially at my mum's the night before - a real life Cinderella moment! 


Dragonfruit salads & avocado flower power   
Lunch at EL&N is always next to none, and their dishes did not disappoint! Previously I've only ever really treated myself to their sweet treats, so this time we decided to go savoury. 

Their dragonfruit salad was the ultimate superwoman brunch for my mum, and the avocado dish I chose came with edible flowers adorned on the plate. A feast for fairies! Various fruit teas and coolers were selected seeing as it was too tropical outside to opt for our usual hot chocolates and pink lattes. 

Pink parlour decor 
Swirling marble tabletops are illuminated with stylish low-hanging bulbs, artfully placed to give off an amber glow. The walls are painted a promising pink, housing comfortable booths. Rose gold tables make for the perfect finishing touch. Flowers are displayed prettily with cutlery, and of course the best part of all happens to be the Love Hearts surrounding the downstair wall! 

Unicorn Carousel 
Aside from the gorgeous love heart walls, what really sets the bar high for this EL&N branch is the unicorn merry-go-round. Serious fairground fantasies unleashed! Facing the shopfront and streets, it's a gorgeous greeting once you step foot inside the Hans Crescent branch. 
The only downside to this fairground attraction was that it didn't waltz me off and spin me round, sadly of course it's fixed to the floor, but maybe a future EL&N cafe will even have a real moving carousel? Who knows! I fell head over heels with this cafe and it's definitely a firm favourite! I can't wait to visit again in the very near future ♥︎

Have you been to an EL&N cafe?
I'd love to know your favourite if so! 

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