Thursday 19 August 2021

Mermaid magic + the colourful kindness of Herne Bay

Inspired by Cher's transfixing turn in the 1990 classic Mermaids, I decided to kick off my new "Under the Sea" theme with my own blue-haired version! Because why be so shellfish, when you can be more mermaid! It was a little daunting, standing in the streets as a RL merbabe, but I somehow managed to pull if off. On the menu this summer are starfish sandwiches, marshmallow kebabs and anything that shimmers! ♥︎
Mermaids love to hit the pinkest beach shops to pick up pretty trinkets, and Personalised by Fk attracted my attention immediately; the most stunning vibrant shop! I'd already decided it would be the most gorgeous backdrop for my mermaid look, and I happened to meet the lovely Danielle whilst shooting there who welcomed us in and was so kind and supportive about my shoot. Her words of encouragement gave me such a boost and made me realise it's important not to stop doing what you love - words I needed as a couple of men were making fun nearby. Personalised by Fk sell beautiful uplifting items that speak to the heart - whilst there, mum and I picked up some gorgeous rainbow notebooks and cards with inspirational messages on them. Definitely worth a visit if you're in beautiful, blissed out Herne Bay! ♥︎
Whilst sitting on the rocks as a mermaid, I met lovely Jo Oakley who told me about her gallery which has a mesmerising mermaid mural on the building, it's beautiful! Unbelievably I'd missed this but upon walking by later on I was entranced by the stunning "She rose, she fell... she rose again,' message which spoke volumes to me. The mermaid mural would be perfect for future photos, I'll definitely have to return as a mermaid again one day soon! One of the things I love about being more imaginative and creative with costumes and themes for the blog/my social media is it starts conversations with people that wouldn't happen otherwise. Safe to say, Herne Bay is a colourful and blissful place full of inspiring and innovative creators! Jo Oakley has a beautiful website full of paradisal paintings, homeware gems and more, definitely worth a look and a visit if you're in this seaside town! ♥︎


  1. Great photos & words, Sophie, you look beautiful dressed as a mermaid! xx����

  2. Your hair and mermaid outfit look fabulous!
    Personalised by FK looks like a fun shop to browse in.
    I love the complementary contrast of your hair and mermaid OOTD with the front of the Personalised by FK store-front (I even the 'Oh Hello' mail slot in the door of this storefront is cute). I also love the fun mermaid sunbathing on the rocks photos.
    It does sound like the mermaid mural on Jo Oakley's 'She Rose' art gallery shop and workshop building in Herne Bay would be a great spot for another mermaid photoshoot. I also like the appearance of her work.
    P.S.: I like the two videos you uploaded to YouTube five years ago (I subscribed).

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  3. Beautiful Mermaiden! Love this xx

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