Saturday 8 June 2019

Styling a candy bikini

I'm a candy girl in a candy world ♥︎ 

Welcoming this look from Candyland; wearing sweets has never been such a sugar-rush rollercoaster! The days of eating 90s candy bracelets and bikinis are dead, in the new millennium we wear them as style inspiration instead. The beaches are a blast of blue, so long as you bring your candy shades with you. In this post I'll be sharing what to expect when you visit Candyland, with a few top tips thrown in ♥︎

Bring sugar-screen 
The weather forecast for June hits tropical temperatures, so don't forget to bring your sugar-screen and sunhat! On a cloudy day expect rainbow drops with the odd flying saucer zooming overhead. Bubble jugs are provided when temperatures hit blistering heights and chocolate umbrellas are stacked near the sherbet fountains when it rains candy canes. 

Pool a pink diamond! 
Jelly rings not your thing? Pink diamonds are a hotter alternative, buried deep in the sparkling seas. You'll have to battle through bubblegum webs and pink shrimps to unearth yours, but I can confirm it's 100% worth it when you reclaim your booty. As you can see I took up the challenge and the glimmering pink diamond was worth every mermaid-escapade. 

If your bikini snaps... 
You can pay a visit to the Love Hearts, always sickly sweet, they'll fix you with a brand new candy bikini. The candiest babes ever, they'll even take a few candid shots of you in your candy bikini if you ask nicely. Candyland is full of sugarcoated souls; some good, some bad. Stay away from the sours, with their acidic attitudes, and the frosties with their glacial air. The Nerds and Dweebs are just misunderstood, and all the Astros will lecture you about scientific matters. 

Candy killings 
Don't worry, you don't get hundreds and thousands of murders at Candyland but if you see roads sealed off by Hubba Bubba tape, you'll know some serious Gum Girl sh!t has hit the fizz whizz. 

Hit the fairground!
Carousels of caramac and sugar plum funfetti, what's not to love? Candy floss carts and sugar plum pixies dispatched at various marquees. 
Music & entertainment 
WHAM plays on a constant loop around Candyland, with occasional melodies heard from The Sugababes and The Sugarhill Gang, not forgetting lots of bubblegum pop! Movies such as Candyman  and The Sweetest Thing are broadcasted now and again, with ridiculous re-runs of My Super Sweet 16 on a constant loop.  

I hope you enjoy your trip to Candyland! 



  1. I LOVE this bikini a lot! The pastel colours suit your skin and hair so well, and it's super cute. I love the photos!

    Have a great weekend :)
    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  2. Love this fun candy post, gorgeous pics & hair!

  3. I'm loving reading about and seeing the photos from your sweet Candyland adventure! The candy swimwear OOTD featuring the candylicious rainbow shades and bikini top at the beach are fabulous. I was grinning widely reading this, and very much LOVE your pink fashion taste! The pink bikini top and pink miniskirt are both beautiful. I also love the Sundaze pink diamond ring tube. It both looks and sounds like there are wonderful times to be had there in Candyland!!!

  4. This post is as sweet as you are I am moving to candyland today what an amazing world to be living in surrounded by sweet souls and let's just pretend the sour ones will melt in the tropical temperature. Love this post babe You look amazing I am old fashioned I don't know if I could stay away from eating my bikini and sunglasses as I love sweets But they look awesome and that float is a gem! Have a fantastic weekend pink sweet princess and I hope your week is sugar coated with happiness and peace xoxo Cris

  5. Love this post!the candy glasses are the cutest!

  6. A very Refreshing post. I hope you took a quick Dip Dab in the sea, that would have given you a Boost.

  7. You look absolutely fantastic my dear! These photos are stunning!


  8. I can't believe how your bikini and sunglasses are cool. I can't remember when was the last time when I saw such a beautiful, cute and sweet thing. I'm over thrilled with them, you looks amazing and I'm happy to see that you have great time at the beach. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  9. How cute and fun are these photos! Such a sweet concept!

  10. Wow, this is unique and adorable! What a great idea and fun shoot! :)


  11. Such a beauty you are my dear Sophie. This is one cute, fun and mood booster piece. Looks like a good trip. :-) Have a blessed week hun.

  12. You had me at Caramac Carousel! I'm definitely here for that! You look like a sugary, candy floss princess - so cute and colourful! xxx

  13. This is a nostalgic and cute look. Perfect for a fun event or festival.

  14. Wow what a super cute idea!! also I love this giant ring! it's perfect for summer.
    Have a great weekend dear!

    lots of love, Miri

  15. This was such a fun and whimsical post to read, and that bikini is so cute. I love how colourful you always are as well in your outfits! :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  16. What a stunning summer look!

  17. WOW GIRL WOW! the candy bikini is super cute and you totally rocked it hard.

  18. Aww this entire looks is SO in tune with your personal style, Sophie! Although I have to ask... how did you manage to resist eating the bikini haha!? I used to love those candy-chain sweets sooooo much!! I love the swim float by the way; such a fun and unique design I've not seen before! :) Hope you're having a fabulous week so far babe :) x

  19. Such a fun post and a great way to wear some edible pieces! :)

    I love how the sunglasses match so well too!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  20. Oh my a candy bathing suit how fun! And love the float too. This post was such a blast. And love the hot pink ends of your hair!

    Allie of

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