Sunday, 19 April 2015

Rhinestone Rock

Dress: Boohoo
Shades: Boohoo
Sandals: Zara 
Bag: Topshop 

Hands up who's still Coachella crushin'? I know summer is simultaneous for boho, but I never think that's a bad thing. Bohemian vibes are the best damn vibes after all! One of my favourite summer staples is this bright overpowering print dress.  I sort of hate it but love it at the same time if that makes sense. But it's my Zara rhinestone studded glittery sandals I really love, my favourite shoes. 

I wish Zara would make more glittery beauts like these. I have them in nude too (a Parisian security  bloke hauled me aside once when I bought said blue sandals because he thought I'd stolen the identical nude ones I was wearing that day... was seriously freaked at having to spend the night in a French prison...yo sir, I'm just crushing on Zara). 

Are you still crushing on Coachella? 
What trends are you loving this summer? 

Monday, 6 April 2015


With the wish of including more variety on my blog; beauty, home, lifestyle, topical, music, books, reviews, writing segments, (here's hoping, yano how bad I am at posting); I thought I'd approach April with another theme I've been thinking of including on soinspo: life through an Instagram lens.

Up until last Spring I never had IG, but after Boohoo featured me on their feed; here and hereI knew it was time to get involved! Talking of Boohoo if you caught Butterfly you'll know I'm already feeling the chill vibes of summer by rocking the maxi and crop combo! Hoping for more dazzle days like that. I really loved shooting, editing and creating that post even if the SS15 transit was a bit early ;)  

Lollipop skyline
Dreamy blue house
MAC moment with Josie
Rainbow retro in ASOS
Missguided SS comp entry
Throwback #frecklefacefriday 
Marble moment in Cafè Nero
Butterfly inspo from Mariah 
My friends' beaut kitten, Dusty
Spring in full blossom
Full Butterfly OOTD here 

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