Thursday, 28 May 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

I was so made up to be tagged by the lovely Jennie to do this; thank you so much beautiful! Such a feel good tag with a summery vibe about it, and hey, what could be better than 50 things that bring us happiness? Make sure you check out Jennie's wonderful version of the tag, right here!

soinspo; it makes me feel like the "real" Sophie. 
The smell of sun-tan lotion. 
Kanye's masterworks;  Late Registration, Graduation, 808s & Heartbreak, Yeezus. T, ya feel me? 
Freshly mown grass.
Cups of tea. 
Daises in bloom.  
Cool lime Refreshers. 
Pink sunsets. 

The first day of a holiday, being somewhere new and fresh. 
LA. The soul and spirit of Sierra! 
Capturing a day at the seaside on camera. 
Spike Lee movies. God bless that man and his vision. 
Saturday shopping sprees. 
Taking a trip to the countryside. 
Staying in a cosy cottage. 
New make-up. 
Driving with the windows down blasting music. 

Starbucks dates. 
Jack Stapleton. 
Outdoor Luna cinemas.  
Day trips to the seaside.
Hot dogs with mustard, onions and ketchup. 
Domino's Garlic & herb sauce. 
Getting mesmerised by the moon. 
Beach huts. Oh to own! 
S'mores. OMG. 

     Song lyrics.
My blogging girlfriends; I'm so lucky and blessed!
Documenting days out on camera.
The Sky + music. Ridiculously catchy
Writing, always and forever. 
A Pîna Colada. 
The thrill of getting a tattoo. 

Glancing down and realising my hair is pink. Sometimes bright, sometimes candy floss.
Salty sea air. 
Fanning out the pages of an old book to breathe in the smell. 
Kelly Jones and his whiskey like vocals. My second favourite singer in the whole world. 
Staring out at the midnight sky and seeing stars.
Being by the beach. 
Reading a book, seeing the words; feeling the writer's way with them.
90s sitcoms; Kenan and Kel, In Living Color, Martin, The Wayans Bros...... 
My mum looks like Jack Black. If that's not enough to make anyone happy, what the hell is? 

I tag Georgia, Paula, Christina, Sam & Yasmin

Can you relate to any of my 50 things? 
What makes YOU happy? 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Windmills of Your Mind

Top: Boohoo
Choker: Boohoo 
Maxi: Boohoo 
Bag: Asos 

All black everythanggg.... including ombre. Originally I meant to do a wintery gothic look whilst trying out black ombre for the first time but it never happened. Much as I liked the contrast of blonde to black the dye literally covered myself, my surroundings and my home in a black oblivion of chalk. I looked like a God. Damn. Chimney. Sweep. In a frenzied panic I washed my hair ten times straight just to dissolve the dip dye! My natural hair colour is a dark brown but since I went blonde at 19 I've never looked back, so it was quite a sharp shock to see the ends of my hair all jet black drastic! You can check out my Instagram for surplus shots and an ootd video from That Black Friday. 

Does anyone else admire how Boohoo babe it up come summertime? This stripy crop is such a staple and the ying yang choker went perfectly against it. Andddd I've got the same maxi in orange and purple. You saw the orange here. This season I'm crushing on anything 90s inspired; loving all the cute crochet crops, sunflower dresses and beaded chokers out there right about now. The boho/hippy/gorgeous summery feel good festival auras are obviously here to stay, hey?

And on a televisual note how good is it to have BGT back? Who are you loving this year? 
If you're not watching BGT please tell me you're LOL-ing at Gogglebox like I am?! 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Happy 2nd birthday soinspo!

Well.. this Tuesday marks two years on the calendar since I set soinspo up in May 2013! I thought I'd throw a little "Garden Party" in honour of the occasion and let you know that hopefully these coming months will see more action here on the blog! Despite being ever so proud and happy with how soinspo was going last year, I had a bad day and found myself hitting delete on practically all of my posts. I'm fortunate enough to still have all of my treasured photos and I've taken quite a few sets recently, so let's hope by blending those together and introducing new topics, themes and ideas to this little place,  I can get soinspo back into the blogosphere where it belongs. So Happy Birthday soinspo, and thank you guys for all your love, support, encouragement and faith. It means the world! 

Mine's usually a Pína Colada, but second best a jar of summery juice and striped straws! 

Outside chill just got better.....

ASOS crushin'... 

and of course crushin' can't be done without shades and sugar! 

 Jasmine by Jai Paul is my summer jam on repeat. Re-PEAT! You need to go listen to it!

Always better to make plans and write notes while the sun's shining!

 Talking of ASOS, this reflective beaut is already a beach essential!

 Okay, hardly Cali central, but a tropical start to summer don't ya think?!

If you're reading, thank you once again for chilling with soinspo! I truly love you all! <3