Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Reflections of LA: Hermosa Beach

June 22, 2014 saw me land home in Heathrow after travelling solo to New York and then on-towards LA where I stayed for three weeks. Deep down one of my biggest dreams had always been to venture off to the USA alone for a little while. Looking back, the whole thing seems like a jewel drop into a pretty ocean. It wasn't what I had expected, or hoped for in many ways, and when I came home I couldn't believe how little I did. Everyone kindly said how brave I'd been, but all I saw was regret; a scared girl hiding in her hotel room in the country she'd always dreamt of exploring. Despite this, I know I'll always be forever grateful and nostalgic in having the opportunity and courage to do so.

Hermosa Beach was the destination I eventually hit upon. I'd been weighing up Venice Beach and/or Santa Monica however my budget was breaking. I'd been interested in Miami, but my heart said LA. Hermosa Beach is a cute little town thats more grounded than most with a vibrant, lively atmosphere. Perfect if you want to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. From drinking in the sights I surmised it the perf place to chill out by the beach, locate some quirky shops, upmarket restaurants, stylish bars aside the promise of further beaches; Redondo and Manhattan further along the block.

If I didn't quite fulfil the fantasy, I definitely gave it a good shot. Conquering my fear of flying, meeting my soul sis Paula and living the LA life was soothing for the spirit, even if it was little less than visiting Starbucks, stepping down to the beaches, frequenting the pier, taking some captures to forever keep, reading books by my balcony, pimping up Pinkberry, chilling by the pool, sunbathing on the loungers and chatting lightly to some of the locals. Low key, but that was okay by me. I can see in hindsight, I had a good time. I enjoyed many moments, even if it was all quite overwhelming.

One of my biggest aims had been to see America through my own eyes, along with facing frenetic  flying fears. When we landed on that bright Sunday afternoon, June 22, to summery skies, it felt like the biggest feat. And at the airport, in arrivals, what can I say. That had to be my most favourite part, all in all, above everything. That memory will always be the most meaningful on my return from LA. 

Have you ever travelled solo? 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Summer sky highs

Primark (£12)

I've got to say this summer I'm really loving all the block bold 'out there' sky high stunners. There seems to be a real array of pinks and oranges this year and admittedly I've kind of fallen in love with all of them. Regrettably I haven't shot down a pink pair yet, but I was hyped to see these pretty orange beauts in Primark. I've noticed that along with Primark, New Look definitely seem to have strong shoe game this summer. I wish I had some kind of tropical holiday booked to rock them against a dreamy, tropical paradisal backdrop. Hopefully before the summer shadows away completely I just might.

Do you have a favourite pair of summery sky highs? 

❀ ❃ ❁

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Really love the dreamy, marble-cloud aura this maxi dress has. I'm all for spacey, hippy, out of this world auras and this floor length babe is... bae? 

Last Sunday I had one of the worst headaches I'd had since I was seven. That Sunday the sky was slate, my mood mellowing into the unknown; a wash-out way to spend a hazy afternoon. 

Until I ventured out a little later, to see a sky full of stars and to stare through a telescope at the planets; Jupiter and Venus. They blurred before my eyes at first, until I saw a fizzing mass of star and they loomed large through the lens. A few years ago I definitely would've taken the piss out of myself for writing something like this, but these-days I can't help associate dreams, wishes, opportunities, excitement, faith and hope with what glitters above. I think so many of us with big dreams and idealistic imaginations do. A dark day transcended into something out there, something a little bit vivid and magical. 

I like to think our generation is the first that will truly succeed when it comes to believing, striving, fighting, achieving, DOING. There's finally finally more emphasis and awareness of knowing we should live life and conquer careers how WE want, not to settle for any less. I've lost count of how many times I've overheard others being told, or been lectured on the importance of "living in the real world", but what the hell is the "real world" anyway? Each individual's world is their very own "real word"; the world they choose and the world they want. If you have a dream, and are on your way, that's very much your real world. I hope and pray our generation can pave the way for our younger selves to go full steam ahead in doing whatever the hell they want in life; no dream destroying, no faith stalling, no negative energy and no grazing galvanisation. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you have dreams and are dealing with dream destroyers out there, don't ever give them the power, control or energy, hard as it may be. If you can DREAM it, you can DO it. Promise xo
★ ☆ ✪ ★ ☆ ✪ ✫