Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Reflections of LA: Hermosa Beach

June 22, 2014 saw me land home in Heathrow after travelling solo to New York and then on-towards LA where I stayed for three weeks. Deep down one of my biggest dreams had always been to venture off to the USA alone for a little while. Looking back, the whole thing seems like a jewel drop into a pretty ocean. It wasn't what I had expected, or hoped for in many ways, and when I came home I couldn't believe how little I did. Everyone kindly said how brave I'd been, but all I saw was regret; a scared girl hiding in her hotel room in the country she'd always dreamt of exploring. Despite this, I know I'll always be forever grateful and nostalgic in having the opportunity and courage to do so.

Hermosa Beach was the destination I eventually hit upon. I'd been weighing up Venice Beach and/or Santa Monica however my budget was breaking. I'd been interested in Miami, but my heart said LA. Hermosa Beach is a cute little town thats more grounded than most with a vibrant, lively atmosphere. Perfect if you want to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. From drinking in the sights I surmised it the perf place to chill out by the beach, locate some quirky shops, upmarket restaurants, stylish bars aside the promise of further beaches; Redondo and Manhattan further along the block.

If I didn't quite fulfil the fantasy, I definitely gave it a good shot. Conquering my fear of flying, meeting my soul sis Paula and living the LA life was soothing for the spirit, even if it was little less than visiting Starbucks, stepping down to the beaches, frequenting the pier, taking some captures to forever keep, reading books by my balcony, pimping up Pinkberry, chilling by the pool, sunbathing on the loungers and chatting lightly to some of the locals. Low key, but that was okay by me. I can see in hindsight, I had a good time. I enjoyed many moments, even if it was all quite overwhelming.

One of my biggest aims had been to see America through my own eyes, along with facing frenetic  flying fears. When we landed on that bright Sunday afternoon, June 22, to summery skies, it felt like the biggest feat. And at the airport, in arrivals, what can I say. That had to be my most favourite part, all in all, above everything. That memory will always be the most meaningful on my return from LA. 

Have you ever travelled solo? 


  1. You may be filled with regret but to me, these pictures say otherwise. You got there and you saw it, girl! You did an amazing thing and should be proud of yourself - this beach looks so beautiful, I'd love to go to LA myself. Maybe one day when I'm rich haha xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. I still think you were very brave, there's no way I would ever get on a plane by myself and fly to the other side of the world! xx

  3. You are amazing, I still admire you so much for this x

  4. What a brave adventure. Doesn't it feel nice to step out and conquer a fear? I would love to visit the LA beaches.

  5. Really enjoyed this post and finding out how you now feel about travelling alone so far away. I think it's quite nice that you didn't go crazy while out there and taking every day as it comes. That trip taught you that you can overcome your fears, and it was also a taste of experiencing living alone and being independent. Something you should be so proud of because I certainly am! I'm pretty sure I would have spent my days the same as you did if I was to be out there alone. It's great that you found a place away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and other places because no doubt that would help you relax and enjoy more of your time out there. You also captured some lovely photos. They just go to show how peaceful Hermosa Beach is. I would love to visit here one day. But first things first, our own little trip to the beach! ^_^ xxx

  6. Sounds like you did so well! I hate flying too so I always think it's an achievement every time I just get on a plane. I've travelled a lot and sometimes I am solo which is definitely always harder! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  7. I get you Sophie! I've had a huge fear of flying for many years, even the thought of going into an airport would upset me. Last year I went to Florida with my family and it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, I even ate my first ever meal on a plane! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to travel solo so I think it's awesome that you went and did it! xxx

  8. Beautiful pictures. *__*
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  9. OH gosh these pictures are amazing. I've never travelled on my own and I think it would be so scary because I'd have to rely solely on myself. It looks like you had an amazing time. I can't wait to go to LA one day :D


  10. You should be so proud of doing this- especially considering your fear of flying :) I think traveling solo is great, you get to meet a ton of people and always be in charge of your own itinerary. I traveled California and Aus alone... although I never left the latter haha

    Rachel xx

  11. Travelling solo was ridiculously courageous of you, especially so far and thrown in with a fear of flying! I can completely understand the overwhelming feel of it all - expectations are always so difficult to fulfill, but it still seems like you had an amazing adventure and experience :) I've only ever independently flown to France, so hardly the expedition you went on - desperate to venture Stateside myself <3

    // xx

  12. You should be so, so proud of yourself! Especially after all the agg you had as well, most people would've given up by then and gone home. I've flown solo only to Ireland where my family were waiting for me when I arrived, that was nervewracking enough for me so what you did was amazing! And now you've done it once, who knows maybe one day you can do it again! Where you'll have a bit more of an idea of what to expect so you might have a bit more confidence to do the things you wished you'd done first time round :) x

    Josie’s Journal

  13. I can't believe that it's already been a year! My goodness, does the time fly! I don't care what you say, I still think that to travel all alone so far away from home was very, very brave of you Love! I traveled alone to Europe but I always go to see my family, so I don't think it's anything close to what you've done, I really wish I was brave enough to venture on such an adventure like you did. I remember how proud I was of you when we met, I couldn't believe that you actually did it haha :) I wish I had your courage, I really do!

    All these photos you took are absolutely stunning, I really want to visit LA one day (hey, maybe we could go together one day :D ) :) <3 <3 This is a gorgeous, gorgeous post! :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  14. It looks amazing! Great pictures sweetie!!

    Check out my last post: A Morning Routine for a Successful Day! ;)

    Diana Bryant – Blog - Web

  15. I really enjoyed reading this post and your thoughts on travelling solo. I also have a dream of visiting America, but it's so expensive! I have never travelled solo (I'm only 15) but I plan on doing so at least a few times in my life to develop myself and to feel independence.

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  16. I still can't believe you did this! I've flown on my own before, but only to meet people at the other end! Even though you feel as though you could have got more out of the trip, it certainly sounds like an amazing experience. Whichever way you look at it, it was tremendously brave! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  17. You definitely should be proud of yourself! It takes courage to travel solo, especially with a fear of flying! Sad to hear you feel regrets, because I feel like you shouldn't lovely. These photos are stunning, and I wish I could make a travel like this one day! I've travelled quite a lot already, but always within Europe, so jetting off to the States would be a dream come true :)
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  18. You should definitely be full of pride and happiness when you think of your trip to America and have no regrets!! From how beautiful your pictures are you got to see some beautiful sights and conquered one of your biggest fears and hey if you didn't do everything you had planned there's the perfect excuse to go back and tick something else off your list another time. I've never travelled solo and wish I had half your bravery to do so :) xx