Wednesday 15 July 2015

Smartsun UV indicator wristbands: stay sun-safe

Being a true freckle face, I've learnt over the years how serious and detrimental the sun can be to my skin. It's forever vital for me to stay safe in the sun, especially after all those "but I applied tons of suncream, why the hell am I burnt like a barbecue" moments during holidays abroad and (when this country decides to behave), here in the UK. That's why I was intrigued and eager to get involved with Smartsun when they contacted me about their UV indicator wristbands*.

The concept is simple: put the wristband on, apply suncream to yourself as usual and apply it to the band too. When it's time for a top up, the wristbands will change colour as pictured above. After trying mine out on several hot days I found at relevant intervals they changed from the yellow to beige. In all honesty I hadn't quite expected that to happen, it seemed a bit "too good to be true". But true it was! Pretty cool, right? If the wristband hits pink, you're supposed to stay out of the sun for the rest of the day. I didn't hit pink. Phew.  Might have gone well with my pink ombre tips though....

I must say I was really impressed that (unlike a lot of seemingly forward thinking products), this one carried out its claims. There are only several downsides, and only little ones at that. I think perhaps they could be a little cheaper for the quality. They price at £4.99 for a set of 5, which might be a little too steep for those already exasperated at having to buy all the more mundane, necessary evils to shield the sun's glare away. I was expecting those gummy kind of bands but these are thin and flimsy, (think paper chains). A couple of the times when I wore the bands I struggled to get them on without help. Could be a bit tricky if you're venturing out on your own and wanting to try them for the first time.

Overlooking the aforementioned, I wouldn't rule out trying Smartsun again. I'd recommend the wristbands as a sure fire holiday essential, and as I said before, skincare matters. What Smartsun are doing definitely gets a major holiday high five from me (and my freckle face). 

You can check out the Smartsun website here and follow them on Twitter here.

Would you buy a product like this?
What are your stay sun-safe essentials?

*In return for writing this review I was gifted a set of Smartsun wristbands. As always all views and opinions are my own. 


  1. I think these are such a good idea! Definitely something I would use on days I'm going to be out in the sunshine all day! xo

  2. Ohh these look like such a good idea!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. That is such a neat idea! My dad is scary paranoid about the sun so I should pick up one of these for him lol.
    Have a great humpday :)

  4. Hehe, same here, I'm the ultimate freckleface ;) Sounds like some really good products!
    Also thank you for your lovely comment on my blog dear, so happy to read these kind of supportive and postiive messages :D Once I went to Breakfast Club as well on a Sunday morning, not my best move haha! We gave up after an hour of queuing.. Also the Cereal Killer café you mentioned sounds amazing! Defenitely going to check that out when I go back for a visit!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  5. Great essentials for the sun sweetie!! I can't miss my sunglasses!!

    I would like to invite you to check out my latest post: 10 Activities that will Make You Happier Today!

    Diana Bryant – Blog – Web

  6. I'd still definitely use these but I hate tan lines so the idea of a big band across my wrist...Hmmm. It's a really good idea for kids!

    Tara x

  7. These sound like a great idea! Especially for kids too. That's my absolute favourite sun lotion too, isn't the scent just the best? x

    Josie’s Journal

  8. I think these sound really good! Wouldn't it be so awesome if they were gummy type bands that were also re-usable, I think they'd sell like hotcakes - maybe one day! That being said, these sound perfect for kids who are especially sensitive to the sun :) xxx