Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumnal boot wishlist: ankle/knee highs*

Ankle boots and knee highs are always wondrous winter must haves in the shoe-drobe department. What always impresses me is the eclectic array of styles stunningly suited and booted, ready and willing to inject some kick ass spirit into any winter worthy wardrobe. Various styles have come back fighting fore for AW 2015; fiesty, fun, fringed, patent, lace up.... ahhh the list is undoubtedly endless. 

Jones Bootmaker have definitely got their winter boot game nailed, how gorgeous are their moorland boots with the faux fur collar? Those killer suede knee highs? Perfect for any Autumnal occasion, come rain snow or shine. If you're after a pair of boots this season, I recommend you have a scroll on their site for sure. So many styles, trends and offerings that'll give you all the fashionably fierce shoe-drobe inspo you need! 

Ankle boots:

Knee highs:

*This is a PR collaboration, as always all views and opinions are my own

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Wrapped Up

Needed some wintery wrath so I charged full throttle into Primark and swept up this pink-purple tartan scarf, glitzy green jumper and another unseen silver sequin sweat. My room's needed a makeover since 1990 so whilst there I bought some starry fairy-lights, a luxurious faux fur throw and fluffy cushions which have definitely made a million in cosy feels. And yes, the title of this post is a reference to Olly who makes me jolly. X Factor... give him more air time!

Sometimes I think I've got more than a few symptoms of SAD. I like early Autumn; the promise of Halloween with the explosion of Bonfire Night; definitely one of the most magical nights of the year out there for me. I like that as the days draw dark, the books I read seem believable, the music more mystical. But the threat of Christmas and doom of dark days ahead, can't help but leave me bleak. RN I've got two blocked ears and all the chills, which certainly ain't helping soinspo with inspo.

The underlying point of this post, as with most, is inspiration. My talented work colleague Ritchie wrote an insightfully powerful LinkedIn article: "The Definition of Success" this week that I feel everyone needs to read; particularly if you've got big dreams, plans, ideas and goals but are unsure where to start. I'm definitely proud that I know someone as motivational as Ritchie, and I'd so appreciate it if you could share, comment, and recommend his article to anyone and everyone; I can't imagine anyone not being inspired by this thought provoking piece of work. Honestly, I felt tons more emboldened and encouraged after reading. Not only does Ritchie make some key points about striving and soaring towards success, he also draws on his own experiences, talking frankly about how he achieved some amazing goals he set himself. A success story in its own right if you will! If you do read, be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.