Saturday 17 October 2015

Wrapped Up

Needed some wintery wrath so I charged full throttle into Primark and swept up this pink-purple tartan scarf, glitzy green jumper and another unseen silver sequin sweat. My room's needed a makeover since 1990 so whilst there I bought some starry fairy-lights, a luxurious faux fur throw and fluffy cushions which have definitely made a million in cosy feels. And yes, the title of this post is a reference to Olly who makes me jolly. X Factor... give him more air time!

Sometimes I think I've got more than a few symptoms of SAD. I like early Autumn; the promise of Halloween with the explosion of Bonfire Night; definitely one of the most magical nights of the year out there for me. I like that as the days draw dark, the books I read seem believable, the music more mystical. But the threat of Christmas and doom of dark days ahead, can't help but leave me bleak. RN I've got two blocked ears and all the chills, which certainly ain't helping soinspo with inspo.

The underlying point of this post, as with most, is inspiration. My talented work colleague Ritchie wrote an insightfully powerful LinkedIn article: "The Definition of Success" this week that I feel everyone needs to read; particularly if you've got big dreams, plans, ideas and goals but are unsure where to start. I'm definitely proud that I know someone as motivational as Ritchie, and I'd so appreciate it if you could share, comment, and recommend his article to anyone and everyone; I can't imagine anyone not being inspired by this thought provoking piece of work. Honestly, I felt tons more emboldened and encouraged after reading. Not only does Ritchie make some key points about striving and soaring towards success, he also draws on his own experiences, talking frankly about how he achieved some amazing goals he set himself. A success story in its own right if you will! If you do read, be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Looking gorgeous (as always) :)
    Pink is definitely your colour!
    Will definitely check out that article - sounds like a very inspiring read!

    Lauren xx

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well lovely, give me a message if you need to! I love this outfit though, you look so cosy and autumnal :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. love the whole look, i like that fringe bag. xx

  4. I love this cosy, autumnal look Sophie! It's really cute and the colours are perfect on you! I'm sorry you're feeling poorly, everyone seems to be coming down with something lately! My boyfriend was coughing his head off all night! I agree about the dark days, it does give everything a certain bleak aspect and I don't enjoy dark nights but I do love the holidays of this season, I think they are so delightful :) I hope you feel much better soon, keep snuggled up! xxx

  5. Really lovely cozy fall outfit! I really need jeans like the ones you are wearing with the tears on the knees - have yet to find a pair though! Love the scarf as well. Sorry to hear that the weather has been bringing you down. I do think that grey days and earlier sunsets really are hard on everyone and makes us a bit grumpy but clearly some people are affected much more strongly than others. There are these light therapy lamps though that you can get from phillips - maybe it would help? Haven't tried one myself yet but seriously contemplating getting one!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Agree with Rae! The weather has always such a huge impact on me, especially when it gets glomy. Also craving for your ripped black skinny jeans! Happy Monday, Sophie!


  6. Perfect fall outfit. Gotta love big scarves - they add some sort of chicness to an outfit. Love it!!
    Will check the article. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love your scarf and sunnies. As much as I love the colder seasons, I totally understand why people are depressed with the bleaker days. Hopefully dressing your outfits up with those bright colors will bring some light into your life. :)

  8. Another gorgeous outfit Soph, you just look so cute and warm! I love that scarf (I've got a thing for big scarves :D). I really hope that your ears feel better soon!! It seems like pretty much everyone is battling some sort of cold or something else at the time! I'll make sure to read your friend's article, it sounds incredible. It's so nice that you have someone in your life who's so motivational!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  9. Looking so lovely and snug in pink here Sophie! Really love those polka dot boots! I think I have a slight case of SAD too all I want to do is get all snug in bed in my pyjamas with a mug of hot chocolate, I have no motivation to go out into the dark and cold :) xx

  10. Ah I'm still coveting that berry bag of yours, even more so now you've teamed it with the ripped denim and that gorgeous scarf! I actually felt inspired just reading your words here, so I'm definitely going to check out that article! Hope you feel better (and full of inspo!) soon. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  11. Hi Sophie, you are absolutely rocking this Primark scarf :) it looks super cosy and warm for that British weather! And I need a fringe bag like yours- it's such a good and useful size too! You are looking super beautiful :) When I lived in the UK I used to suffer from SAD, I had this fake UV light I used to have to stare at to make my body produce more melatonin and it did actually help a little.

    I have read your colleagues piece, it was great! It has really made me think about how I want to move forward in life. It's super crazy how Spielberg got his foot into the door too

    Rachel xx

  12. I love that tartan is popular again this year, its so autumnal! love how you styled it, especially with that bag! x

  13. I love how big and fluffy that scarf is. It's totally perfect for fall!

    Sartorial Diner

  14. Really gorgeous scarf and such a cozy outfit, girlie. So so lovely! Starry fairy lights sound amazing, I have to pop into Primark asap ;)
    xox Nadia

  15. Plaid, ripped jeans and fringing. Uh, the perfect outfit? That was a really good read! I think writing goals down is important, so many successful people do this!

    Tara x

  16. love love love this outfit! Seriously its so perfect for the autumn, getting wrapped up like this is what i love about this season ^_^ the colours are so gorgeous. Primark sells some great things at such as affordable price too, i really want to go in and buy some chunky jumpers! Oh and that article sounds great! I'm deffo going to read it :) xx

  17. Oh girl! This outfit, again, is absolutely beautiful! I love the big scarf; looks so cosy and warm!

  18. A beautiful and very seasonal outfit as always Sophie, as much as I have been won around by the breezy attire of summer, the thick knits and tartan scarves of winter are seducing me... As are Halloween and bonfire night, in familiar shades of witches brew indigo and pumpkin lantern orange, forever providing mystery and magic to illuminate the dark October evenings. I too am however not looking forward to those dimly lit days that December and January seem to bring around, so will have to focus on the food and fairy lights Christmas brings with it. (I have also recently invested in Primark's fairy light offering and am having to restrain myself from buying multiple packets and putting on my own university display.)
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your colleague's article, the words I need to remember the most have to be just to do it and get on with it. It will for sure be worth it in the end. Hope you're well lovely <3

    // xx

  19. Beautiful outfit. It's perfect for fall! Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs from Sweden. xo, Teng

  20. I like very much this casual ootd and your warm scarf is perfect on you!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

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  21. Serious outfit goals here, That scarf needs to appear in my wardrobe...if only it wasn't so hot where I live! I'm missing the London weather so bad right now! Everyday I'm like...'Hey Jason, remember the weather in London?" lol :D SO cool you gave your room a little makeover!! Sounds amazing! I love getting nice and cozy this time of year. I'm all wrapped up in a blanket right now :)
    Love this outfit so much! You're killing it with your blog lately! I'm in love with every post! <3 <3