Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Boohoo and the beach

Beetlejuice, bitch. And all that jazz. This Jennie tie playsuit from Boohoo is a nice compromise for me and my summer spirit. Flared sleeves, dazzling stripes and a tie-up treat. Possibly the first and last time in a shoot you'll see me smile. Had to make up for the moody AF pout pic. 

One of my favourite fashion blogger photoshoot locations is this sink in the sand, rock rammed place, a secret spot of mine that I constantly crush on. I was pretty excited with these photos, especially as my pink ombre returned and I've added a few Autumnal essentials to my wardrobe; note the witchy Boohoo hat, the Beetlejuice playsuit and the Zara leaf embellished bag. Still really need a bout of retail therapy tho, you feel? I want some new season MU, and am furiously eyeing up anything glittery, alien, cosmic and within reach of the SkinnyDip block and the Motel Rocks rails. I don't know why but I've had Las Vegas on my mind these past few days. Has anyone been? I reckon this might be Vegas attire, by the poolside anyway. That's what LV holds for me; poolside paradise ideals!

What Autumn essentials have you splurged on? 
How do you like this ootd? 

Boohoo Jennie tie playsuit
Boohoo Lola ribbon fedora 
Boohoo Triangle earrings
Zara leather messenger bag

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ombre obsessed: Carly Watt's magical illustration

Carly is one of the sweetest, kindest people in the world; her talent is absolutely mesmerising, unique and enchanting and I can't tell you how blessed I am that she has taken precious time to make such a gorgeous illustration of me. I've always adored Carly's stunning work, hers is different from any other's out there, instantly eye-catching, heartwarming and beautiful all at once. This illustration is based on one of my favourite shots of me (you may have seen it from my ombre obsession post a while back) and Carly's illustration has made me love it all the more. Over the moon and back, truly! 

I'm sure you're all familiar with lovely Carly and her amazing work, and I'd love it if you could go over to her blog and show her some love. All the love in the world, in fact, especially as it's people like Carly that restore my faith in this world. Love you Carly, and thank you once again so, so much for this stunning illustration, I'll treasure it forever ♡

Sunday, 1 November 2015

How to wear white pants at a cookout

Totally a title reference to Justin Timberlake and the GQ dude he plays in Friends with Benefits of course. Sometimes I feel I'm Justin Timberlake's soccer mom supporter, a proud, protective one at that. It used to be all about the crushing, but since the funked up Futuresex/Lovesounds record came out I changed my tune and decided I felt protective and kinda maternal towards him. One of the most epic nights of my life had to be when my boyfriend and I frequented LA a few summer's ago. He'd planned a romantically researched trip and after we drove up to a stop off point overlooking the whole city we wound up outside JT's house! True story. Pretty amazing night that was, and although we didn't get to stay very long due to a security guard approaching, to say I saw my hero's home-town was pretty awesome!

These slash scream denim jeans would be perfect for a summer-ween barbecue. I called Halloween summer-ween last fall because the sun was like some hot ball of humidity. I'm wishing with delusion that this winter brings more shimmer than snow. I enjoy rocking crop-tops come winter, so this aztec find from H&M was perfect for last week's stream of sunshine. And..flamingo hair! This time I mixed pink and red together which created an unexpectedly awesome flamingo ombre hue. Absolutely LOVE, just wish the red was a bit more evident. Next time I'll know not to overkill the pink. Yep, this has to be my summer-ween outfit of choice this Satur-ween. Yesterday I indulged in a Nando's, watched some horror movies and carved a pumpkin. How did you celebrate Halloween weekend?

Crop-top: H&M
Contrast Hat: Missguided
Jewel: present from lovely Josie!
Slash jeans: Boohoo
Boots: Public Desire