Sunday 1 November 2015

How to wear white pants at a cookout

Totally a title reference to Justin Timberlake and the GQ dude he plays in Friends with Benefits of course. Sometimes I feel I'm Justin Timberlake's soccer mom supporter, a proud, protective one at that. It used to be all about the crushing, but since the funked up Futuresex/Lovesounds record came out I changed my tune and decided I felt protective and kinda maternal towards him. One of the most epic nights of my life had to be when my boyfriend and I frequented LA a few summer's ago. He'd planned a romantically researched trip and after we drove up to a stop off point overlooking the whole city we wound up outside JT's house! True story. Pretty amazing night that was, and although we didn't get to stay very long due to a security guard approaching, to say I saw my hero's home-town was pretty awesome!

These slash scream denim jeans would be perfect for a summer-ween barbecue. I called Halloween summer-ween last fall because the sun was like some hot ball of humidity. I'm wishing with delusion that this winter brings more shimmer than snow. I enjoy rocking crop-tops come winter, so this aztec find from H&M was perfect for last week's stream of sunshine. And..flamingo hair! This time I mixed pink and red together which created an unexpectedly awesome flamingo ombre hue. Absolutely LOVE, just wish the red was a bit more evident. Next time I'll know not to overkill the pink. Yep, this has to be my summer-ween outfit of choice this Satur-ween. Yesterday I indulged in a Nando's, watched some horror movies and carved a pumpkin. How did you celebrate Halloween weekend?

Crop-top: H&M
Contrast Hat: Missguided
Jewel: present from lovely Josie!
Slash jeans: Boohoo
Boots: Public Desire



  1. You look amazing Sophie! I wish I had the balls to wear white! x

  2. Woah, you look awesome Sophie! Those jeans look totally stunning on you and I love the little knee rips! I adore your flamingo hair too - flamingo's are just amazing ^^ I really want to watch some horror films but on Halloween we actually went out for a really tasty pizza! xxxx

  3. Looking gorgeous Soph, as always! I love that your sunnies match your, you probably have every single color in your sunglass collection haha ;) I watched countless horror movies on Saturday and ate soooo much candy. We bought way too much! haha :) Loving your shoes too, they're so cute!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  4. Love everything about this look!

    Kisses from the Philippines!
    - Seyra

  5. That's such a cute story, what a keeper!
    You look awesome as per, especially your hair!

    I stayed in and ate sweets while Tara went on a wedding venue inspection weekend :)

    J xo

  6. I only did fun makeup for Halloween and wore a lacey dress. Nothing too extraordinary. I do wish I was brave enough to wear more white. I am so happy when I do (I have one white dress, which I've worn several times on the blog), but I always worry I'll spill something on it. That crop top is amazing as well. Lovely as ever, my dear. :)

  7. There's something about wearing white that makes every outfit look so chic. You look great, lady.

  8. I've never been brave enough to wear white jeans, mainly because I'm a really messy eater! I wore a white dress the other week and spilled mango juice on it, so annoying!! I love the hat and your hair! And the pretty pictures, I love autumn pictures!

  9. Love this, how amazing do you look in those white jeans?!! I could never pull those off! Also loving your flamingo hair and that hat. This post has really reminisce, I used to love Justin Timberlake, I went to his concert with a couple of my friends once and it is still one of my favourite memories :) xx

  10. love the whole look,you've amazing sense of style + your ombre hair looks so fab xx

  11. Your legs in these jeans!! <3 Loved the story about visiting JT's house, when I was 16 I saw him at CDUK - he was soooo handsome in real life!

    Tara x

  12. Wow! You look incredible, these jeans suit you! I have never wore white jeans, but I love this outfit!

  13. This is such a cool outfit! The crop top and the jeans look so good on you <3 How cool that you've seen Justin Timberlake's house; and how cool that you've been to LA (I'm so so jealous!). I spent Halloween night at my friend's house with a few other people. We made some sort of haunted house play where we were all dressed up as scary zombies/ghosts, so when kids came trick or treating, we would lead them through the garden and scare them and then give them lots of candy. (Of course the kids were warned before walking in to the garden!)

    Love the flamingo hair, by the way!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  14. Loving the white jeans, and the flamingo hair! I spent Halloween night with my whole family at a restaurant. It's my Aunty's birthday the day before, and mine the day after, so there's always celebrations with us! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  15. You look so cute ♥♥

  16. That's a hot look, girlie. Love the pants & the top together! Gorgeous statement hat, too.
    Also Timberlake's big fan here, that's the only Justin who exists in my books! :)
    xox Nadia

  17. Gorgeous photos.

    If you would like to join our Christmas card exchange, stop by our blog and let us know.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  18. You are rocking those white pants. I don't know why but I avoid white pants for some reason? Maybe I'm a bit afraid I won't know what underwear to wear with them? LOL :D You look fabulous though! I need to get over this fear!

    The hair is so bright and cool! Love how the pink/red turned out. Totally flamingo worthy. Oh my gosh. Don't mention Nando's to me...I need Nando's! I had it so many times while I was in England and I miss it so much! I would literally beg you to send me some if it were possible! :D :D

    I had a great Halloween. Spent time with all of my nieces and nephews. They were all super cute all dressed up.
    Glad you enjoyed yourself! Carving pumpkins is the best!


  19. This is so chic. I don't think I would rock white pants to a cookout because I guarantee I'd spill something on myself. If that weren't the guarantee I would totally wear them. :]

    // ▲ ▲