Monday 16 January 2017

Fashion blogging: behind the camera

I can never resist an aviator style jacket; something street, casual and easy on the eye. This camel faux shearling jacket fits that bill perfectly. Luckily the winter leaves the streets a little less crowded for fashion shoots and we managed to get these photos in fairly peaceful harmony last week. We shot here last April and a few girls turned round to look at what we were doing. One of them put their thumb up at me, smiled and said 'nice'. There I was thinking the worst when they turned round to look but I was wrong. I can't help feeling defensive when I'm out and about shooting as I've had several negative experiences. This got me thinking about all the various encounters we've had over the years, some good, some bad, and I thought I'd share some of them with you (with a firm focus on the positive, funny feels).
Unfortunately when it comes to shooting you never know what you're going to get and even though I generally get excited about shooting out and about, there's always a hint of fear and anxiety that someone's going to be nasty, there's going to be stares, remarks. It's a risk you just have to take if you want the kind of shoots I do, so I go for it no matter what. Mostly we try and minimise the risks of pests as much as we can; shooting as early as possible, choosing quiet times of day, locations that are less crowded etc, but you can't always predict an easy, successful shoot. I've definitely gotten better now, if people stare and are rude, you just have to ignore them, hard as it is. People will always look if there's a camera and clothes and you're in front of it; even though it's (gasp) 2017! A camera. OMG, say what?!
Focusing firmly on the positives, there have been some lovely people we've come across when getting blog pictures that I thought I'd talk about. When we shot this look  for instance, the family in the next beach hut along apologised for their little girl getting in the shot; they didn't have to do that, surely they owned it and could have felt like we were the inconvenience. My mum and I often shoot at one of my favourite ever tucked away locations, a sandy cove of bliss, and there's a little cat who's trotted over to us twice, friendly as anything, sidling up to me and wanting to pose for all he's worth. Both times it's made my day that he's run over and joined us for the shoot, he's such a babe. There have also been families on hot days that have kindly noted we're in the middle of shooting and have worked their way around us considerately, as have there been dog-walkers doing the same. Countless times there have been nice people that we've come across, and it totally changes the atmosphere.
You also get some funny 'you had to be there' moments. There was one amusing bloke who stopped his car to call out 'Aren't you cold?' - I was wearing shorts and a little crop top, and yes, it was November. Me: 'Yes! I'm freezing!' Him: 'It's too cold for that!' My reply: 'Hell no!' One builder also came over to me and my boyfriend once and asked what we were shooting. 'It's for my fashion blog,' we explained. 'Oh!' He replied. 'Not porn then?' Wtf! Dude, I'm wearing a dress and tights and a cardigan and this is a dreary grey street. You gotta laugh, right? Not to mention the group of ramblers that stood stock still, staring at us in disbelief last summer on another shoot. To be fair to them, we did have a massive inflatable palm tree with us at the time. So I'll give them that one. And of course, shooting Sweetheart, to the guy and his nasty posse that bitched about 'why are they getting so many pictures? They all look the same anyway' - this is one of my favourite sassy shoots, and hell nah do those photos look the same. Thank you for spurring me on to keep going, no way would I have looked so on fire if it weren't for your fuel, fucker. 

Coat: c/o Shein
Leggings: Asos
Pink top: Asos 

Do you go shooting for your blog in public?
Have you had any memorable experiences?
I'd love to hear your stories below! 


  1. I really love your jacket - it looks snuggly and soft! It's so nice to hear about all of the positive experiences you've had, some people can be so friendly and understanding - the little cat sounds like a sweetheart too! I'm always happy whenever a cute cat walks up to me! <3 x <3

  2. This jacket is gorgeous! I'm so glad you have positive experiences from shooting in public. I struggle to find a photographer that is confident enough to help me sadly <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  3. I'm always too scared to go out in public for the blog! x

  4. Love that jacket so much! I enjoyed reading about your shoot experiences. I much prefer shooting in nice/interesting locations too, although that generally means people are around! I usually do those shoots with my husband and so far we've only had a few curious glances. Lately though, he's much busier with work than before and so I'm having to do more in front of my own brick wall with a tripod. I'm scared of doing them in public on my own, partly because of the stares, partly because in this town someone will probably nick my camera! Oh the problems of fashion blogging! x

    Kate Louise Blogs / wonderbra Giveaway

  5. The street encounter you mentioned in the beginning was so sweet. I love when people are just nice in general. It's so much easier. There is a bit of anxiety when shooting. I feel it even when I'm in front of my own home and a car goes by. You're right though, we should all focus on the positives.

    This is a genuinely lovely read!

    Amber -

  6. I love the first encounter you've mentioned, it's lovely when strangers are so nice and encouraging! I always get super anxious when I'm shooting and still stick to quieter places so the most I've had to deal with is a bit of staring, but it's nice to read about someone elses experiences when shooting x

  7. Keep on rockin' it, Sophie! I'll never understand why people can be so nasty, they should mind their own damn business! You look fab, that jacket suits you! I've only done a few shoots in public so far. It's so much fun but I totally get the anxiety of it all. I love your style, you're such a jewel!

  8. Fortunately, I have had mostly positive interactions with strangers when out with my camera! Mostly people are just curious, and some are totally into it, but still, the whole process can be rather uncomfortable! We always tended to find more secluded spots... alleys, college campuses in off times, etc...

  9. I'm so happy your shared your mixture of experiences Soph! That builder! Tut Tut! What a cheeky so-and-so. But that cat... What a cutie! I wish that would happen to me. I always shoot outside, often in crowed places and get very uptight about it. Sometimes we have success, other times we don't. One time we were at this beautiful Art Deco train station and this homeless man kept telling me to brush my hair off my face. I told him I liked it the way it was but he kept going on and wouldn't leave us alone. We finished the pictures and they actually turned out really well. Like you, I keep trucking along because we can, we will and we're, well, we're amazing ;p So much love xoxox

  10. I totally forgot to say that I love your jacket! Hehe! The vegetarian in me loves that it's faux :)

  11. Porn, seriously?! OMG! Haha! I totally relate with the anxiety bit, I still get that; even though I don't shoot that many in public!
    Loved how honest you were in this post girl!

  12. First off beaut these photos are the bomb!! The jacket looks amazing and you've styled it so well.

    Shooting in public is scary, when I was at college I used to hate going out to take photos but loved it at the same time; id get comments from people like you say. This puts me off going out to shoot for my blog, especially as if be in front of the camera, but I really want too.

    Your post is inspiring to just go out there and do it! The funny stories you have make the shoots seem less scary and more of fun day out.

    Enjoyed this post sweets :)

    Gem | xxx

  13. It's nice to read behind the scenes! I don't really take much pictures outside, but when I've gone to see an attraction then I might. I always end up taking pictures of strangers as they might have walked in the way. Although, in a popular attraction it is hard to get a clear shot and have the lighting on your side :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  14. Love that jacket on you! Love this look!

  15. Oh my gosh porn? Hahah what the heck?! I have to admit that one of my parent's neighbours refers to The Daily Luxe as 'soft porn'- too funny! How lovely that the girls gave you a thumbs up! I agree, it's all too easy to get defensive when you are feeling anxious- I'm exactly the same babe. However you should NOT feel self conscious as you look absolutely amazing in every single shoot. Those who are staring are just jealous haters **sassy finger snap**.

    I once had an old lady come up to me and say 'you look so beautiful dear', I think that was my fave. However, the worst I had were a group of men in their 30s laughing at me. SO IMMATURE.

    This shearling jacket is so darn beautiful on you and I'm loving how your mittens and jumper match to absolute perfection!

    Rachel xx

  16. HAHA at the guy that said aren't you cold. I am so scared to shoot in public at the moment, I've been using the side of my house to try and do outfit shots. I love that jacket, it's quite a classic, I don't think it'll go out of fashion x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  17. I've had a few annoying experiences especially in the country area! I do try to shoot when and where there's not many people. Just because I don't want people in my shot. Lol.

  18. I would love to start doing a few OOTD photos as additional posts on the blog. But I just don't have the confidence to pose in front of the camera. I have no idea how to stand, so I just end up looking awkward. I love the natural shot and I just can't do it lol! That and the fact Terry is a lousy photographer. He kind of points and shoots. No messing around trying to get my best side/angle. Just more unflattering photos haha. Maybe one day it'll happen.
    Love Hannah xx |

  19. Love your coat! :) its gorgeous on you! xx