Tuesday 26 September 2017

Sequin love heart jeans + True love Rosè

Love goddess jeans!!! You know I heart a bit of mom jean magic when it comes to style so these Liquor N Poker embroidered sequin love heart jeans made Valentine's shebang straight into September for me. Sinking this pure pink potion that is Skinnydip London's True love Rosé almost made my eyes swirl like saucers and convinced me to truly believe it was February 14th. The shimmery gold bikini top added a bit of a holographic high to the mix and the pink glittery heels are always a welcome addition to any outfit. I snapped up the pretty heart charm earrings from the trusty alchemist of amazingness that is asos. The jeans are such a good fit, I'm used to mom jeans being a bit baggy and pull-up-y but these fitted me perfectly and have to be the comfiest ones by far. I hope Liquor N Poker continue with their queen of hearts conquests when it comes to dreamy designs on denim and let's hope Skinnydip continue to treat us to a cocktail of new treats to keep us fizzing through Autumn. Back to the jeans, because I truly believe they and I are "two hearts, believing in just one mind. Together forever, till the end of time...." Yep, that's right, these jeans totally remind me of one of my favourite songs of all time: Phil Collin's Two Hearts. 

Has anyone caught much of the X Factor this year? I'm in a butterfly daze over the guy with the butterfly tattoo. Not just because of the tattoo, he can sing amazingly too. I also pointed out to Graham that he looks a little like a mini-me version of Ryan Phillippe but that was when Graham told me to quit while I was ahead LOL. Something I've seriously considered for a while now is getting a butterfly tattoo (I'm thinking hip or back) to celebrate finishing my first novel. Call me the summer worshipper that I am but it might have to be something I finally get inked next summer, seeing as getting a tattoo is something I'd personally prefer to do in the hotter months. I've also got a lot of research to do, I know I'd like something shimmery and iridescent with glimmering colours but it's just a case of finding something as true to that as I can. 

Have you got any tattoos? 
Are you as heart hot for these jeans as me? 


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  1. No tattoos - I love them on other people, but they wouldn't look right on me. Big fat yes to these jeans though! This is a cut that's missing from my wardrobe and I've been meaning to try it out for a while. The sequin hearts on these are beyond adorable! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. These jeans are awesome!! Love this look


  3. I don't have any tattoos, but I love the idea of a butterfly tattoo to celebrate finishing your first novel :)

    As for your outfit, you are slaying miss queen of hearts! You have the best selection of embellished mom jeans and these heart-dotted ones are giving me literal heart eyes.

    The bikini top adds total magic to this gorgeous look too.

    As for the bag- it's amazing! I really need to check out Skinny Dip London as you have convinced me with all your babin handbags.

    Rachel xx

  4. These jeans are so very you and you look utterly gorgeous! Style icon.

  5. Hearts! ♥♥♥ I love your jeans so much! They look so awesome with your golden top too! Aaw, I think a butterfly will look so beautiful :) I really like the style of watercolour tattoos, so if I were to get a tattoo, it would probably be something like that. Maybe a little rabbits face or something! xxx

  6. such a lovely outfits! it's so interesting post. how to styled this look s it's so unique.

  7. Those jeans are awesome! I actually love the whole outfit.


  8. Sophie, I'm obsessed with this look! Those jeans are the stuff of sparkly sequin dreams and with those shoes! Ultimate babe vibes. Totally with you on the tattoo front and that X Factor guy - how I wish I had the commitment to get one myself :') Also kind of obsessed with your bag collection - but this one is probably the most relevant ;)

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  9. These jeans and that bag are so so amazing.


  10. Sophie, girl!!! This look is amazing! Everything is well put together. :)

    I do not have a tattoo, I wanted one for the longest time but just like you, I want to do it as a mark of a milestone.

    Congrats on your novel! :)


  11. Those jeans work perfectly with the bag. I love how the whole look as been put together!
    I am too scared to get a tattoo.. to be honest I don't know exactly what i'd get?! x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  12. Mom jeans look so cute on you I really wish they suited me, I love the bag though. The guy with the butterfly tattoo is so hot! I wasn't keen on the tattoo at first actually but the more I saw him I love it now x

    S x

  13. Looking so super stunning, I have all the heart eyes over here for those neans as much as you do! I hope you find the perfect tat, it will surely look amazing whatever you choose. I've been inked twice, but prefer to have one of them semi covered up with a more preferable work of art, haha. One day!