Monday 29 October 2018

Halloween outfit: pink haired Penelope Pitstop

Quitting the Wacky Races I revved off with my head held high. Head office wouldn't let me die my hair pink and I'm at the crossroads between sass central and not giving a shit what people think. Sure, the show had a good run but TV is all smoke and mirrors. No tattoos, they said. No cruising out of the studios and into Sephora. No pink hair. 

Penelope Pitstop is supposed to resemble pink but her outfit was disastrously out of date and the make-up they used for the beauty parlour on wheels that was home to my race-car was utterly tragic. No highlight or strobing or even glowing in 2018. Honey, enough is enough. The mirror was losing its shine and so was I. Besides, I was sick of being the only female on set. The damsel in distress act was starting to get humiliating. Penelope Pitstop deserves better and so do I. The fantasy of kicking Dick Dastardly in the balls and giving my colleagues the V sign came true as I crossed the finishing line and announced I was departing. The shock! The horror! Isn't it funny how they only realise what they're losing once you decide to quit on them?
So, Halloween 2018. Where did I go? BITCH WENT SHOPPING! Pink hair, if you please. A glittery pink choker and the shortest skirt I could find. No frumpy dump wardrobe assistants controlling what I wear. Showing skin was a crime on set, now I can be an off-the-shoulder obsessive. I drank my body weight in Starbucks sinking pink drinks then crashed the Pink Panther's Private Party. I'd always had a raging crush on him. Sorry Peter, you never were man enough for me. 

Since then, the Pink Panther and I have had a hedonistic love affair; on-off, like all the lightbulbs in Vegas. He broke my heart, looks like I'm just another pink haired pretty who he wanted as a "friend with benefits" booty call. Piecing yourself back together is easy when you have pink blood flowing through your veins. 

Glamour Gal of the Gas Pedal is dead. From now on I'll blaze my own trail, see all 50 US states, bloom and flower like a butterfly ready to spread its wings and tilt towards the rainbows. Boundless and free, the confining space of the race-track is no longer for me. Penelope Pitstop is perfectly pink. Riding solo and soaring towards the sun. Perhaps I'll keep the car. Company perks and all. 

 I'm not Scott Windsor, buying a Benz that looks like a sporty looking banana for those potential clients, my bet is on the motorbike winning on that racetrack. I'm Penelope Pitstop, thinking pink.
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  1. I used to watch Wacky Races all the time after school! This is such a unique take on her! It also makes me think that you would look amazing as Judy Jetson too ♥ I loved the story that you wrote to accompany your costume, you always put so much heart into everything you do ♥♥♥

  2. I used to love Wacky Races! What a blast from the past! xx

  3. oooh - wow!! This is such a look and so stylish I have to say! What a flashback to the good times after school haha!

    Hope you're well and having a lovely start to the week!

    Layla x

  4. Oh Sophie, you look divine in this outfit! Not only is it so YOU, but I love just how perfect it is! Kind of want to have pink hair now too xx


  5. This is so you Sophia. I'm not keen on halloween, but this outfit is perfect. You look amazing mi lady. Happy halloween!
    Have a blessed week. :-)

  6. What a fun Halloween costume adn so perfect for you - you look great in pink! I love the glitter too!

    We don't celebrate Halloween here but I enjoy seeing what people dress up as in other countries :)

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Looks so pretty! Pink is always a good idea and choice!

  8. WOW holy moly this is pink! So fun! What a great idea! You look great :)

    Allie of

  9. You look fab!!!


  10. This is so cool! I used to love her as a kid and I love the pink hair!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. Ooh! Sophie you absolute gem! I love how you've themed your Halloween outfit to something that's entirely fitting with your personal style babe. You wear this pink wig SO well; loving the long locks (of course haha). Hope you're having a fabulous week so far darling!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  12. You look super cute in this Halloween outfit.

    Nina's Style Blog

  13. awesome! really amazing! you look cute, you look beautyfull!
    great halloween outfit :) <3
    kisses from Poland :*

  14. Stunning as usual Sophia . Today you rock the Penelope look. With all pink inspired and the maraud makeup look .

  15. OMG, I love pink! You look great darling!

    My blog - klik!

  16. I love your take on Penelope and I laughed out loud at kicking Dick Dastardly in the balls haha, great look as always lovely :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  17. Pretty in pink! I love the starry sparkles, so whimsical!

  18. I absolutely love this post not only because you look stunning in pink but your super creative writing is insanely awesome. Well done babe You are amazing xoxo Cris

  19. This is such a gorgeous look, your glitter makeup looks amazing xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  20. Dear Sophie you look so amazing. That pink is such a perfect Barbie pink and your outfit is so cute and beautiful. I really like stars at your face, real make up art. I really like every detail, and whole outfit. You look so gorgeous.

    Blog -
    YouTube -

  21. This is the perfect Halloween outfit, I love it! I have to admit that I have never watched Whacky Races so I spent a huge portion of reading this post in a state of confusion haha but I still enjoyed it. I also love the glitter and the hat, the whole outfit is so extra! xxx