Monday, 11 February 2019

Peggy Porschen at Valentine's: La Vie En Rose

So Valentine's fever has hit Peggy Porschen's pink parlour hard. Since my first visit to Peggy Porschen last March, I've become pretty addicted to a cake date there every now and then, and I was especially excited for their La Vie En Rose collection. Every season Peggy Porschen gets a magical make-over, and their Valentine's display didn't disappoint. With a love adornment of flowers lining the entrance, Eiffel Towers lit up in the windows and gorgeous to-die-for pink cupcakes, I was head over heels in L-O-V-E ♥︎

For our Valentine's date (or as I went with my mum and her lovely girlfriend, should that be Galentine's date?) to Peggy Porschen, I opted to wear the most romantic outfit I own. Glittery embellished red heart jeans and a baby pink sweat top with sassy hearts embroidered up the sleeves and a cut-slash front design. For a final injection of pure pink paradise I wore my shocking pink boots from asos, killer and fronting all the February 14th auras. Admiring the gorgeous heart wreath on the entrance door and the twinkling fairy lights amongst the flowers, our attentions soon turned to the stunning Valentine's menu.
Devoted to Peggy Porschen's mega cute hot chocolate art, mum and I chose our drinks with this in mind and were rewarded with an Eiffel Tower masterpiece and an adorable heart design that had me seeing stars. Obsessed with the enchanting cupcakes on display, we selected a pretty pink rose affair atop of the most beautiful icing, and a chocolate love cupcake with sweet little hearts and gorgeous frosting. 

Charming cupcakes aren't the only desirable offerings on the menu, Peggy also has dreamy La Vie En Rose layer cake, the cutest cookies known to woman including perfume bottles, poodles, Eiffel Towers, hearts and roses. I had to capture the magic on camera, and brought my fluffy pink heart bag from Skinnydip along for the ride, a firm February favourite. Who knew February could look so fabulous in the cold? 

Always enamoured with Peggy's seasonal offerings, their La Vie En Rose collection for Valentine's is something else! I'd never been to the parlour before for Valentine's, so this was a really special and memorable trip. Forever thinking ahead, I'm getting very excited about the prospect of what their stunning spring and Easter displays might look like. I can't wait!

Mum's girlfriend loved Peggy Porschen as much as we thought she would, and we enjoyed a girly chat in the parlour whilst adoring all the Parisian prettiness surrounding us. If you're after a girls day out, a cute cupcake date with your one true love or a bit of "you" time, hit up Peggy Porschen for a Valentine's wish come true! I cannot wait to go back very soon, counting the days!

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Have you ever been to Peggy Porschen? 



  1. These are such beautiful outfits! I definitely need to visit here soon as I see it on my feed all the time, it looks stunning! x

    Shannon |

  2. Perfect outfit for the occasion!

  3. This is perfection!! What camera do you use? your pics are always SO amazing. Looking like a queen as always, love the outfit. These cakes look so nice. Peggy need to hire you as PR person to represent them, you always take the best pics and really show the place off. These pics should be in Vogue : ) x

  4. Yay, love Peggy Porschen and how lovely to go with you mum and her friend. Your choice in denim here is adorable for the occasion. <3 /Madison x

  5. First of all love your outfit perfect for Valentines Day Hearts and love are popping out of your post which I adore. Peggy Porschen did not exist when I lived in London however London will be always in my heart for a billion reasons so when I come to revisit this city that changed my life my first stop will definitely be this café that you showcase so well I feel like getting on the next plane to London Lol I wish life was that simple but one day for sure. So happy you had a great time with your mom there and her girlfriend. Lots of love and I hop your Valentine Day will be special and full of memorable wonderful moments xoxo Cris

  6. I am loving your embellished jeans - they are so fun and perfect for Valentine's day! I think every day is a good day for having a cupcake but this is such a fun festive way to celebrate the occasion in February! I always love photos at this little cafe, I just wish it was so closer, it always looks great, I've never seen a bad photo!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :) The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. Oh so pink so perfect! Great pictures x

  8. I definitely need to visit the famous Peggy Porchen bakery this year. I feel left out! Lol!! Your denim pant is so rad and fabulous, Sophie dear. Only you can rock this so beautifully and classically. You look wonderful luvey. :-)

  9. The trip to Peggy Porschen's, the love, femininity, beauty, company, and delicious confections all look and sound heavenly. I love the Galentine's outfit you were wearing - you looked fabulous.

  10. You look amazing, I love your jeans so much! I've never been but I'd love to xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  11. Ah how gorgeous do you look and how beautiful are your photos!? I love them all - such a lovely way to enjoy a cup of coffee and sweet treat! I love it :)

    Layla x

  12. I always see this place or well, people there on Instagram and it looks so beautiful! So aesthetically pleasing as well. The cupcakes look beautiful and I love the little Eiffel Tower detail on the hot chocolate! As if I needed another reason to order a hot chocolate, haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  13. I SO want to come here - I've seen it on Instagram ALL the time :D

    the cakes look so pretty :)

  14. Mmmmm that cupcake looks so, soooo good! Can you believe i've not yet visited here?! It seems like such beautiful, feminine and romantic location to enjoy a slice of cake (or three!). Hope you're having a fabulous week Sophie :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  15. How dreamy, Sophie!! This place is amazing, I wish I could visit one day! You look absolutely stunning, angel! XOXO

  16. I'm so jelly, I want to go there so bad. Girl, you look so cute! I am also so happy to hear about your personal growth, do you! xoxo

  17. OMG Peggy Porschen cookies and decoration are one of my favorites! These flowers looks amazing and you looks so gorgeous! I really like your outfit, it is perfect for Valentines Day!

    Blog -
    YouTube –

  18. I love your Peggy posts. I'm glad you had a fabulous time with your "Gals". I love these denims on you Sophie, especially paired with the pink booties. You are such a breath of fresh air. A real rainbow on the inside and out. Keep being beautifully and uniquely you.