Sunday, 9 October 2016

Topshop MOTO sequin Hayden jeans

Purple lips, blue mermaid tips and glittery hips. I'm a mermaid mom jean addict. This pair are MOTO sequin Hayden jeans from Topshop and I have to say Topshop seem to be killing it with their denim game right now. So many jazzy, patchy, sassy pairs of jeans and jackets that are all the bewitching, especially as Halloween is approaching. This Liquor n Poker pair triggered off all the transfixing within me and ever since I've been hooked on all the glimmering denim out there. It's nice to see brands being even more open-minded and out there when it comes to styles and choices, us fashion bloggers need that bit of glimmering shimmer in our lives, right? 
When I came down the stairs wearing this for my shoot, Graham's first words were "Spice Girls make a comeback!" 90s hues were definitely in my mind when I put this mermaid combo together and as loyal readers will recognise, Motel Rocks are one of my favourite brands. When I was in search of a stunning spaghetti strappy top, this Fonda crop top in metallic lilac struck perfect purple haze for me and with the glimmering jeans they make a nice little dream team. The Hydrogen heels set off the finishing touch with a jumpstart of jewel. They're from asos (surprise, surprise!) The purple lips? Bluewater finally got a NYX stand in their branch of Boots and I went hella crazy for all the poppin' pretty hues, scooping up all the blue and purple lipsticks as if they were going outta business. 
If you're off to the movies anytime soon I whole-heartedly recommend seeing The Girl on the Train. Emily Blunt isn't one of my favourite actresses but I've definitely got a new found respect for her. She gives a powerhouse performance which is totally chilling and touching. You really root for her character in the film and it's haunting and frightening in equal measures. I haven't read the novel but I'm glad the movie made the pitch to America as it seemed to fit better than I'm guessing it would have done had it been set in London. Or go see Bridget Jones's Baby, if you're feeling more upbeat and humorous. Has anyone else missed Bridget as much as me? It feels like we've all waited an eternity for this movie, am I right? It's not quite the same this time round without Hugh Grant, but obviously it's still bloody hilarious and plagued with laughs. Ironic bearded hipsters! Ed Sheeran AKA the guy who works at Starbucks, Balham! Erection Section! Etc. Etc. Etc. 

Okay, I know I always say this but I want to try and post more regularly on the blog. I'm writing my book as you know which is taking precedence but blog wise I'm dying to switch up the fashion posts (even though they'll forever by my fave) with a little somethin' somethin' else. Expect more variety soon (ass in gear). There'll be another short story coming to soinspo between Halloween and firework season too, finally another shattered segment of Shea's story revealed.... 

Fonda crop top in metallic lilac: Motel
MOTO Hayden sequin jeans: Topshop 
Hydrogen purple heeled sandals: asos 

Are you a fan of mermaid jeans?
What kind of denim is your dream?

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Good vibes

The lurid orange may be a bit too scenic for some, but when I saw the bold brightness of this babin' Good Vibes surfie bikini top from Motel via the asos site, I had to snap it up. You can also treasure trove it over on the Motel Rocks site. The Good Vibes slogan sits well with my beachy auras and orange and pink seem to be my dream team colour crushes this side of forever. I'm hoping no-one minds me carrying my summer spirit through to the Autumnal season, with so many colourful shoots and tropical ideas, it'd be a waste, right? I'm needing to get my AW wardrobe wondrous, but it needs a bit of jazz to it, I can't be casting aside bold brights and pretty prints for just anything. Thank God for pumpkins, those babes are the real deal, orange game? Eye-poppingly good. I got my flamingo from Accessorize, but if you're feeling it, you can grab a similar Inflatable Flamingo Drinks Holder .

One big goal that I really want to see through this winter is giving water-sports another go, preferably surfing. I tried surfing once, when I was sixteen. My class and I went to an outdoorsy centre where we climbed trees and swung on tires and abseiled, then for the second half of the day we engaged in kayaking, canoeing and surfing. There was something dreadfully embarrassing about wearing a wetsuit, yet it was bloody warm which made the sub-zero November air that bit more bearable. The long, winding coach journey to leafy Surrey was oddly satisfying and afterwards we sipped tepid tea and learnt all about setting up your own watersports homeland (like you do). I had aches and sears in my legs afterwards for days and kept falling off the board (sure the instructor was getting a bit pissed off), but it felt satisfying and rewarding. I can still smell the neoprene, the sand and the sea salt casting off the misty waters, and I'm deffo desperate to head back and have another go. Hopefully next time round I'll be a bit more confident than my sixteen year old self, but I bet you anything I'll still fall off that bloody board.... 

Have you been surfing? 
Are you a fan of water-sports? 
I'd love to know your thoughts! 


Good vibes surfie bikini top: Motel via asos 
Flamingo drinks holder: Accessorize, try this


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Motel Rocks: Metallic Rose

I'm still dancing to the disco beat in this jazzy Finn Dress in Metallic Rose Disc Sequin by Motel. The rose pink shade and the shimmery, glittery feel is totally up my street. The sunflower field no longer has any seasonal sunflowers growing there so we brought our own. Flower power is pretty damn important right? I'm also enjoying the uptempo party theme of these Queen of the Dancefloor sunglasses by Rad + Refined, who I discovered (like many other treasure trove stores through the masta-blasta of labels that is asos). You saw my literal eye-candy in this previous post, and the sunglass addiction is definitely getting sweeter and sweeter. I actually want to haul up Rad + Refined. 
 Vibe with me for a moment, let's talk music; I've been totally getting funked up to the Isley Brothers lately. Have you ever heard their stuff? Summer Breeze is probably their most well known song. Graham and I have blasted them all summer long. I honestly think they are the hottest, baddest, souls out there. Their melodies are utterly mesmeric. Soul, funk, rock, quiet storm. I don't know, where the hell did real music go? There's not many songs or artists these days that seem to capture the magic, I find myself frustrated with my own era and turning to, well, to the seventies right now with the Isley's. Footsteps in the dark; we must have played times a mill on repeat. I definitely think the Isley Brother's have given me admiration for music and I love that they've been sampled by numerous artists over the years. Footsteps in the dark; Alicia Key's 'Woman's worth',  Ice Cube's It was a good day, 'Who's that lady'; Kendrick Lemar's 'i', Choosey Lover; Aaliyah did a beautiful cover version and switched it up with an uptempo hip hop beat, 'Living for the love of you'; 2pac, Bury me a G. 

I've always looked up to musicians and actors when it comes to dreams and destinies. I admire them more than most. Truthfully, they inspire me more than anyone ever could in the fashion industry.  Watching a powerful performance, a film that I'm utterly entranced by and listening to melodies of musicians seems to bless me with a freedom of imagination to experiment and power on with fashion and all it beholds. On the fashion tip, I'm rocking my trusty asos primp pointed heels, which you may have seen here. 
 Graham and I are off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow, it's one of our favourites places to go for a nice chilled out holiday and I'm so looking forward to it. We're hoping to seek out  the pink sweet shop which you may have already seen over on my Instagram. I've also been shooting lots of beachy looks (never gonna squeeze summer out of my system), which I can't wait to get up for you guys! 
Are you a Motel Rocks fan?
Have you heard any of the Isley Brother's stuff?
I'd love to know what artists you admire! 

Finn dress in Metallic Rose Disco: Motel Rocks
Sunglasses: Rad & Refined via asos 
Primp pointed pink heel: asos 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Ultimate guide: Summer's coolest pool floats

I'm sure people reading this post will automatically think 'oh for fuck's sake, here she goes again with the pool float thing' but I thought it would be fun to show you guys all the pool inflatables I've bought this summer. And it's a whole girl gang over here! One of the most important things I try to achieve as a fashion blogger is to make  shoots as visual and out of the ordinary as possible. If I've made one person go 'wow' with a shoot or an idea, then my job is done. That's my aim. This past year I've tried to think out of the box as much as possible and found pool floats have made pretty gorgeous backdrops and props for me during many a summertime shoot.  Although I haven't quite got that backyard pool yet, I'm dreaming hard of a vacay to Miami, because what better excuse than now to throw a poolside party? The lovely Elisha said she could see me with a house just made up of all my pool floats and I have to say I'm 100% with that idea. I've rounded up the coolest pool floats from this summer, here's to pool paradise!


Always keen to recreate the decor to a tiki-hut or a caribbean rum shack, this party hard palm tree hit the jackpot for me. I found it over at River Island where it's now no longer available, but you can find  a similar version here. Also, loving how it looks against a pop of yellow. High five palm pretty! 


Graham prefers this colourful lolly the most and I can definitely see the attraction. Also my favourite as it hardly attracted any unwanted attention from passers by, which equals instant gold points! This is by far the biggest out of the floats, it seems to stretch on forever, so would be perfect for a poolside vamoose. Warning: may give you serious cravings, actually looks too much like a real lolly for its own good.


Possibly my new favourite to the family, this orange cream pop of pool float is instantly tropical and I   just knew I had to make it the last addition to my collection this season. Saying that, how dreary is winter going to be without a pool float to hand? Will have to work on that idea and roll with something. If you're a US resident I believe you can still snap this beauty up here.  

Ahh the Ice cream dream, literally. This one has possibly sourced the most dirty looks from the public, god knows why as I don't think it's half as offensive as the palm tree, but you know. It's obviously a real badass with an undercover criminal record. I've legit got an excuse for this one because it matches my ice cream print dress so damn well, as seen in this post. I love this one, Sunnylife definitely need to make more pool floats as this one soars to show-stopping spheres. 


So this dreamy donut is all where it began, back when I celebrated three years of blogging in May and thought about how it would be fun to add something special to the shoot. Who knew then that it would be the start of a whole pool parade. Ideal to float around the pool in (mojito in hand) and the eye catching sprinkle print makes it all the more gorgeous. It's also a lot bigger than it looks in the photo, so you'll make all the other pool side pretties jelly as hell.

So that's my summertime collection of pool floats. Have been mega excited to show you guys for a long while now, so hopefully you've enjoyed this post. Just because August is fading out, it doesn't mean the sunshine and cool days of the summer have to sizzle away completely. Here's to a sunny September! 

Do you own any pool floats? Are you a fan?
Let me know which pool float's your favourite!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Summer dress style: House of Fraser

You guys know by now that I heart summer pretty hard and all the dreamy dresses it brings along with it. When House of Fraser kindly got in touch to ask whether I wanted to try one of their summer dresses I said a big hell to the yes. I haven't bought much from the brand before but have always admired them for offering such a vast range of styles and variations, there's always something for everyone and they cater to all occasions, sizes and tastes. I chose this Therapy Multi Stripe dress for the bright colours and sweet stripe print.  I also wanted to go for this dress as I thought it was a little different from what I usually wear. I'm loving the length,  it fits me perfectly as a midi-style and is casual yet comfy. 
I paired it with my favourite glittery rhinestone sandals, my longtime love aka the holographic tote bag & a berry denim jacket. Blue, yellow and green aren't always colours I rock, so I enjoyed the sunshine vibes this dress dreamt up. I deffo think this style would be relevant for any occasion, be it drinks out with the girls, a day hitting up the shops, a barbecue, the list goes on! Any summery occasion you can imagine. It's nice to find a dress that's both stylish yet easy to wear, and this dress is the perfect blend of that. Just looking through the House of Fraser site also showed me there's a whole load of gorgeous dresses; be it a floaty maxi, babin' bodycon, stunning shift or glamorous gown. I could definitely end up parting with all my dollars had I spent too long browsing....!

 I'm definitely loving this dress and can see it being a sure fire summer staple in my SS wardrobe for  the rest of this season not to mention in future years to come. It's a nice style that I can't see going out of fashion anytime soon. I know I plumped for sandals in this post but I can see converse or heels working just as well! Now I just need a Miami vacay this Autumn to wear it on..... any excuse right? 

Are you a fan of House of Fraser?
Have you ever tried their summer dress range?

Dress gifted to me for review, all opinions are my own

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Disco dreams: Suns out with MinkPink

Feeling hella love for this MinkPink Suns Out crochet halter neck top (try saying that three timesss after a rum and coke) that I treasure-troved via asos. So summery and snap-upable. Instantly fell in lust with it and knew it would make my summer stylin' that bit more dreamy. The New Look crochet salsa shorts made for the perfect pairing and I'm over the moon with the Temerity Jones disco ball. Didn't really need a disco ball but as a fashion blogger I'm allowed to justify it (sure thing, see? Done). Wedges aren't usually my scene but these Talia sandals also from asos were the perfect blend of compromise, fuelled with a pretty holographic gold vibe. And last but not least, show-stopping shades from Dolls Kill, remember those sugary sweet bracelets as a 90s kid? Yeah those. 
I'm really happy with the desert vibes going on, as you know I'm a summer girl at heart and I think this has to be one of my favourite looks ever, aside from the whole A UFO Landed in my Pool! Trip. I'm getting really into liquid gold hues and feels; the gold shimmery body oil I slathered myself in for this shoot was a start, at least. Anything a bit glowy and shimmery and gold gets my vote. 
I talked about my decision to quit my job here and it turned out to be even more of an emotional rollercoaster than anticipated in the end. I was overcome with upset, a little heartbreak and a mix of relief, sadness, highs and lows. A bit of shock too, as I ended up leaving a little earlier than planned, which, although best, was still quite overwhelming and I couldn't get my head round a lot of it, still can't. Despite a few issues towards the end it was a job I had loved once upon a time, the only place to work that's ever felt like home, and silver linings and pots of gold have come thick and fast in meeting so many good, decent people full of support and kindness. Something I can't say I've ever really experienced in the workplace before. It was nice to finally feel accepted for who I am, my visions and my direction. I've met some lifelong friends, not something I could ever have imagined last year when those glass doors looked so intimidating and the office behind it more-so. Graham often says it's usually the people that make a job, and for once I understand what he means. 
Well, that's it for now folks. I'll definitely be back sooner rather than later this time (promise you, promise you!) Ideas are trickling in for a few more personal posts, as I feel that the blog -once so open and honest - is now lacking in that department a little. It'll be nice to be posting more content on a regular basis, as it will be to open up and get chatting about a few more topics and switch-up between fashion every now and then. Besides that, I'm looking forward to broadcasting some further tropical looks, hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed shooting 'em. Can't wait; be sure to bring Piña Colada's along, and suntan cream. 

P.S Happy #NationalRumDay! 
What's your favourite cocktail?