Tuesday 11 August 2015

Flying fashionably

Striking it right for that important flight is definitely a tough one. Go in glorified glamour but face an uncomfortable journey? Or swag it out in sweats feeling rather rough and ready? I reckon it's all about cruising on the right side of casual but on a slightly stylish (Starbucks-y) slope. Safe to say, keeping it casually stylishly cool for that air time is always a big question on any fashion blogger's lips, so when Purple Parking got in touch asking what my in flight essentials would be, I couldn't wait to get started...

Starbucks tee (Etsy) - Joggers (Topshop) Converse (Office) 

Starbucks style

A cute slogan vest is always an upbeat way of keeping things controlled and cool, no matter how frenetic the flight. I'm crushing hard on this Starbucks beaut, my name should be Soph "Starbucks" Sierra, and I preach what I wear, ya hear? 

Space dye sweats

If you know me well, you'll know my love of space, stars and all that shizz knows no bounds. Space dye has to be up there as one of my all time favourite prints, and these Topshop joggers are relaxed and spacious enough to give you the extra leg room skinny jeans would scowl at. 

All white Converse

Most Converse addicts I know have that little bit more love for the infamous white pair. Love them or hate them, you've got to admit they blaze up the babe trail come summertime. They definitely have to be my all time favourite brand of trainer, hitting the depths of cool harder than most brands, and I can't imagine any flight being as chilled or as comfy without them! 

         Colourful clouds journal -  Doughnut iPad case   -  Beach vibes iPhone case   - Skinny-dip iPhone case

Clouds above

I'll admit I bought this gorgeous rainbow reminder to help me with my motivo, and I haven't started writing in it yet. It's a daily journal where you jot down a few aims on a morning, afternoon and evening basis and you can write down a "Today's Treat" to reward yourself. If I was flying high I'd have no excuse not to fill it with inspiration, surely being clouds above would set off the inspo.... 

Beach Don't Kill My Vibe!

A catchy iphone mantra to get all the other passengers jelly will amuse you for hours on end. Just make sure they don't blast their green vibes onto you. Then you'll have green kill vibes? No? 

Divine Doughnuts

An edible laptop case? Hell to the yeah! This is so eye-catchingly, achingly cute for any long haul! 

Cake away

If the beach is too bittersweet and you want to get your sugar high, go for this out of this world cupcake case instead. Guaranteed to have you dreaming of all those holiday treats to come......

Get glowin'

I always enjoy killing a bit of time on a long haul by doing a bit of beachy make-up in anticipation arrival. This Topshop Glow highlighter will give you a gorgeously grecian tinge mid-flight. 

Roll with Rimmel 

Likewise, this punchy pink pout will make you the boldest babe on the plane. Babe on a Plane?

Ombre vibes

However subtle, you've gotta have a bit of ombre in your hand luggage. A brush is always an essential, especially when you're finishing off your last bit of make up ready to step off the plane! 

Sit Tight!

Stretching your legs is a must, so whilst doing that, give this cooling serum a go. You've got the time! 

What would you wear for a flight? 
What beauty essentials would you pack?

Check out this useful table on Hand Luggage Allowances & prep for any stylish flight! 

*This is a sponsored post but as always all views and opinions are my own


  1. I love that starbucks vest! xx

  2. You definitely have to go comfy on the place!! I either wear mid length shorts or some floaty elephant trousers which I got from Thailand last year. I love the donut iPad case.. it's so cute! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Yeah, I definitely have a thing for white Converse. For flights I try to keep COMFORT in mind. Loose tees, non tight jeans or leggings and a tunic. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long flight!


  4. What cute finds. I absolutely love joggers.

  5. This is another super fun post Soph! I'm so weird and I usually end up overdressing when traveling for some reason and it's definitely not very comfortable. I always think that casual chic is so difficult to pull off hehe :) White Converse shoes are definitely a great staple piece when it comes to cool and comfy :D ;)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  6. I love and need to feel comfortable on a plane although I really admire all the glamorous and fabulously dressed women I always see in the airport wearing stilettos (that is so brave - what if she was late and had to run?!)!

    Anyway, great picks! Those joggers look sooo comfy!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  7. I love that Starbucks vest I saw it last week and was thinking about getting it! :) x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

  8. The Starbucks top is sooo cute! I love how the outfit is cute and comfy. I definitely always lean towards comfy for flights because I just don't care haha. I want to be able to sleep! I always end up looking like a crazy person though. You should've seen me when I got off the plane in England. All I could think was that people would think I was a gross American and I wished I had a sweatshirt that said 'I Just Got Off A Plane'. LOL :D :D Love the shoes!!! Converse are the best!


  9. Stylish and essential blog posting as always Sophie, I love your flight suggestions! The outfit choice is essential, especially those sweats, I can completely kid myself I'm in PJ bottoms :') Plus the cute slogan tee and converse keep it on point in the fashion stakes. Also in love with the 'beach, don't kill my vibe' case, might make that my holiday mantra.. My in flight essentials would have to be a good moisturiser and a killer lipstick, to make me look half alive when shaking hands with the cabin crew ;)

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  10. Always look on the Starbucks side of life, right?! Haha. That tee is sooo cute and would definitely be perfect attire for an uncomfortable flight/journey! I just got a baseball cap the other day and I'm thinking that would be a good thing to wear as soon as you get off the flight in case of a hair emergency! xxx

  11. Love this wishlist my lovely! Everything is so pink and girly! xxx

  12. The starbucks tee is in my upcoming post on slogan tees! Saw it and literally though OH MY GOODNESS I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Love this wish list, different to ones i usually see - more personality :)