Sunday, 27 December 2015


I'm not really one for feelin' New Year's Eve all that much but for an upcoming party I'm definitely gonna be rocking this WYLDR glittery, jazzy crop-top. LOVE all the mermaid vibes, the shimmery shades and the zip up backless design. You know your girl had to go all crazed with Bleach London again and add Washed Up Mermaid vibes to match the dazzle. Mermaid hair, don't bloody care. 

Loving all the sequin vibes going on at the moment, especially in Topshop. I've even been seeking a pair of mermaid glittery jeans. Wouldn't that be the dream? I can see this trend carrying on far into 2016; sequins are just as stunning in the summer. 

Have you got any exciting plans ahead for 2016? One of the biggest goals for me is to take soinspo to some dizzy new heights. I'm really happy with my new blog design and next stop is to attend the very exciting Blognix weekend retreat in February with my best babe Yaz. We're calling it our birthday weekend retreat as both ours fall within that month. I hope all you blogging babes get all you desire this forthcoming year, you are truly the best followers in the world and I'm wishin' hard on every star that your dreams align with your stunning souls! 

Have you got plans for NYE?
What trends are you tipping for 2016?

WYLDR Metallic top via Topshop
Black leather leggings: River Island
Lipstick: MAC "Violetta" 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

ASOS Iridescent Sparkle & Kevin Bacon OOTD

F*king love the embellishment on this jewel tone ASOS Iridescent Sparkle crop-top. So many gems. 
A kaleidoscope of colours when the light dazzles against it, and a pretty neat way of glittering up an everyday ootd of ripped denim, laced-up boot and camel coat. Didn't love the leers, stares or general rudeness of the "great" British public when we were out shooting this look. Totally killed my buzz. I'm talking old man leering, woman in parka staring and staring and not even having the decency to look away once she'd stared in horror at me for a good few minutes (felt like hours).  Definitely going to invest in a "Rude To Stare" placard; I mean, come on, a glance and a few looks are okay, but staring me down for shooting pictures? Get the fuck outta here! Gets on my glitzy tits tbh. Haven't people seen cameras before? Are we not over the Millennium? Dude! 

Talking of dudes; Kevin Bacon. Skinnydip London even named this jazzy, shimmery, slice of bacon bag after his legacy. There's something about KB that makes you want to like, laugh and love at the same time. Am I right? Not just cos he mentioned Hollyoaks in that EE advert, promise. So of course, I went to everyone's favourite fashion blogger food aisle and bought me some of the best kind of bacon, which should go nicely alongside my cartons of juice and milk. Quite a kitchen of quirk! 

Makes me so happy you guys are loving soinspo's new make-over! Thank you once again for being such a lifeline of support, love and kindness. It couldn't mean anymore to me if it tried. I'm already filled with tons of topics I hope to run with. One being a monthly mention of a few heroes, inspirations and icons of mine. What do ya reckon to that? I'm all about sharing spirited souls! 

What do you make of this jazz-jewelled OOTD?
Have you shopped at ASOS/SkinnyDip lately?

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas gifts with Zazzle

When Zazzle kindly got in touch and asked if I'd like to review some personalised gifts I was totally up for it. What I loved most about choosing gifts from Zazzle was the flexibility and range. I'm not over-exaggerating when I say they cater to anyone and everyone's gift box of dreams! Anyone that knows me and soinspo well will be familiar with my love and adoration of all things cosmic, all things glittery and gold, all things Insta. I managed to find all of these just by browsing Zazzle's expansive Christmas gift section and by adding my own personalisation as and when I wanted. Let me show you guys the results; to say I'm over the moon with them all is an understatement... 

A sassy, classy design to last all season long, but of course made all the more magical by the festivity December brings. If you're a mug maniac (like me) then I'd recommend getting a good gawp at all of Zazzle's array of designs; it took me ages to choose as there was so much choice. I love the mix of gold and black, so eye-catchingly pretty. I can't wait to use it! 

I'm admittedly not the most festive fashion blogger around, sequin and glitter is just about my limit, but I wanted to sprinkle some winter wonderland spirit onto these plates. How stunning are they? I'm totally crushing major. I knew I wanted a snowfall scene and a bright lights theme and with Zazzle's fantastic policy of personalisation I was able! I can't wait to slice up some yule log and enjoy whilst staring in awe at the pretty, dreamy sights... 

Like I said, you know my obsession and love for all things cosmic! This card was calling my name; again, in love with the variety of Zazzle's dazzling gift range. All the spacey hipster cool you need.

Couldn't resist the magical element of the moon nor the sweetness of the love you to it and back mention. Certainly a different element of festive love and merriment, but one I'm utterly embracing.

Despite bitchily tweeting about the world going into meltdown when Instagram crashed waaay back in 2014, I'm now both ashamed and enamoured to be One Of Those Insta Obsessives. The struggle is real yo, so when it came down to customising a postcard, well, you know the rest..... 

Thought I'd have a bit of fun, it's all about stars for me here on soinspo; star tattoos, star affinity, stargazing. So why not make it Happy Sparksmas with a starry backdrop. Makes starry eyed sense.... 

There's something so mesmeric about the moon. I fell in love with this gorgeous greeting card and it's definitely going to keep me inspired with cracking on and thinking about dreams and plans. I have the tendency to feel a little lost, with only big dreams out of my reach to keep me going, but looking at the moon always makes me realise how magical life is, how we need to seize it and follow our destinies. A massive yes to all the stunning, spacey, stellar cards at Zazzle!

Have you heard of Zazzle?
What do you make of my gifts?

If you're looking for christmas gifts with your own unique twists this season, I'd 100% recommend checking Zazzle out. A massive thank you to the whole team at Zazzle, especially the lovely Jessica. 

This is a PR collaboration, with items gifted to me by Zazzle. As always all views and opinions are my own

Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide

I definitely think there are some gorgeous, glitzy, game-on pieces around this December. I'm not the most festive fashion blogger, but with cute, quirky essentials such as these, who can damn well resist? 
The likes of ASOS, Skinnydip & Topshop are ready to keep any wintery babe warm throughout this season - how pretty is the heart print hot water bottle? The reindeer bag charm? All the awww.

If you're after something that little bit more special this Christmas, Garment Quarter have got some seriously show-stopping arm candy in the name of Vivienne Westwood bags, I'm heart-eyed over the doves zip pouch, not to mention the frilly snake shoulder bag. And if you're after some stunning jewels, I also recommend checking out their range of Vivienne Westwood bracelets. All the Winter bling you could ever need! 

Have you heard of Garment Quarter? 
Which gift is your favourite? 

Skinnydip Reindeer bag charm
ASOS heart water bottle
Topshop Gold glitter jar 
Vivienne Westwood doves zip pouch
Vivienne Westwood Squiggle cuff 
Vivienne Westwood shoulder bag
Vivienne Westwood Zita bracelet 

*This a PR collaboration, as ever all views and opinions are my own