Tuesday 26 January 2016

Lush haul feat Valentine's range

I went into Lush a few weeks back and went pretty crazy, emerging with half their stock and an underlying motive to haul for you guys. Alongside the entire blogging galaxy, I've fallen in love with Lush, not just for all the dream-like creations but for their friendly, spirited work-ethic and ethos. Yesterday at the Bluewater branch I got talking to a staff member after I complimented her tattoo and we started discussing how freedom is key. Lush urge their employees to be themselves, be it getting inked, having hair any colour of the rainbow, just being true to "you". Love that. We both expressed wishes to be self-employed in the near future. She wants to become a self taught yoga instructor. I adore fellow free spirits, there's nothing better than open-minded people, so rare yet so precious. 

For the haul I kept things bright (surprise bloody surprise) getting mesmerised by the pretty pink flamingo and opting for the two most eye-catching bubble bars; Brightside - that orange tho! And  Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds. I love the soothing colours of both. The Experimenter promises popping candy and looks like something from outta space. I can't wait for all these spacey baths yo!
With the dreamy, dazzling blast of blue and the white fluffy cloud essence, Blue Skies is my kinda guy and talking of my guy, I ran him a bath with some of this crumbled into it. I got in too (oi, oi) and the bubble bar has a real lemony, fresh, clean scent that feels calming and refreshing. Major mermaid vibes for your bath-water!

I got my golden fix with this pretty Christmassy star, sadly now shelved until next season. I picked up Sunnyside which is a mood-enhancing bubble bar of indulgence for a shimmery, glittery bath! 
The pink flamingo was an instant attraction, and I wanted shower gel so I chose Snow Fairy; smells better than actual sweets. Now it's out of season I'm eyeing up Prince Charming & The Comforter, which are definitely sugary sweet replacements. I'm keen to try some of the gorgeous green shower jellies and gels, so look out for them in my next haul, bank balance permitting of (damn) course.

Getting down with Valentine's, hands up who else has got the horn for the unicorn? A dazzling, fairytale-esque treat of bubble bar that makes Feb 14 rainbow-fied. I see Lush are practically questioning whether unicorns are real or not on the item description page; these two below will probably sod off and complain to HR, bet you anything. You know how easily offended unicorns get these days....

A rose jam bubbleroon? Yes please. This was the second Valentine's product I bought and hopefully I'll manage to find a few more gems next time. I reckon this will be perfect to add a bit of pink glitz to that romanticised bath. Naturally I gravitated towards the bubblegum pink, but the bubbleroons also come in yellow and green. Side note: I bought the pretty pyramid that is Karma and the sweet little milk bottle but they were pretty messy to shoot so I've left them out. Just seen earlier in the haul is the gold wrapped present, unseen the christmas angel and pink shooting star as they are all no longer available. You can see everything I bought linked below if you fancy a haul yourself! 

Pink Flamingo
Brightside bubble bar
Blue Skies... bubble bar
The Experimenter bath bomb
Sunnyside strike gold bubble bar
Karma bubble bar (not shown)
Milk bubble bar (not shown)

Valentine's range: 
Unicorn Horn bubble bar 
Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Have you gone crazy at Lush lately? 


  1. love love love your haul!!

    Your first paragraph about the staff is spot on, I often leave there thinking "god I want to work here!!"

  2. I absolutely love Lush! It all smells so good. Plus I have fibromyalgia so I'm in constant pain and having a nice hot Lush bath always helps a little, especially with all the aching I get. I have an obsession with unicorns so I'm dying to get to a store and pick up a couple of those incredible unicorn horns! Everything you got looks amazing, enjoy!! Katie xx


  3. Ah Lush! I went into Lush when I went to London a while back. I was struck with the strong smell of it at first which was so hard to shake off but after a while I like it! ^_^ although I didn't but anything because it seemed too expensive for me. I love all the stuff you got and how colourful they are! How cool about the staff too. I hope she manages to open her own businesses. There are so many #bossladies out there just waiting to become free of their commitments and start ruling the world! One day we will do it ^_^

    Yasmin xx

  4. Absolutely in love with Lush! I can't wait to head into the store & pick up some of the Valentine's range :) xx


  5. Ohhh I am so overdue a Lush haul (or some serious hint dropping to Ben!) x

  6. I can never have enough of Lush and these products look amazing!
    Fashion Soup

  7. Oh my gosh I MISS LUSH so darn much! They have it in the bigger Aussie cities, but not up here :/ I might see if they sell online. It looks like you had a very successful shopping spree Sophie and I can seriously imagine how good all this stuff will smell! I bet your other half loved the blue mermaid bath- cheeky! ;)

    Snow Fairy is the best smelling stuff my nostrils have ever inhaled! I used to grab it every Christmas and I just love it!

    The flamingo is super cute too. Ahhh I need a Lush haul!!! Great post as always hun

    Rachel xx

  8. You will must have the most colourful baths.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  9. I've never tried Lush products before- does that make me a crappy blogger? hahaha :D Every time I go there, the place is so packed it gives me anxiety lol. Love all these gorgeous and colorful products you picked up Soph, lovely haul!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  10. Oh gosh! I love the Lush products SO much! They are absolutely fantastic!

  11. I am so SO glad the valentines range is back! I bought the Unicorn Horn last year and I loved it so much! Looks like you've got lots of fab treats!

    Grace xxx


  12. omg I swear they look to beautiful to use haha!
    I love Lush, but I rarely get anything from there- I need to go more often!! There's nothing better than a relaxing bath! xx


  13. Your Lush haul looks AMAZING! Their products are so fun and great!

  14. I love lush hauls, I'm always posting them, my current fave is the Unicorn Horn it's just aaaammmaazing, great post.


  15. I love a good lush haul, I did one myself including some of the valentines range. I love the unicorn horn I think I'm going to order a couple more before they leave the shelves. Loved this post xx


  16. Lush's stuff is so beautiful! I need to get my hands on some of their goodies soons :)


  17. This all almost looks too pretty to use! I've never tried anything from Lush before but next time I'm in Bluewater I really want to get something x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  18. I just visited the https://uk.lush.com Lush website and saw to my very pleasant surprise that Lush is 100% vegetarian and that they oppose animal testing. Now I want more than ever to get a working bathtub so I can try out the wonderful looking Lush products like the ones you've pictured and reviewed above. The bath bomb and bubble bars look fab and must smell delightful.


  19. Those look (and probably smell and feel) so beautiful. ^^
    The Snap Narrative

  20. The obsession escalates! Gosh, you can't beat Lush :) I love all of the unique fragrances they create; Snow Fairy and Rose Jam are just perfect. I also love their solid shampoo bars, they seem to last for ages and ages! I'm always eyeing up what treats they have new in The Kitchen too! xxxx ♥♥♥

  21. Lush is just amazing. I have yet to encounter a sales assistant in there who hasn't gone above and beyond, and don't get me started on their dreamy bath products. The Comforter is one of my faves, also Twilight. All your picks look gorgeous! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  22. So many pretty things think I need to visit lush very soon!

  23. Visiting Lush was one of the things I wanted to do last year, but never got to it. I have to try some of their products, because I have read a lot of good things about em through blogging. These looks so cute and lovely. Thanks for sharing, Sophie dear! Enjoy your day, beautiful. :)


  24. Beautiful Lush haul Sophie! So sad their wands have gone away for a while, they have to have been the prettiest shape brought out by Lush ever!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  25. Big massive yes to all those goodies, sweetie! Such a fab haul <3
    Also, I am amazed and so happy you had such a great chat with one of the staff. It's incredible. Thanks for sharing these amazing products, my love.
    Hope your weekend is going super great!
    xox Nadia

  26. Absolutely loving this post today!! I completely agree with you on the aspect of freedom.. I agree so much I actually got it tatted and I have lavender grey unicorn hair ;) I think we would be great friends.. Thanks for sharing this experience with me! I can relate to it exponentially!


  27. YESSSS!!! Lush is the best! I love Lush baths more than anything...like really...I get more excited for them than anything else :D It's the little things, right? I just recently tried the flamingo and oh my goodness I love it! It's color and smell are delicious!