Monday, 18 January 2016

Unicorn magic

Okay so we all know I'm obsessed, but SkinnyDip London have surpassed stunning with their new Unicorn Magic box bag in pink glitter. How damn gorgeous? I might do a review on here sometime as I'm so in love. We went shooting at some bold, bright, jazzy beach-huts last week and I wrapped up in my ASOS fluffy faux fur whilst rocking new marble shades from Quay Australia. Total goals to own a pink house one day, be it a beach house or a house house, totally don't mind. Talking of goals, I really need to get my a$$ down to the Skinnydip store on Neal Street. Has anyone been?

Been thinking lately that the major reason why I love bloggers and vloggers so much is that in such a judgemental world (I seem to know quite a few small minded people, just my luck) we all support, understand and believe in a brighter one. Rainbow hair, terrific tattoos, cool, cutting careers, mermaid mantras, fierce make-up, out there attitudes, freedom and faith... who'd ever want to be small-minded in this day and age? Here's to us all owning a babin' beach house in the near future. Or a pink house, totally don't mind.  

How do you like the OOTD?
Thoughts on Skinnydip London?


  1. LOVE your coat! you look so magic! I've never looked at things from Skinnydip london, think I might have to now!

    Katie x x

  2. I love this look! You look so cool! The jacket, the sunnies, the bag.... ahhhh so much wardrobe envy right now!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. The ootd is quite Fierce! It's the Blogger's life for me, and I would rather surround myself with a group of like-minded folks! Here's to pink houses!

  4. Oh, I definitely agree. I think without blogging I might have been pushed into dressing normal quite some time ago, but it's so refreshing to see other people who dgaf. Not gonna lie, I would live in a pink house. Actually, some neighbors DID have a pink house not too far from me and everyone talked about how tacky it was... I couldn't help but feel like they were probably the coolest people on the street.

    Also, this fierce outfit is p awesome!

  5. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this coat Soph! It looks so snug! I think you need to do a Skinny Dip London collection post, you must have so many by now!

    Grace xxx

  6. Yass love the coat and the glasses is chic. You werkin it and I so agree with you on the blogging. :)

  7. Very cool and trendy look. The handbag definitely makes a statement!!

  8. That is definitely a statement piece, absolutely love it! xx

  9. Oh Sophie - your jacket is sooooo awesome and suits your personality perfectly! I love your bag too, what a unique design - I swear your handbag collection just gets more awesome all the time! Here's to being supportive to one another! <3 xxx

  10. Such a unique jacket! Looks super cosy too x


  11. Oh Sophie you look absolutely stunning! I love this coat so so so much & just clicked on the link & seen it's in the sale.. might make a cheeky purchase later on.. ;)

    I totally agree with you. I love our little community & how amazing it is to be apart of it, especially as everyone is so supportive of each other.


  12. You can never go wrong with a little unicorn magic ♥ Oh and you look so adorable! I love this whole look

    Joyce // Joycentricity

  13. Hahah love this post :) It really is amazing to see how #TeamInternet supports everyone :D
    Also, the Quay sunglasses are stunning! Where'd you get them?
    Love from New York,
    Charlotte Luisa |

  14. Hey glitter girl! I think that this Unicorn Magic bag has to be my fave one you've ever featured too. It's just so glittery and unicorn-y and **drools**. I am so in love with your fluffy pink coat too- you make pastel pink look so cool and chic, especially with these lush sunnies. Penelope Pitstop: eat your heart out!

    Totally agree with the blogosphere being so supportive! At least I know someone will always love the 'hideous vintage trousers' my other half hates :P

    A pink house would be so cool! If you ever get one, I'm coming over for a party!

    Rachel xx

  15. A pink house? Sounds like a definite yes to me! And that Unicorn Bag, big love! One of my best friends sent it to me just a week ago and I fell in love with it as well! So cool, love the design, and it's pink so that makes it even better hehe. Overall a really amazing look my dear, you look amazing from head to toe, as you always do! Pink fur is such a fabulous look on you!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  16. I completely agree about the blogging community being such a lovely and supportive one - perhaps it attracts like-minds?! :) Great fur coat by the way, as I said on Twitter the other day, I love seeing your colourful outfits!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  17. Omgggggosh. I have coats coming out of my ears which is such a shame because I want to buy this! It looks AMAZING on you. Obvs I love the SD bag too! :D

    T xx

  18. Oh girl! I SO love your quirky style! Love the bag!

  19. Sophieeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 I'm so in love with the bag. You really do love Skinny Dip London huh?! I love it too! So sad we don't have it here in Spain but I'm always tempted to get stuff from ASOS when I see offers!

    You look so pretty as always. And you're right, the blogosphere is so supporting that's why I really love it!
    Cristina xo // My Cup of Tea

  20. your coat would look FAB in your pink house. and the sunglasses and bag are so quirky and cool. your posts always make me want to buy from skinny dip london haha. i'm probably going to do some filling-the-basket-and-closing-the-browser pretty soon if you know what i mean. and i love your thoughts on this community! i totally agree. i find that people online are so much more diverse and thoughtful than the people i meet on a day to day basis. i'm glad we all have this beautiful blogosphere(:

  21. OMG that coat looks amazing on you! I would never be able to pull it off hah!
    That Skinny Dip bag is so unique and interesting and of course pretty haha xx

    I really like those shades, I've never heard of Quay Australia, but I may have to check them out now :) xx

  22. love your coat!! <3 huge fan of skinnydip but not yet visited a store, I did a skinnydip online haul on my blog back in dec u may wanna check out! :) love your bag though, its so hard not to buy everything in skinnydip, im just like, shut up n take my money!! xo

  23. Such a great post Sophie! I love your whole outfit. I mentioned on Instagram how gorgeous those sunglasses are and they look stunning on you. And I can't even handle that bag. Skinnydip are seriously the best especially for all unicorn magical goodness. Totally agree about pink houses too! Katie xx

  24. Slaying as always in this killer candyfloss ensemble Sophie. How do you always manage to pull off both the "pretty in pink eating ice cream in a pastel beach hut" look and the "I could take off my fierce sunnies and slay you with one look" vibe in one outfit!? Also am mesmerised by that bag of dreams, I am in desperate need of more sparkle for 2016.
    I cannot agree more about the wonders of the blogger-verse we are all privileged to be a part of. It is similarly and sadly one of the few places I know where literally everyone of every taste, style and look is welcomed so fondly. Maybe the rest of the world could take a leaf out of the blogger book.

    // xx

  25. I loooove this coat...such a cool post...

    I am a photographer and have just done a shoot with lingerie and furs...there's loads of BTS on my blog if you fancy taking a peek and the actual shoot is due to be published in a week or two ☺️

    Lacey xx

  26. Love this outfit of the day!! In love with this coat and you wear it so well, and that bag may just be the cutest I have ever seen! You are so right about the blogging community and how supportive they are, you can just be whoever you want without any judgment :) xx

  27. Love this outfit so much Soph, so much beauty and magic here! Loving these pastel vibes, and your bag is just so adorable! Those marble sunnies are also so, so stunning!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  28. Omg this theee candyfloss fantasy dreamland outfit!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  29. How fabulous do you look?? LOVE the coat, you just look like a rock star. It's a shame there's people who aren't very supportive but just remember you always have your blog pals!! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  30. That bag!! It's so magical! You've really found a treasure with that one. And the fluffy jacket compliments it so well. I agree about the vlogger blogger thing for sure! We're all dreamers here. I feel in very good company when I'm vlogging or blogging, like people really understand. :)


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