Saturday 12 March 2016

Review: Vichy Dermablend corrective fluid foundation & powder

I've forever heard good things about Vichy from many a babin' beauty blogger out there so when the brand got in touch asking if I wanted to test drive their Dermablend Corrective Fluid foundation and setting powder, I was with it! Due to my pale skin-tone and combined skin-type I've only ever had one major match before when it comes down to foundation (LOreal's infallible), that of which I combine with various BB creams to give my skin the coverage it needs on a daily basis. Dermablend's corrective fluid foundation promises "a high concentration of pigments that provide better coverage than a normal foundation but maintains an ultra blendable texture for flawless, natural results".  Relieved to see they had my best suited shade, Porcelain, I was excited to see the results for myself. 
First impressions were great; the foundation was easy to apply and felt smooth and calming on the skin. I noticed although it glided around my T-zone nicely, I still needed a boost of BB cream. I think that was my one and only disappointment; it didn't provide enough coverage to that necessary area. It was comfortable to wear and as the day drifted on, I found my skin felt refreshed and invigorated, all the while being able to breathe a little and having the results of hydration, just as the product assures. Often after a day-out or a shift at work my skin will feel oily, greasy and in need of a cleanse, tone and one hella good moisturise but I felt an improvement switching to this for the day, night and early-morning. Another major bonus for me is it has an SPF of 35. Due to the fair nature of my skin, I've always felt fierce when it comes to staying sun-safe so this made me feel even more fired up about the foundation. 
The longevity impressed me the most. Many foundations enjoy fantasises of lasting the long haul when really... well... how many of those bloody stains do we see in Zara on all the nice clothes, girls? Yeah THAT. This foundation stays firmly put. I caught a glimpse of myself late Saturday night and amazingly I was just as impressed with my MU as when I left the house that morning. It promises 16 hour coverage, and although I had to go and ruin it by going to bed, it still looked pretty damn good for 15! 

The Dermablend setting powder worked well. I've never been a fan of powders before and usually try and steer clear as I'm not overly keen but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It sat nicely on my skin and gave the foundation a nice feel and finish. It also has a 16 hour lifetime and is specially tailored to "prolong the wearability of the Dermablend foundations". The two products worked flawlessly together and I'd definitely recommend if you're after a natural coverage that's long-lasting and worth the value.

*These products were gifted to me but as always all opinions and views are my own

Are you a fan of Vichy?
Have you tried the Dermablend range?


  1. Ah so nice to see you do a beauty post! This review sounds great, plus I haven't heard of this brand before. It's funny you mentioned Loreal Infallible because I've used it before and am thinking of going back to it next! I can hardly ever find good matches for my skin tone, often foundations are too dark or light, but I use Loreal because they have so many shades. Looking forward to seeing more posts like this from you! :)

  2. Great review - this products sounds amazing

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. Really useful review Sophie, my 'foundation' routine sounds somewhat similar to yours in creating a cocktail of various products that will somehow make my skin look not-too-terrible. This sounds like a good product and was especially pleased to hear about the SPF and longevity - orange-tinted necklines be gone!

    // xx

  4. A really great review Sophie! I'm looking for a new foundation and think I might have to have a look into this one as it sounds great. The longevity especially sounds amazing! I'm really glad you found it worked so well for you. Katie xx

  5. I want to try this foundation so badly, I think you've sold it to me there! I just bought NARS Sheer Glow but I can't work out how I feel about it.

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  6. I've never, ever tried Vichy before but this sounds really good! I'm impressed that it contains such a high spf too which is something that's important for those of us with fair skin :) It sounds pretty lovely! <3 xxx