Saturday, 23 April 2016

Meet Graham | Carly Watt's magical illustration

It was my lovely boyfriend's birthday on 11 April so to celebrate we decided to venture off to pretty Portugal (shots to come soon!) Once back home, I was especially excited to show Graham this gorgeous, majestic illustration that Carly kindly created for him as a birthday present. I had it printed off in poster form, and he was over the moon just as I'd hoped. Carly has included some of Graham's favourite things in her beaut illustration; everything from Marvel comics to Star Wars to the fluffy mallow himself, Mr Staypuft. So much gorgeousness set against a backdrop of blue and black, Graham's favourite colours. 

Carly kindly illustrated my ombre-fied self based on a favourite shot of mine last year and knowing how taken G was with it, I definitely knew he'd treasure a seriously sweet illustration of his own. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the beauty that is Carly and her stunning works of art. You can check out her beautiful blog here. Thank you once again from both Graham and I Carly, you truly are such a diamond! And whilst here I've gotta say thank you so much to Graham and Carly for always believing in me and being so supportive. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such special people in my life such as yourselves! Both mine and Graham's illustrations are so very special to us and really mean the world. Both will most definitely be framed and treasured and loved, that's a promise!


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ice cream dreams

Cheers for shining, sun. It means us fashion bloggers can wear ice cream prints as well as eating actual ice creams, we can buy inflatable pool doughnuts whilst eating doughnuts...blow up flamingo drinks holders whilst.... you get the idea. Yep, I did buy a doughnut pool inflatable from ASOS as well as this Accessorize flamingo drinks holder BUT I'm off to Portugal on Monday with Graham so... justified? 

I can't wait for some sun. It'll be amazing to soak up some tropical rays at long last. The pink shoes were too glitzy and barbie bitch to resist, and the ice-cream print dress (worn as a crop) from Rare London is a little somethin' I bought last year and have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) to wear the hell out of. Add a denim dream skirt with gold buttons from River Island, some silver Topshop shades and flamingo ombre and work done, right? There was a dog running around while we took these shots but the owners were pretty cool, actually. Instead of stopping to stare, they kept apologising that it got in the shots: 'Lulu! Come here Lulu! You're not a model Lulu!' Way to put a dog down, though.

Just a quick thank you all so much to all of you for such kind, supportive words, especially in regards to my book. It can be pretty hard to keep up the faith sometimes, but your sweet support truly means everything to me. I'm excitedly working on another spin-off story, hopefully it won't be too long before I can once again publish a short segment on my blog. Looking forward to it!

Dress (worn as crop) Rare London
ASOS holographic beachy bag 

Has anyone been to Portugal? I'd love to know if you have!
Any summer holidays in the pipeline for you guys?