Saturday, 18 June 2016


I'll be truthful, usually I come back from a blog-shoot on a high, it feels like a sugar-fied rush, running like a sweet treat through my veins, but I've been suffering from bouts of anxiety for the best part of two weeks and that wasn't the case last weekend. Last Saturday I was having one of those "girl days" where I felt pretty vulnerable and the last thing I wanted was to pose in a tight dress, but, determined to keep up the spirit and slay the shoot I'd wanted to create for the past few months, I went for it. We had a good time but unfortunately there were a group of idiots standing there purposefully, laughing, threatening to photobomb and making it increasingly difficult to shoot (and this was before we even brought the ice cream pool float out, fortunately they'd pissed off by then) I heard them making little remarks like "how many photos do they need to get, they're all the same anyway." (Insert a C U Next Tuesday slot here). Strengthened by our resolve to get the shoot we wanted, we kept on and looking at these pictures now, I'm so happy we managed to carry on. 

This rainbow babe is from Skinnydip London of course. Talking of Skinnydip, I'm thrilled they've released an intergalactic cowgirl range, loving it. For a while after their unicorn and mermaid dazzlers I was eagerly awaiting some new babe-licious bags and now they've stunningly stayed. And the infamous ice cream pool float from Sunnylife Australia was made for this shoot, fast becoming another of my favourite brands. 

I'm hoping I can regain control of my anxiety as I've been doing so well this year. For me it usually comes in fits and starts. I end up in a vicious circle; worrying myself to sleep at night, feeling constant dread throughout the day, terrified I'll make myself ill which leads to feeling ill and constantly drained, down, shaky, dizzy. It's little moments like receiving a text from my favourite boy whilst sitting in the garden, surrounded by fresh air and a cup of tea, getting lost in a good book, dreaming up the ending of my own, getting inspired in the intrinsic world of Instagram, driving endlessly through botanical lanes filled with flowers, chilling with Graham by the beach, and of course, this blog and the whole magic surrounding it that sees the solution and the silver linings for me. That and taking one day at a time. 

I forever thank you guys for being there and always believing in me, I overuse this expression to the moon and back, but it really does mean the world. All the ice creams, rainbows and pool inflatables sent from my soul to yours, let's celebrate summer like the babin' babes we are! High five to that. 

What's everyone up to on this (not so sunny) Saturday?
I hope you all have a fab weekend! 

Rare London Ice Cream Dress
Skinnydip London rainbow bag