Tuesday 27 September 2016

Good vibes

The lurid orange may be a bit too scenic for some, but when I saw the bold brightness of this babin' Good Vibes surfie bikini top from Motel via the asos site, I had to snap it up. You can treasure trove it over on the Motel Rocks site. The Good Vibes slogan sits well with my beachy auras and orange and pink seem to be my dream team colour crushes this side of forever. I'm hoping no-one minds me carrying my summer spirit through to the Autumnal season, with so many colourful shoots and tropical ideas, it'd be a waste, right? I'm needing to get my AW wardrobe wondrous, but it needs a bit of jazz to it, I can't be casting aside bold brights and pretty prints for just anything. Thank God for pumpkins, those babes are the real deal, orange game? Eye-poppingly good. I got my flamingo from Accessorize, but if you're feeling it, you can grab a similar Inflatable Flamingo Drinks Holder .

One big goal that I really want to see through this winter is giving water-sports another go, preferably surfing. I tried surfing once, when I was sixteen. My class and I went to an outdoorsy centre where we climbed trees and swung on tires and abseiled, then for the second half of the day we engaged in kayaking, canoeing and surfing. There was something dreadfully embarrassing about wearing a wetsuit, yet it was bloody warm which made the sub-zero November air that bit more bearable. The long, winding coach journey to leafy Surrey was oddly satisfying and afterwards we sipped tepid tea and learnt all about setting up your own watersports homeland (like you do). I had aches and sears in my legs afterwards for days and kept falling off the board (sure the instructor was getting a bit pissed off), but it felt satisfying and rewarding. I can still smell the neoprene, the sand and the sea salt casting off the misty waters, and I'm deffo desperate to head back and have another go. Hopefully next time round I'll be a bit more confident than my sixteen year old self, but I bet you anything I'll still fall off that bloody board.... 

Have you been surfing? 
Are you a fan of water-sports? 
I'd love to know your thoughts! 


Flamingo drinks holder: Accessorize, try this



  1. I love the retro look of your top and the bright orange shade suits you so well! <3 I don't mind the tropical themes continuing over into Autumn at all - it makes a nice change! :) Ah, I have never been surfing! I once went body boarding in Florida when I was around 12 and I thought it was so fun :) xxx

  2. It's so good to see a splash of colour on my screen since its been so cold the past few days! If ever we want to see summer, we can just hop on to Soinspo and feel like summer had never left! Hope you get to do water sports again. I've haven't swam since I was in primary school so I hardly doubt I'd be able to now. I'm a little frightened of it to be honest! I'm sure you'll do better than the sixteen old you and will be more confident too :)

    Yasmin Qureshi Photography

  3. It takes a special kind of some one to rock this outfit. You are one heck of a style icon! xx

  4. This outfit is so beautiful Sophie, you look smashing from head to toe! Never thought of combining orange and bright pink, but you most definitely ROCK that look. And the quote is ab fab too! I'm not a big fan of watersports, and definitely not of surfing.. To be honest, I'm scared of the sea, so that's why water sports aren't my thing... But maybe I could try the indoor thing you mentioned, sounds like fun, and I actually like wetsuits haha ;) Have a lovely evening my beautiful Sophie!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  5. Great crop top. Very retro and 60s! Suits you perfectly. I've never done any sort of water sports before. I'm not too keen on being on the water lol! Mind you I did go on a jet ski once with my cousin and we managed to break it and half sink it... oops!

    Love Hannah xx


  6. Oooh, this top is sooo nice, Sophie! I've never been brave enough to try water sports. I'd love to give surfing a go - some day!

    T x

  7. You take your bright and bold shades straight into A/W doll because you totally rock it! Love the Motel tee, it looks sweet on you! I'm also completely loving your hair on these photos, the orange makes your pink dip dye pop!
    Of course I want an inflatable flamingo now too! -insert flamingo emoji-

    Keep those summer vibes coming Hun x
    Gem | gemsupnorth.co.uk

  8. You really rock a crop top like no one else Sophie! And that flamingo drinks holder is really cool - I want one of those! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. I have never, ever been surfing. I haven't been near the ocean enough. :( But that orange is rocking, babe! What a great way to bring your summer love into autumn just a little bit. It's so retro and fresh and I LOVE IT.


  10. Love that you're carrying the summer vibes into autumn, such a cute top! I've never been surfing or done any water sports at all, I'm not brave enough for that! Best of luck for when you go next!! X


  11. I love orange, it's one of my favourite colours! Looking fab, good luck with the surfing dream - I've not tried it but I don't think it's for me haha x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  12. You always look so great, in anything really! I love the bright orange on you: suits you girl!

  13. Now this is the kind of outfit to brighten my autumn gloomy mood. You look fab, lady.


  14. I don't think anyone will be complaining about seeing your gorgeous summer vibes continue through Autumn, no worries there Sophie! Your looks/posts are so cheerful and bright! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  15. I've never been surfing or really been an outdoorsy sporty type but I love your retro print top and the bright colours :)
    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  16. I am the worst person ever at surfing! I did a week long camp with Ripcurl and I think I stood up once :P Snorkelling the reef and kayaking are more my kinda thing :)

    I'm so happy that you're keeping your vibrant beachy vibes up as you are probably bringing more sunshine to the UK than the actual sun :) This orange top is wonderful and has such wetsuit vibes to it and you look incredible.

    The drink holder is adorable too, I want an inflatable swan, but I'll have to convince Jake to go on it with me hahahhaa

    Take care gorgeous

    Rachel xx

  17. Oh girl, you are a brave soul!

    I wish I was able to go & do all these things like surfing & kayaking! That sounds so amazing. I've always had a fear of doing anything that envolves water as I'm not the strongest swimmer, so I've been put off over the years but I know some people are so addicted to it!

    I love your outfit here too! That skirt & top go so well together. I'm loving a bit of orange in the Autumn / Winter season.



  18. It's cool to see summer vibes in autumn and I really like the colors of your set and how you combined it:)
    I have never been surfing, but it must be amazing experience.


  19. I am so feeling those orange and pink vibes, it's like summer's honeymoon rose gold sunsets that paint the reflections of windows with glowing light. How I wish I could even consider hopping in a kayak or jumping on a surfboard - my dad used to be a keen surfer and I have definitely not inherited those genes! I have resorted to channelling my inner surfer by listening to the Beach Boys on repeat. My bets are on you shredding those waves and killing it as always Sophie ;)

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  20. I'd love to give surfing a try but also think I'd be rubbish at it, although I've really gotten into yoga recently so hopefully that's improving my balance, haha. Love this top and it's 70's vibes, it makes me think of That 70's Show. I used to love that show :) xx