Thursday 15 June 2017

Anxiety: 5 positive steps for improvement

Here's how quickly anxiety can manifest; back in February it was my birthday. I was having a lovely time away with Graham and then something horrible happened on the way back home that left me shook up, in tears and almost close to breakdown point over the next month or so. I started doubting everything, became paranoid, worried myself sick about stupid things that never would have ordinarily crossed my mind. I couldn't write my book or blog. I literally felt like I was trapped in my own prison cell. And all because of one trigger that set it off. For the rest of my whole birthday night I was crying, in a real state and feeling guilty as I knew all Graham and my mum wanted was for me to be enjoying myself. I didn't say anything online or ever really mention it to anyone apart from one close friend and I don't want to talk about what happened in the here and now, because it's already had too much power as it is. Thankfully I'm in a much better place now. I'm writing this post because over the past few months I've made some positive changes in my life and I wanted to share these 5 positive steps to improve anxiety. 


Positive thinking is key to an uplift and change in anxiety. My state of mind was so bad because all I was doing was constantly thinking and expecting the worst. My thoughts were so negative, I was my own worst enemy. Outside of all the anxiety I suffered with during February and March, I was belittling myself, my blog, my achievements in any spare second I had. "Why can't I have what she has?", :"Why does it never happen for me", "No matter how hard I try I never get anywhere", and so it went on. Instead of draining my energy away on these thoughts, I've learnt to see them for what they are and move on. Subconsciously I've learnt to replace the 'What If' with the "I Will'. I may not be where I want to be yet but I WILL work damn hard to make sure I get there. Shifting my focus from comparison and worrying about what everyone else is doing and thinking has given me more energy to put my all into completing my first novel and working hard on all aspects of my blog. Now my thought patterns seem to automatically switch to a more positive stream. When negativity seeps in, I manage to control it. 


Where I live is full of bad memories; my Nana died in the hospital opposite my house a few years back, my Grandad too. My area seems plagued with unhappy times I'd rather forget; school, college, miserable jobs. All I've ever wanted is to move on and leave it all behind but that's not yet been possible. I used to waste focus and time feeling angry and resentful but I've learnt to channel that into positive energy. So much so that I've forgotten almost, where I'm living. I work hard and focus on the work I'm doing and on days off with Graham, we go to some lovely places and those are the places I call home in my heart. I'm still living at home because I'm writing my first novel with the aim of completion this summer. Then I can move on to the next chapter of my own life.  While I'm doing this, I'm grateful to have a loving boyfriend who has supported me from day one and parents who are understanding and appreciative of my goals and dreams. I keep my head and heart focused on the end goals, and the work I need to put in for THEM to work. 


Was 100% necessary for my state of mind. I was spending time scrolling through Twitter seeing people slag each other off, worrying myself sick in turn that it would be me next. That everything I tweeted or said would be misinterpreted. Now when social media becomes too much, I switch the wifi off on my phone so there's no temptation and focus on other aspects of my blog, my book, my own goals. As a blogger, I'm on social media so much but when Twitter is getting particularly negative I pour more time towards Pinterest and Instagram. Aside from all that, reading a book in the fresh air is a million miles away from being glued to my phone and I'm starting to make more time for those precious moments like sitting outside, being in the garden, breathing in the fresh air and flowers that we so often take for granted. 


I would have scoffed at this one a few months ago and I can hardly say I keep a work out regime going every day because I don't. I bought a work-out dvd that I try and do at least a few times a week and it's definitely been a massive help in soothing my anxiety and making me feel more calm. I've noticed that even when I'm feeling absolutely shattered, exercise always leaves me tons more energised than I was before and with a fresh outlook on things. 


Lately I've gotten really interested in the practice of self-healing. I'd like to have a room full of crystals one day. Until then, I'm meditating, practicing positive manifestations, as well as all the above steps I've mentioned. There are lots of different ways to self-heal, I'm still learning and trying to soak it all up. If you suffer from anxiety, I really hope this post can be of some help/comfort. 

What positive steps have you taken to manage your anxiety? 
Can you relate to any of these changes/steps? 


  1. I can really relate to everything you've spoken about here and I'm so sorry that you have been feeling this way. After my Christmas anxiety episode, I was really worried and it took me a long time to get back to normal - I am still working on it now. I am always here if you ever want to talk about anything <3 <3 <3 All of these tips are really great and when I went on my course they spoke about a lot of them, including mindfulness and meditation so they do truly help! <3 <3 <3 Lots of love! xxx

  2. Anxiety is such a nightmare to deal with, and so hard for anyone not going through it to understand. Utterly amazing post my darling xx

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your anxiety was really bad and you felt trapped. It's good you've found some great steps to improve the way you feel. I have been researching Law Of Attraction recently and being grateful is a massive part of being happy - I never realised that before. I hope everything is better now x Thanks for sharing your story <3 x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  4. these are great tips. I'm so sorry that you have been feeling like that but you are on the right track, baby! Anxiety is a horrible thing that I don't think you can EVER get rid of but learning how to deal with it is so important. I force myself to take a break from social media too when I'm feeling down or nervy-especially twitter and facebook. Pinterest in nice-I like to look at pretty photos of homes or travelling pics.
    Thank you for sharing this and you are so brave. You are an absolute girl boss and keep shining. x
    Katie x

  5. These are such good tips, I have found that switching off from Social Media can really help too, it can all get a bit overwhelming at times with all the notifications and constantly moving feed.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  6. It's really great to hear you speak out like this, I hope speaking about this was a good step for you and it sure will help others.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the bad times but really happy to hear your in a much better place now, I always feel that positive thoughts and energy can help anyone. I should take that advise myself sometimes too, haha.

    Switching off socials is another great tip, I think we all need a bit of time away from it sometimes especially as bloggers where we are focused on it so much; a little break or step back can really improve my mood and thoughts.

    You've got your end goals set and are working towards them which is super inspiring, your book is gonna rock, I'm sure of it. Your short stories are amazing and so interesting to read, they keep me pulled into the story so much.

    You keep being your fabulous self and working on you! Your doing great lovely :)

    Gem - xxx

  7. I'm so sorry to hear your birthday was covered with so much anxiety Sophie, and hoping massively that your next birthday won't be the same. Also, I love how you've listed working out in your list, it really can be such a massive mood-boost!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  8. Such a thoughtful and helpful post, Sophie. I am new to your blog, but so glad that I have found it. I couldn't agree more with everything you have mentioned, believe me, we have all been there and your advice is so on point. Hugs xx

    Naya //

  9. There's something really scary about being in the middle of an anxiety "episode" - as in: it becomes almost impossible to look beyond the ideas your mind keeps putting up. No matter how hard it might be to rely on others at that point, it can be necessary - I'll be taking your post as a bit of a starting point as well, this time :)

  10. I'm sorry to hear that your anxiety has been so bad Sophie, something that you know I can totally relate to. I've worked really hard over the past year on trying to not let my anxiety hold so much power over me and you are so right in everything you've shared here. I think positive thinking is key to battling anxiety, being able to catch the negative and worrying thoughts before they can take a hold of you and changing them into something positive does wonders. It's something I still struggle with but I am getting better at it. Working out has also become a massive part of my routine and works wonders, I never thought that it could help so much but it really helps to ease my stress and anxiety. I also love to read, especially in the bath, it's the perfect way to escape the real world and your anxiety for a while.

    I can be a bit rubbish at replying to emails sometime but just so you know you can send me one anytime if you're ever having a tough time and need someone to talk to who fully understands :) xx

  11. <3

    i really struggle with anxiety and find social media and the news can really amp it up x