Thursday, 20 July 2017

Reasons why people will criticise you + how to rise above

So, why do people feel the need to criticise us so much? How many times have you had to endure someone pinpricking your confidence like a knife to a balloon? Whether it's that little remark you can't quite shake off, the seeds of doubt someone has planted or the life guidance you're miraculously receiving from Mr. I Didn't Ask You for Your Opinion But Thanks Anyway. One girl I got chatting to once at a shop told me a customer had said to her "You want to be a photographer? You better have a plan B." An old man at the seaside once beckoned my mum and I over. Thinking he was about to ask for directions, I gave him a smile, only to be told in return "Why are you wearing those jeans? You look absolutely awful". On countless occasions I've been told my book won't get published, that I'm mad to be leaving a job I don't love to follow a path I DO love. Let's face it, we deal with naysayers, criticizers, negative beings on a daily basis. But, most importantly, how can we rise above criticism, get to the point where we realise the problem lies with the people spreading judgement, NOT us? 

By firstly realising just that: it's their problem

They feel the need to reach out and pass negative feelings or judgements onto you, and for no reason at all. That means they have the negative energy, negative space, negative life, negative vibe. 

When someone criticises you they are just mirroring how they feel about themselves; see it as nothing but a reflection of their own self-worth. 

Have you noticed how the people who really matter in your life do nothing but build you up, praise you, feel proud of you? And the wrong ones? The wrong ones pull you down, deflate your faith, plant doubts, make you feel guilty or harassed for living your life. Work colleagues, I have always found, seem to be the worst culprits. Not all, but a good few were pretty hard to endure, especially in a 9-5 environment with no escape. I couldn't have given a f*ck about any of them whatsoever, yet their words still hung over me, made me doubt myself in a million different ways and made me paranoid and vulnerable. "Do you get your boobs checked? Oh wait, you don't have any!", "Meet Sophie, she doesn't eat or drink", "You're a blogger? So you've got no confidence in the office but you're able to pretend in these photos by hiding behind your computer?", "I only hired you because you're a nice person, you didn't have the skills for the job." Yes, unfortunately all of these things have been said to me in various jobs by various colleagues over the years. 

One relative also asked me if I was going to take on a full time admin role if offered it. The tone was I'm sure, supposed to be inquisitive but it came across as a if you don't take on the job you're mad type of tone. I did take it, even though in my heart of hearts I knew it was the wrong decision from the off. After taking it, I was close to a breakdown point, my mental health was at risk, my relationships were suffering and it wasn't worth it whatsoever. Only you know what is right for you. 

The right people will encourage us and lift us up. The wrong ones will pour scorn on our decisions, doubt our choices and make us feel guilty or defensive in the action of our own life. We do not owe anyone anything. Your life = your control. 

While I was having a course of CBT back in 2015, a relative decided to send me a vicious email attacking me for "travelling all around the world meeting bloggers but not seeing your own family" amongst other things. This person had never bothered to reach out to me before, only to attack me for doing something I was immensely proud of. I knew then and there that I never wanted anything to do with someone like that ever again. I had to waste precious time discussing the email with my counsellor because it shook me up. I had doubted if CBT would be helpful at first, but her support surrounding issues like this was brilliant. "What gives this person the right? How dare they!" Her words changed the way I perceived things. Does this person matter to you? She'd asked. No, I'd replied. Don't ever focus on the people who don't matter. It's wasted energy. Focus on the ones that do. That really struck a chord. Our time is precious, and the people it's invested in also need to be precious, too. 

One of the silver linings for me having dealt with many critical, negative people in the past is that it's now vital for me to build other people up, their dreams, their goals, their targets and their belief in themselves. One thing I hate, absolutely detest, is when people don't think they're worthy. You are worthy, always. Don't ever forget it. 


They don't understand your vision
Rise above: You're following an amazing path that some people just can't comprehend. 

They haven't achieved their own dreams so are trying to block yours
Rise above: Sad, but true. Don't let them affect or blur your own path. Be even more focused to fulfil your own goals and targets. Remember your dreams need you just as much as you them! 

They (think) they're looking out for you
Rise above: Sometimes criticism genuinely comes from the best of hearts, but it doesn't make it OK. If someone close to you has hurt you, they need to realise the extent and affect their words have had. 

They're narrow minded
Rise above: Narrow minded people will go out of their way to be critical of anything that doesn't fit with their own small minded perceptions. Realise you won't ever please some people, and best of all, you don't need to! 

Their outlook on their own life is cynical + bleak
Rise above: Don't let them bring you down. They control their feelings just like you control yours. Pity them, wish them peace of mind before focusing on the most important outcome: yourself. 

Can you relate to this post? 
Have you had any similar experiences? 

Hopefully this can be an empowering read for lots of you babes out there! 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

South Beach shell trim lemon crochet bikini top

In my last post I talked about my love for Asos, and short of calling them up to tell them all about my adoration each day on the shell phone, I decided to take the next logical step and buy this babin' little South Beach Shell Trim Lemon Crochet Bikini. Hey, I'm a fashion blogger and it caught my heart. Shells and crochet crop tops are the ultimate match made in magic, I just want to shell the hell out on everything remotely seashore this summer, anyone else feeling me? South Beach seem to be a brand I can very much get on (surf)board with and I hope their vibe of shells and crochet is set to stay. I would've also tried to get away with wearing this shell bikini top to a screening of the Baywatch movie but it's tragically being taken off cinema listings as we speak. It's OK, i'm just totally in mourning. Only saw it 6 times. 

You might remember this Sunnylife Australia pool float from my shoot last summer. As you know I have a pretty impressive pool float collection (but no pool yet, alas). Currently pool and the gang are all deflated and sitting atop of my weary wardrobe so I thought it was about time I brought at least one of them back to life for a bit of fun and frolicking. 

I wanted some snazzy sunglasses that were beach ready and a bit festival fanatic so found this pair over on eBay. They're enough to make you trip out with their diamond dimension vision but it's all in the name of style so worth getting submerged in sand for. It struck me that the lenses look just like Dopey from Snow White when he sticks those sparkling diamonds in his eyes, unlikely style icon in the making or.....? The shorts were a sale find in Missguided late last summer and you've already seen these Asos Talia Wedges in many of my previous posts. I love the gold hue, gorgeous against sandy shores and they make for a nice contrast to sandals or converse. 
We had so much fun shooting this look, I really hope it comes across in the post as it was a total high and really made me so happy. We only shot the photos yesterday and I was so hyped to show you guys I've been editing like lightning! I can see myself living in this shell crop all summer long..... 

Are you into shells this season?
Do you like this beachy look?