Sunday 10 September 2017

The most sugarlicious sweet shop

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the pinkest of them all? Travelling in the UK isn't so bad with candy vibes like these. This sugarlicious sweet shop caught my eye during a trip to the Isle of Wight last year and I couldn't pass up the promise of thinking pink and getting my ice cream dress out for a serving of candy cuteness. It was a bit awkward getting photos (hence the tight lip trip) as the shop's on a main road with lots of cars whizzing past. Ugh. But still PINK PHOTOS. Worth it. Do you reckon this is where Barbie does her grocery shopping? I srsly wouldn't be surprised. Now my next mission impossible is to find a hotter pink place than this that packs an even more powerful punch.  Hot on the heels of our pink ferry fairytale, I'm on the lookout for new photoshoot backdrops. I'm in the mood for magenta. Wish me luck in my pink ventures, I'm going to need all the dreamy detective vibes within me! You can read my full post on our trip to the Isle of Wight here, let's just say Shanklin is full of sugary sweet surprises and is a real gem of a place to stay. 
Whilst we're on the brink of all things pink, did anyone else love a bit of Pink Panther when they were growing up? I remember it being on TV during the Easter holidays but never caught much. Graham and I retrieved the boxset from his storage the other day and watched a few episodes. Verdict? Cute but a bit horrific when other colours came into play. Less orange and blue, please. I'm also holding out for an episode where he slips into a pink jacuzzi and sips on a pink martini. 
In other news, I have to give the movie Girls Trip an honorary mention - has anyone else caught it at the cinema yet? Mum and I have seen it plenty of times, it's a total gem of a movie and full of laughs and fun, I'd definitely recommend. Seems like it's gone down a hit too, it's always been packed when we've gone to see it and it seems like us girls finally have something to watch aside from all the action blockbusters, yassss. This ice cream print dress from Rare London was a hit last year and I'm already craving another outfit post opportunity with it. Graham and I are hopefully venturing on a little pink tour of London soon, although I don't think I'd have the courage to hit up London in this, keep your eyes peeled for more colour poppin' paradise on the blog before too long. 

Are you a pink lover? Have you found any cute places lately?

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  1. Love this bright outfit! You can never go wrong with pink! You look amazing!

    Darriyan xx

  2. This dress is so cute! I love the print and pink color...beautiful!

  3. I always visit your blog when I need a lift and mid-week, well, was it needed. That pink shop background is to die for - how I can relate to suffering from stares and the odd car horn all in aid of a pretty setting. SO worth it though! That ice cream dream of a dress is keeping summer alive for me, as are those cute metallic beauties! I'm yet to see the film, but am due a film date with my own mother soon - may have to make a recommendation ;)

    // xx

  4. Yes I adore pink, and I quit it for a while because I wanted to be rebel against what everyone considers a girly color because I wanted to prove I was strong. Now I know that being girly is okay and doesn't mean you aren't strong, or that there isn't a special power to it! You know, we girls, women, ladies have are so strong and powerful, can't let a color define our strength. So yay pink!!!!!


  5. Love the ice cream prints on your dress! It is super cute!

    Angelie // L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Review

  6. You dress! *GASPS* It's so cute!

  7. Your dress looks absolutely amazing! 😍 Oh wow, so gorgeous. Love those ice cream cones in it 😊

    ~ Jasmin N

  8. Such a cute dress! Again, I could never pull off something like this, yet it looks absolutely awesome on you! Love everything pink xx

    Naya //

  9. so cute ice cream dress- you look so lovely and original

  10. That dress is super cute and also these shoes are perfect for this outfit! You look beautiful, love these pictures!


  11. I love how you choose such interesting and pretty backdrops for your photos. How perfect is your dress for the location as well!! x Ahh I need to watch Girls Trip

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  12. ..... if Sophie came in the form of a shop, right?! Totally worth your efforts in getting these photos - despite the cars whizzing by! I don't wear much of the colour pink, though funnily enough have actually just bought a pale pink sheepskin jacket and LOVING it; perhaps you're influencing me babe?! haha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  13. Pink never fails to make me smile! Good luck in your hunt for a magenta backdrop - can't wait to see the resulting pics! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  14. Such a cute outfit! I love prints like this.


  15. One of my favorite dresses from your wardrobe, sugar!! This pink backdrop is incredible, cannot go wrong with such a sweet shop. Wishing you the best of luck searching for that magical magenta vision!