Wednesday 22 November 2017

Sunnylife rainbow pool float fever

A daft fashion blogger's fantasy is being surrounded by all the pool floats with little concern over whether you actually have a pool or not. I don't have a pool, but I'm a true beach lover and all time summer baby crazy fashion blogger who craves poolside paradise in buckets and spades. I'd been after a new pool float to add to my collection this summertime (I already have a doughnut, a palm tree, a popsicle, an orange lolly, an ice cream...) you can see my full collection in all its finery here, so when I saw this Sunnylife Rainbow Pool Float it was sand at first sight. The dreaminess of the whole rainbow riot didn't let me down, I think it's definitely my favourite pool float so far, anyone that knows me well enough knows rainbows resemble my vibe dreamily so this scene was divinity. 2050 funfair ride idea: a rainbow pool float that soars you straight into real life rainbows, cloud nine notions and endless pots of gold. 

 Quay Australia always bring a bit of an exotic twist when it comes to summerbabin' shades so when I saw these orange tinted babes I just had to have 'em. Coupled with a white vest with netting crochet detailing that I bought way back in 2003 (say whaatttt) when early noughties fashion wasn't entirely ironic (or iconic), and a pair of Missguided's Riot rainbow high waisted shorts, my outfit peached truly tropical heights. The glittery white heels would be perfect for a wedding, safe to say I gave them a sass through the sand first as with all my impractical skyscraper shoes. I also have the same version of the shoes in pink, must say I'm madly in love with them still in both colours and it's a shame asos didn't have the heart to bring out a whole rainbow collection. 

All light-heartedness aside, the past few weeks haven't been the easiest and rainbows are uplifting and promising of a better bliss up ahead. I love how spirited they are, how comforting and soothing. I know a lot of us look up to them because we know after every storm there's a rainbow about to rise. I wanted to put together a really fun-loving post full of colourful fun to get us through these bleak winter days. Of course, these pictures were my first port of call... rainbow cocktail anyone? 

Let me know if you're a summer babe or a winter babe at heart! 
Are you a pool float lover? I can't get enough 😍



  1. Ohhhmmy this is so cute.
    I love that rainbow pool float and your shorts too.
    The colors compliment well.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  2. I would love this! But yeah, don't have a pool either!
    Those shorts are quite amazing, too x

  3. It's very cold autumn in my country so thank you dear for giving hope that summer will come back soon:) I really adore all summer themes and that outfit is super lovely, these shorts, top and rainbow pool float are very cool! You look fabulous as always!:)


  4. That is a cool pool float, and I'm in love with your colorful shorts!

  5. I love the colours on your shorts! The orange, pink and yellow look so tropical, a little like an ice lolly! I used to always take a pool float on holiday with me and I loved them, especially the dolphin ones! <3 xxx

  6. Those shorts are aaaaamazing! Love the pool float too!

  7. Love the shorts and float. Gorgeous. xoxo Cris

  8. I have to physically restrain myself from indulging in these! I don't have a pool (my friend does and I don't think she'd be impressed if I brought them all over. I mean once or twice she'd love it for sure, but after that I feel like we'd be annoying her too much. I keep seeing their cherry float and God I want it soooo bad hahahaha!


  9. I'm sorry to hear the past few weeks haven't been the easiest for you babe, ALL the more reason to be surrounded by rainbows, happiness and pool floats! haha :) Love how determined you are to spread happiness and positivity, and to answer your question - I tend to get obsessed with whatever season we're in haha, so right now I'm 'christmas-winter-christmas-snow-blankets-christmas-winter' !!! Hope you're having a fabulous week Sophie :)

  10. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad few weeks :(

    I have to say, your posts always put a smile on my face. They always light up my feed & I feel incredibly lucky to know such a positive lady.

    I'm obsessed with pool floats as well! I'd have every animal if I could!

    This really takes me back to summertime, when it was warm enough to sit on the beach without having a thousand layers on!

    Sending you lots of love xxxx

  11. Sophie!! Looking every bit the sweet shop sun drenched starlet as ever, especially in those shorts! Keeping summer alive as we battle through those blustery days... You're right about a need to keep our eyes and thoughts on the promise of a rainbow, particularly when the days aren't quite so bright - glad to hear that your heart's looking to the sun behind the clouds.
    100% need to get my hands on a pair of those shoes! They look incredible - as does the pool float. The perfect accessory for any season in my book!

    // xx

  12. Adorable look Sophie and you are so right about why many of us like rainbows! They are magical to me, and I stare at them when ever I see one in awe. Even if it's created by a sprinkler instead of rain :)) Sorry to hear you haven't had the best few weeks. I do hope thinks look up for you soon. It's funny that you asked which season we love most because, mine is Fall! Not summer or winter although I appreciate them both as well. Fall or Autumn brings such good feelings for me because it feels like things changing, nature, and all the happiest Hollidays are on their way. So I love Fall :)) Take care Sophie, and many happy good vibes to you!


  13. Your gorgeous posts always make me miss Summer! I'm sitting here with a flu, my little heater on, wishing I was by the pool! Rainbows are truly magical- no wonder you love them so much. They always make me so happy :) Looking stunning, as always, my Love. Loving the shoes! Sending all my love your way!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  14. OH MY GOD!!! I am the biggest rainbow fan, this look and float are both so cool x

  15. Can you believe I don't own a single float!?! I need to get on it! This rainbow one is amazing! I am defo a summer babe so might have to make my first purchase ready for the next holiday!!
    Nailing it again with the looks babe!

    Anna xx

  16. I enjoy all the seasons, although I must say it makes a lovely change to see your summery content amid all the usual wintry posts! The rainbow float is very cool - I would love one of those. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  17. I NEED THESE SHORTS IN MY LIFE! I love how many pool floats you have! Deffo need to get some for my pool! I'm 100% a summer babe! x

  18. Sophie!!! I am finally getting a start on catching up on your blog and already I'm in love! This outfit is BOMB! It's amazing, and I need those rainbow shorts in my life asap. This float is absolutely perfect for you. I always think of you when I see rainbows, love!! XOXO