Friday 13 July 2018

Beach summer style: rainbow cami top + sunshine yellow shorts

Summer style is my forte and beach fashion my bliss, so I thought I'd bring you this bright outfit post between changing tides and shifting sands. Rocking rainbows is always a pleasure, so as soon as I set eyes on this Topshop rainbow striped camisole top I knew it was pure love. I also wanted a similar rainbow dress Topshop released recently but sadly it flew off the shelves before I could snap it up for myself. The Missguided yellow high waisted shorts beamed some sunshine into the look and I styled the finishing touches with sunset-orange Quay Australia shades and my trusty metallic gold wedges. A bright, colourful look is always my go-to, but summer makes a bright outfit all the more fun to style, right? 

I'm going to go ahead and mention something I've been musing for a while which is that I'm feeling like an old-fashioned girl in a modern day world. Why do I feel old-fashioned? Well, I don't need Netflix for a start. I've no interest whatsoever in getting gripped on all the TV shows everyone else goes on about; it makes for limited conversation when people ask you what you're currently watching... but I honestly have zero interest. And music! Don't get me started on the music on the radio these days. All I want to hear is the Isley Brothers on repeat, timeless talent; music with heart and soul. Slow jams that make memories. Music that brings sunshine and kindness. Lyrics that tell a tale instead of blurred beats that all sound the same and pump into nothingness. Failing that, Craig David's Rendezvous or Artful Dodger's twenty-four-seven. 

It breaks my heart a little to see kids playing with tablets instead of toys, the amount of people that walk into you in the street - all because they can't tear their gaze away from their phone screen. Dating apps terrify me, if I wasn't paired up in this day and age then I honestly think I wouldn't want to go near them - perhaps it's a bit blasé of me to say but what happened to meeting someone "in real life"? Books scrolled down a screen bear no meaning to me, it's a real novel in my hands or nothing. What I'm trying to say, is, that in this day and age I guess I'm a little out of touch with everything modern and new, but that's okay with me. 

I'll tell you what I love to watch the most - old Emmerdale episodes on VHS from 1999 - repeats I taped back in 2003 because my favourite character, Biff Fowler was soon to be leaving the show and I wanted to record as many of his episodes as I could before he left. Emmerdale was my favourite show back when Biff was in it, it had heart, humour and drama. Cutting comedy and classic characters.

Biff Fowler was kind of Emmerdale's answer to baywatch in the 90s - way before Zac Efron rolled up on Miami beach on his bike last year! Biff was a great character, one that showed a lot of heart and charm, a "true gentleman" as someone else said to me when I mentioned Biff in a conversation about ex-Emmerdale characters. Despite having a lovely smile, a kind nature (who else would go on a reluctant shopping spree with Butch or think to bring Kathy a jigsaw during her hospital stay?) and a good heart, Biff wasn't scared to throw a punch or two and occasionally got into trouble in his younger years. He had some of the best Emmerdale storylines and was often seen revving through the village on his bike. Sadly he left the village in 1999 after jilting his wife-to-be, Kathy, at the altar, when he realised she had feelings for creepy Graham instead 💔.

Nearly 19 years on and it's heart warming that in regards to this post a few fellow Emmerdale fans reached out to me on twitter and shared their memories of Biff and why he was their favourite character too. Yep, sorry Brad Pitt but you've got nothing on Biff! The show and the characters have a massive place in my heart, and I thought now was the time to finally mention it. My promise for 2018 is to stop saying sorry for living a life you love - and that includes my love for Emmerdale back in the 90s! 

Almost 19 years on and Biff is still my favourite ever Emmerdale character, there was something special about him and the show was never the same for me after he left on his bike, riding off into the sunset.... my tapes often jump and the screen fizzes; my modern day heartache equivalent of someone reading the latest GOT spoiler, surely. Maybe it's not very forward thinking of me, but I'll be reminiscing about Biff Fowler and playing The Isley Brothers while the rest of the world tunes into 2018.... 



  1. This place is absolutely inspiring!! Amazing pictures! ❤

    What To Style

  2. I love your outfit, Sophie! So you and so cool! I agree about kids these days (gosh I hope I don't sound like a grandma) but the whole tablet thing is so depressing. I am glad that when I was a kid, I would play with actual toys and actual (not virtual) people and those are the memories I cherish the most! xx


  3. You are a sunshine and the colours of the rainbow reflect your soul Keep being who you are Live the life you want stop listening to others and follow your heart and dreams. xoxo Cris

  4. How cute is this?!
    Everything about this series is PERFECT. I love the location, these tiny houses look like real-doll houses and the soft colors suit your outfit. Btw your outfit is AMAZING and I adore the rainbow-bag, really cool.

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  5. Such a cute outfit girl! Your bag collection is the bestest, so so cute.

  6. Love the outfit and totally agree!! My little cousins only ever want to be on their tablets/phones and I’m like no go out, make up imaginary games! My imagination still runs wild and I’m 20!

    Also dating apps, tinder is one scary place!! ��

    Great post lovely! Xx

  7. Oh yesssss summer style is definitely your 'thing'! Beach huts will forever remind me of you and your blog now Sophie :) In some ways I can totally relate to your love of past times and the way things were handled back then; everything seems more gentle and natural back then. Having said that, I'm also quite keen on Tinder as it's recently proven to be a brilliant way of meeting someone who I connect really well with, it's best to just think of it as a tool for meeting people; dating apps give you that 'initial introduction' that may otherwise escape you! Another lovely post Sophie, hope you're having a fabulous week so far gorgeous!! x

  8. Love your top and shorts, also super cute bag! You look fabulous beauty!


  9. This is such a cute look! I have a similar top and this has given me so much inspo on how to style it xx

  10. You always inspire me to get out of my shell to experience with colors more. You killed it with this outfit. I would never imagine myself combining these colors together but now I am rethinking it thanks to you. I feel you look like a rainbow angel.
    let's connect on Instagram I would love that @chez.rama

  11. That rainbow bag is so cute - I'm obsessed!
    Aleeha xXx

  12. Your outfit is so nice, love all the pictures you included! Although I have no clue about Biff from Emmerdale (I never watched that programme I was always an Eastenders lover when I was younger) and I do love my Kindle, I completely agree with you about the fact dating apps are terrifying! I'm so glad I met my Fiancé long before the world of 'Tinder' because I definitely wouldn't want to be using apps like that! Such a great post!

    Jess //

  13. I bloody love this post and your gorgeous photos!
    I totally agree with you about how sad it is to see kids playing with tablets instead of games out in the street with their friends...

    Can we just jump back to the 90s life?!

    Livvy x

  14. Now I really want a pair of yellow shorts like these, how fun! :)

    I really like the rainbows together too, such a cheerful summer outfit! We don't have Emmerdale here I don't think!

    Hope you had a great weekend! We had a mix of busy time but also a little relaxing time too which was nice.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. Oh you are such a ray of sunshine Sophie!! Loving this rainbow outfit against the colourful beach hut backdrop! You look gorgeous! I have to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for Netflix but like you I hate that everything is so technology focused nowadays! If I ever have a child, they will probably be the only one not to have a tablet as I just don't agree with it. I went into McDonald's for the first time in a long time the other day and couldn't believe they had tablets installed at the tables for children to play on at the table!! What happened to the days when you were just excited to see what toy you got in your happy meal?! I've never watched Emmerdale before but I am just off to Google who Biff is seeing as you've talked him up so much, ha ha, I'm intrigued :) xx

  16. Wow your pictures are so cool ! You have such a nice spot !

  17. One thing you and I have in common is we love experimenting with colours. This is summer perfection here gurlll. Your bag is so unique, quirky and nice. Love the happy scenery a lot.
    Have a blessed week mi lady.