Tuesday 4 September 2018

Topshop sequin boob tube + pink denim

Fellow mermaids! I hope you're all having a magical start to September. I thought it best to bring you a sparkly fashion post straight outta under the sea territory. Style wise Topshop seem to be SMASHING it this summer. This sequin boob tube sent me straight back to 2002 when I saw it on the shelves and I just couldn't resist snapping it up. Topshop can occasionally be a bit hit and miss for me but their summer style has caught my eye this season. Cute rainbow cami tops, beaded bags and dreamy denim. I MEAN. What more could a girl wish upon a star for? 

This pink high-waisted denim skirt was also a gem I spotted in Topshop. Immediately the outfit blessed me with all the feel good vibes I needed; the pink skirt made me feel fantastic and gave me a surge of confidence, a true firm favourite of mine that I've been wearing all summer long. The baby pink hue reminds me a little of strawberry bubblegum too, a total win-win. We found this seahorse beach hut last summer and on instinct I knew it would be the perfect backdrop to rock this sea-quin blue boob tube for some outfit photos. The aquamarine auras were non-stop on these shores, the dolphin dreaminess splashed on two other beach huts were a love potion to the ocean. 
Under the sea-quin vibes in full throttle, I added my trusty Missguided choker to proceedings and fluffy as f!ck pink heart bag from Skinnydip London to the mix. The asos slogan heels matched the blue and pink vibe of the outfit perfectly. We've shot lots of fun outfit photos this summertime and I'll be sure to get more fashion content out on the blog as soon as can be. I think I might even talk about a few confidence knock-backs and disappointments I've had recently whilst shooting outfit photos for the blog. Sometimes it's nice to just be raw and real about things that I probably would have kept silent about in my earlier days of blogging. As you know from my more recent blog posts I'm opening up and talking more personally than ever on the blog, a new dimension I'm really enjoying the freedom of. 
In other news I'm hoping to feel better in all aspects of myself, I've been feeling a little demotivated whilst my absence from the blog has mainly been down to giving myself some breathing space after opening up about my anxiety (which was therapeutic but draining) focusing on editing/re-writing the final parts of my book and feeling utterly washed out from hormones, which seem to leave me run-down for the best part of two weeks every month. I'm trying to make the appropriate lifestyle changes needed to hopefully feel a bit better on all fronts, fingers crossed. 

Lastly, but most importantly, I want to thank you all so much for your support. I'm so lucky to have a lovely support system and feel very grateful for all the kindness I've received, especially after opening up about things that scared me. Everyone who reached out to me in regards to my last blog post - it means more than I can say XO 

Sunglasses - South Beach
Sequin bandeau - Topshop 
Pink denim skirt - Topshop 
Jewelled choker - Missguided 
Pink bag - Skinnydip London 
Slogan stiletto heels - asos 

Have you bought anything in Topshop recently?
I'd love to know what if so! 



  1. Finally I can comment (I've been having issues trying to do it lol). Gorgeous pictures as always and I love the outfit/colours. You did right to take a little break esp after such a brave, detailed and important post. I also know what you mean by hormones going crazy at certain times of the month. My cortisol levels hit the roof and I eat everything in sight...and cry at silly things. Sending you much love as always gorge x

  2. I love this outfit, lots of mermaid vibes haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Girly, I'm so sorry to read what you've been through, but I have to say you are without doubt one of the most lovely, kind humans I've had the pleasure of talking to online & I genuinely wish you all the happiness. Anxiety is a cruel thing, that I wish we could cure with a swish of a magical wand, but unfortunately we can't. We just carry on fighting & you are honestly doing so well <3

    Lots of love :) xxxxx

  4. i am just utterly in love with your style! I wish i could pull outfits off like this! i LOVE the bright colours they suit you so well! I love reading your fashion posts!

    Darriyan x

  5. This outfit is adorable!! Fantastic idea with the beach house as a backdrop

  6. Hello beautiful I am in love with the mermaid style and I believe in you. I know things will get easier and always talk to someone you trust never keep it all inside. Writing was super helpful for me so I hope has the same effect for you. Take care xoxo Cris

  7. I told you on Insta that this combination of color is one of my faves! Anytime opposite colors connect I find it so stylish and fun. You rocked it with this look and so many others! I have such a big crush on pink, you wouldn't know it from my style posts because it's hard for me to find pieces in a style that I really love, and when I do they are so freakin expensive!! Oh the sorrow. :(( Anyways you are a total pink inspiration and I can't wait for you to post more outfits because you have so much goodness to offer!! Hope you are taking care of the health concerns and feeling a little lighter now. I can totally relate to feeling blah around your period. I think exercise has helped me in the past, along with better choices like less processed foods. Hope that helps a bit. Wish you loads of sunny days, literally and figuratively :))

    Much Love,

  8. Beauty. This location is undeniably fabulous. I am loving those seahorses but loving that sequin boobtube more! Looking as beautiful as ever. Keep up the awesome and stylish work. I love how open you've been on here. It may not feel like much, or that it is falling on deaf ears but your words will certainly resonate with so many people. People who may not have a great support system out there (ie me!) when it comes to anxiety or life issues.

    Wishing you a magical September ahead,

  9. Hey beautiful! I hope you are feeling better. It's always good to take a break from blogging when you're not feeling motivated- it helps us get our mojo back. Hope the final edits on your book are going well- you should be so proud of what you've achieved. As for your outfit- this boob tube is MADE for you! It really is very 2002 and I can imagine it with frosted pink lipstick. You are looking absolutely stunning as always.

    Rachel xx

  10. First of all I'm so glad you're feeling better, I can only imagine how much it must have taken out of of you when sharing such personal aspects of yourself. Super looking forward to reading your novel too - I envy that determination and patience you have so much of! You look incredible as always - your mermaid looks never fail to amaze me, particularly how well you can rock sequins! Also in absolute lust with that bag! May need to make a swift purchase...

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com :)

  11. You look absolutely stunning, like an actual mermaid (not that I have met one but that's what I'd imagine a mermaid to look like haha). Always remember it's perfectly okay to take a break, I can imagine how rewarding and yet draining it must have been to share your story online - I'll head over to that blog post now and have a read :) It's amazing that you're not letting the setbacks stop you, recovery is never linear and what matters is that we keep going forward, one step at a time. I struggle with outfit photos (confidence wise) but hopefully I'll publish an outfit post soon, I haven't done one in ages. Anyway, just wanted to say that you look stunning and that you should be very proud of yourself. xxx


  12. This is such a cute look, I really love your style, I feel like you’d instantly cheer up a grey day, topshop have had some lovely things in lately.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  13. This skirt is so so cute! I love the pink! I need it in my life. Always looking so spectacular you amazing babe! I hope taking a break has helped to make you feel better. It is important to take breaks. Sending you all the love and light my darling!


  14. Love all of your pictures dear! You always look so cute.

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