Thursday 10 January 2019

Topshop pink faux fur coat & mental health

As soon as I saw this pink faux fur coat on the rails in Topshop, I knew it was destiny calling my name. Why have only a hint of pink when you can have a full blown love affair with the colour? I'm not big on winter clothes, so this season it's been a lottery win to have found some faux fur fashion pieces that keep me cosy and make me feel sassy at the same time. I'm keeping my fashion blogger radar on pink alert for some other vibrant gems that might help update my winter wardrobe a little, but to be completely honest, I'm just not interested in winter style unless it's as fun and funky as this cute pink faux fur coat is. This pink ice cream dress matched dreamily against the pink coat and of course I had to bring back my Dollskill candyland sunglasses, forever keen to inject some sugar into proceedings. Add in my fluffy heart bag from Accessorize and slogan heels from asos, this outfit became my seventh heaven. This has to be one of my favourite outfits, very Barbie-esque. Talking of Barbie, is anyone else excited about Margot Robbie's role in the new Barbie film? The casting is spot-on! 

I took a blogging break because I needed some time away and found Christmas pretty tough to cope with. I haven't been doing my best mental health wise, even though I'm now feeling a lot more like myself. For a long while I felt very low, crying lots and struggling to manage at all. People assume things like "you've got your own home now, what have you got to feel down about" which doesn't help and results in more feelings of guilt and isolation. I've felt a bit cut-off from a lot of people since moving which hasn't made me feel like I really have too many people willing to reach out or even remain in contact. I don't want to be so downbeat, and even feel a bit worried when I talk frankly on here as I think some people connect honesty with negativity when it's just a case of getting it all out of my system, but there's no point putting on a false facade of everything being POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE when life just isn't always like that. 

I'm getting back on track, even though horrible things like two men turning up on my doorstep yesterday, threatening to cut our water off because they'd made an error about our house being unoccupied when it clearly isn't - can set me back again. I was on my own in the house and had no idea what to do and was shaking all over once I finally got rid of them. We made a complaint and apparently the men who came to the house had logged me down as seeming "quite upset and distressed", which ironically is how I've felt over the whole festive period. These photos however, remind me of a happy day where I felt like a million dollars, and I know there'll be days like that in the future, too.

During Christmas we did take a trip to Swindon though which resulted in a lot of happiness. It's a near 3 hour drive away from where we live and has always been a comforting place when in need of some solace and inner peace. When I saw the signs indicating Swindon I felt like crying with relief because it just felt like the escape I needed from all the anxiety and depression that had swallowed me whole. Our cosy home from home, with a garden full of promise and a silver Buddha that's uplifting for the spirit. I love that garden so much. We went to Butterfly World, a tropical haven of tranquility which was nice and hot (my idea of heaven). We also went out for cocktails to a restaurant we love, and I even had a mini fashion shoot in the garden, trying on my sassy summer clothes and styling some new season Skinnydip London bags I got for Christmas, which definitely gave me the boost I needed. We spent some time sampling some Costa Christmas drinks before coming home from our short break. 

This winter SAD has hit me like a brick, but there are a few really happy and exciting things I'll be telling you all about soon that have kept me going. Despite those bad days, I know spring isn't too far off now and since New Year is over, I can finally look forward to holidays I actually enjoy with a passion; like Valentine's and Easter. 
We now live about ten minutes or so away from one of our favourite castles, and cupcake cafes, so those'll provide comfort and cakes when there are more dark clouds than rainbows. I'm also looking forward to all the dreamy flower displays the castle will have come spring. What can we do in life but try our best, keep going & hold our heads high. I just want to feel like myself again, but I'm getting there ♥︎



  1. First of all you look fantastic in this pink coat! Love all the candy colours, super cute. I feel your pain, I experienced similar when I moved to my first place on my own. It can be scary but at the same time challenging and makes you feel super independent! It took me a while to adjust but after a while I was more than just fine and now I still miss those days when I was living on my own even tho I cut out myself from a lot of friend who couldn't be bothered to keep in touch because of the distance. xx

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    Much Love,
    Elegant Duchess xx

  2. Aw such a lovely update xxx Brighter and Beautiful things are on the horizon for you! xxx

  3. Oh my gosh, there's a new Barbie film?! Margot Robbie will play Barbie!? This is all VERY exciting news to me aaaaaahhhh!! You look so lovely in this all pink outfit babe; the Topshop faux fur coat is very you; what a gorgeous find. x

  4. Looking like a style icon queen!! I'm sorry to read that you've had a rocky road over the Christmas period and with moving. Moving to a different house can be really stressful and trying to settle in and start again can raise anxiety levels. It's great that you went to Swindon for a little change of scenery. I'm glad that you are doing things that make you feel better like little trips and focusing on Easter and Spring. The castle near your new house sounds lovely and that'll be even more lovelier come springtime. The cupcake shop sounds fab too! Thank you for gracing my timeline with your pink fabulousness again doll. Much love : ) x

  5. So cute!!!


  6. Sorry you've had a tough time, this time of year can be exceptionally tough. Keep truckin' gorgeous...and love the outfit! x

  7. First, that pink coat is so you! Second, I love those sunglasses, they are so fun! I'm sorry you've had such a hard time lately. How scary they tried to shut off your water - I wouldn't have known what to do either!

    It sounds like you have a lot of nice things to look forward to with your new place though and a lot of cheerful things nearby :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Sorry to hear you've been going through a bad time Sophie. Sometimes it really does feel as though it's just one thing after another. Finding and planning things to look forward to really helps me when I'm down so I'm glad to hear you've been doing this too. That coat is beautiful! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. Ah sorry to hear that my dear Sophie. To be honest Christmas wasn't too exciting for me either, but I kept a happy spirit for my lil man. Life gets better! I bought faux fur coat (burgundy) for myself for Christmas. Made me feel better. Ha!! I love your coat a lot. It is the!! :-)

  10. Hi beautiful I love pink and all this pink and cupcakes and fluffy bag are so dreamy and gorgeous just like you. You are such a beautiful person Sophie and I am so glad you managed going through Christmas and are out and about doing things you love. Life can be so tough at times and yet so amazing. I learnt this new exercise when feeling down start writing all the amazing happy beautiful things about yourself and your life it kind of helps replacing the bad feelings. If you want to try may be helpful. I am glad you got rid of those scary water men you are so brave and you did it! That is what we should do get rid of everything scary in our lives. Well done for that and I am so happy for you that you got to escape a little to a happy calming place so important to do that sometimes to recharge and renew energy. Spring is coming and flowers and pink vibes will be soon blooming all over Wishing you amazing days ahead xoxo Cris

  11. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear this. I did hope moving away would prove cathartic and kick anxiety to the kerb (obviously not completely, but for the most part at least). It's funny how we imagine things will be better or "greener" once we have this, or do this and it goes to show that mental health just doesn't give a f***. It will strike when it wants and feels like it. I'm glad you got to get away, I did see a glimpse of that lovely butterfly house on your Insta stories this morning! But it sounds like the break you needed. I hope you'll get more of these gorgeous. If anyone deserves rays of rainbow, light and love it is certainly you. I also love how creative you've gotten with the outfit. I know how much you hate winter (I'm opposite, I love it! And despise summer) an I can't imagine HOW COLD you must have been posing on the beach hahahaha! Oh man, someone give this girl a medal and a unicorn! Looking as beautiful as ever. I love that pink coat and those sunglasses. A perfect pairing.


  12. I agree, some people read honesty as negativity whether that's through blogging or even when you're just talking to someone. I view it much more as just healthy venting and letting things out as well, I know for me when I just try and stay positive all the time and not acknowledge my other feelings, it doesn't actually make me happier at all!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  13. It is a pretty pink, babe <3
    People just can't stop looking at this outfit!!

  14. i love everything about this look! the fur coat is so cute. and the sunglasses are so fun and unique!
    sorry that you've been going through a tough time. i hope things get better for you.