Monday 17 December 2018

Elan cafe: a Christmas review

Elan Cafe was my next Instagrammable hot-spot to hit, so back in late November mum and I took a trip there. There are four Elan Cafes to choose from (with a fifth just this minute opened) we opted for the Knightsbridge branch as it looked like the prettiest and was also the easiest one for us to travel to. From gorgeous flower walls to pink lattes, to divine sugary treats, I hoped it would be magical and magical it was! A total blogger babes dream. Turns out going to Elan cafe during the Christmas period was the right move to make; as we entered the cafe I was enchanted by their pretty pink Christmas tree, a sparkly tower of unicorn heaven! To say I wanted to steal it and take it home with me is an understatement. 
We took our seats by the flower wall located right next to the pink Christmas tree (lots of pictures were taken). Their sparkly Christmas menu was filled with delicious festive fun and I decided to opt for a woodfire hot chocolate which came topped with marshmallows, and a slab of their chocolate and cherry cake. Mum had the strawberry cake but couldn't be talked into getting a beetroot latte which was the pinkest drink on the menu. Despite persuasive attempts from both me and the guy working there, she went for a normal latte instead (boo!) 

Wrapped up in my pink fluffy faux fur coat, there was a fantastic friendly atmosphere that punctuated the cafe; from the Britney Spears and N*sync Christmas classics blasting out of the speakers to the welcoming and upbeat staff who were lovely and made us long to go back as soon as we stepped out into the cold. Mum and I were heart-eyed over our massive cakes, so huge in their heaven that we had to take them home. I admired all the dreamy baubles on the tree; spellbinding shocking pink, glittering angel wings, flower power and unicorns adorning the tree. 
Elan Cafe was a winter wonderland welcome that I'm sure is just as sparkly during any given season. I've seen via Instagram that yet another branch has opened which I hope to visit in the New Year, it looks like Valentine paradise! As you probably know by now Peggy Porschen is my number one cafe and pink haven in London, but Elan Cafe definitely came in at a close second for sure. 
I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Saint Aymes cafe last week too which I also loved. Eyes peeled for a review coming sometime next year! Making it my mission to discover all the pink gems London has to offer, I hope to unearth lots more fabulous cafes in 2019. I've converted a good few people into Peggy Porschen addicts this year and I can't wait to find lots of other insta-worthy haunts soon! ♥︎

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Have you been to Elan Cafe before?
Let me know if you've got any favourite pink cafes! 



  1. I have not been to Elan cafe before dear Sophie, but surely wouldn't mind visiting at all. That tree is lovely decorated and that cake, YUM!! You look so good in that luxe coat. Thanks for the honest review. :-)
    Have a blessed week dearest! :-)

  2. What a beautiful place, and the cake looks SO good!

  3. What an absolute gorgeous post! The photography is so beautiful. I love everything and you look like a stunning queen as always x

  4. your photos are gorgeous and i am loving the fact your jacket matches the cafe! i so want to visit xx

  5. That Christmas tree is so magical. I completely understand why you want to steal it and bring it in your home, because I have same thoughts when I saw it. It is amazing, as well as flower wall. I have in plan visit London this holidays and definitely I will go to Elan Cafe. That place looks like Christmas wonderland.
    You are so beautiful in pink teddy coat, and your photos are amazing.
    Wish you Merry Christmas, dear!

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  6. This cafe is so picturesque! The tree is so lovely and you perfectly match it.

  7. So funny, I literally just replied to your comment on my blog asking you whether you have been to Elan Café yet - guess I just got my answer. I'm so glad you had a good time, the cakes and drinks look absolutely dreamy! I can't believe you get a table next to the flower wall, you made a reservation, right? I went to Elan Café back in spring after it had just opened/ or become popular? and it was super busy. The Christmas decoration definitely beats the spring one and the hot chocolate sounds perfect, that's exactly what I would go for. Also can I just say that you look stunning in that pink coat? xxx

  8. Their tree is incredible! And the cakes look amazing too. I really need to start visiting these Instagram cafes next time I'm in London! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. Wow. I've lost my breath over that magical tree... I can't even begin to envision the feelings evoked while physically being there. Are they real florals? Or plastic? No big deal, they just look so lifelike and I'm imagining their probably not real (as I type this) hahahahahaha! This cafe is such a dreamboat indeed. I feel like when I get to London Town (one day) I insist on we go on a magical pink cafe crawl!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog gorgeous. I wish you the merriest of Christmas' and hope that this Christmas will be undeniably magical, all in your brand new home. May 2019 be all you hope and dream for plus more. Love and light to you, you beautiful, beautiful soul

  10. I've seen so many gorgeous photos from this Café lately and I can't believe I didn't get around to visiting it this year aarrrgghhhh! This place is totally your scene Sophie, the pink tree is completely your aesthetic girl! Hope you're having a fabulous festive season so far :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  11. I'm obsessed with that tree! I've never thought that unicorns would be the perfect ornament, but they're really doing it for me here! And, the whole cafe's aesthetic is adorable!
    -Liv |

  12. What a beautiful decoration!


  13. OMG this place is so so cute!!! From the interior, to the foods down to the outfit! Your pink fur jacket is such a cute and statement piece! :)


  14. I am loving your pink coat! :) What a fun cafe too, the pink decor is so lovely and those slices of cake are massive! :)

    I am really liking that pink Christmas tree!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend! I finished Christmas food shopping yesterday and all the gifts are bought so now we are just relaxing until the big day :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. Dear Sophie!
    This looks like such a beautiful place I wish I could visit it too!
    The pink flowers are so nice and as you say very instagramable!

    I really wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. All the best, xoxo Eva

  16. You look gorgeous babe! Seriously the prettiest in this cute cafe. Love how much you love cafes they are definitely a place to gather all the lovely people in your life one on one or all in a group. I love them too. You made me curious and I looked up to see if we had any Elan cafes in L.A., but we don't! I do love tea houses and cafes so much. Can't wait to see how many other dreamy places you uncover this coming year. Hope you are keeping your spirits up this season, as I know how you feel about Christmas. Much love always!!


  17. Sophie, this cafe looks like an absolute dream! I can always trust you to send sparklingly sweet inspiration my way, particularly when pink! I also cannot believe how incredible those cakes look - now desperate to give one a taste! Your mum sounds much like my own; tried and tested will always win out over the beetroot latte, no matter how pink! Eager to see all the new places you visit in the new year and eventually visit them myself (now I'm technically a local!).
    Sending you the warmest Christmas wishes and the happiest of New Year's.

    // xx

  18. This place is definitely magical. I can see why it's so vey Instagrammable. Wishing you a splendid new year celebration for 2019 dear. /Madison

  19. First of all Happy new year beautiful May all your wishes come true Lots of happiness peace love health and so much more Now to the post I am loving this pink London tour and this café is a dream the flower wall and those treats are stunning and I want that tree as well and your coat is super gorgeous I love pink So dreamy can't wait to read about the next one xoxo Cris

  20. This cafe is pretty dreamy. All the best for 2019 lovely !!!

  21. Happy New Year dear. Your pink coat matches perfectly with thet flower wall. Beautiful pictures. xx

    Nina's Style Blog