Saturday, 8 April 2017

MOTO Topshop Floral Gemstone Mom Jeans + Honesty

Today marks the hottest day of the year so far in the UK, so posting a shoot we did in the snow feels kind of wrong (so wrong it's right). Maybe I'm slightly out of sync with the weather but out of sync with the summer? Never. Snow obviously gives any seasonal fashion blogger worth her salt the green light to rock a crop top and sandals, so we braved the snowflakes and surrendered on. These MOTO Topshop floral gemstone mom jeans dazzled amongst the frost as did the glacial glare from my beloved Temerity Jones disco ball. Regular readers will know I've got a love affair with the MOTO jeans that adorn Topshop's shelves; these MOTO sequin hayden jeans are still a firm favourite of mine. Can't wait to add a bit of glitz to a BBQ or hit the beach and sink some ice old beers (mojitos, more likely). The pop of emergency pink came in the form of this Motel halter neck fonda crop top in metallic sugar. Motel always sizzle, especially come summertime. Their retro/vintage/90s with a modern side order of slay never fails to leave me starstruck. Actually refraining from their 'new in' section right now for fear of bedazzlement. 

I've seen a lot of bloggers mention that they've lost motivation for blogging in recent times or are just bored altogether with the whole shebang and I definitely relate to that. The past few months I've struggled to gain enthusiasm for the blog even though this comes and goes in equal measures. "Does anyone really care about my blog?", "Am I good enough?", "Shit, I could be doing so much better, I should be doing so much better." Obviously most days I try and reverse these thoughts and put them straight in the brain blender but on really down days, the negativity can flood in and win. Much as I love the rise of social media it can be exhausting having to keep up with one of your main channels sometimes, let alone all the others whilst keeping a consistent blogging schedule (something I can't always upkeep, but, you know what? What works for me works for me and if that's not 24/7, it's not 24/7). I love blogging as a whole; the shoots, the ideas, the friendships, that moment when you hit publish and your heart rate soars and you feel proud. It just can't always be like that, right? 

I went through a tough time late February/March, my anxiety got so bad and I just wasn't coping at all. Luckily I've felt more positive this month and have been better in more ways than one. It might sound a bit corny but whenever I felt really low I'd picture being in a blissed out garden, freckles framing my face, clutching a load of sunflowers and just feeling and being pure happiness. (It's the hippy spirit in me). I think the weather has played a big part in feeling better too, SAD is a real bitch and plagues me during the winter. I've been out in the garden as much as I can, and I intend to do things like throw a small BBQ, attempt to make my own DIY hammock and of course get creative for the blog and the old Insta. The free spirited me is looking forward to summertime commencing at long last, and it really is the little things like reading a good book, smelling freshly mown grass and the promise of a poolside piña colada.....

Are you a fan of MOTO?
Can you relate to my blog related thoughts?
If so then what motivates you + your blog?

Crop top: Motel Rocks
Gemstone jeans: Topshop 
Hydrogen heels (black): Asos 


  1. Stunning photos! I love the juxtaposition of the icy snow and the summery outfit! Really unusual <3 I have been having some anxiety problems since before Christmas so I can really relate to that and I'm glad you are starting to feel a little better now :) <3 xxx

  2. Love the pictures with the snowy background x

    Pink Frenzy

  3. I'm loving the current weather and breaking off those remaining SAD shackles! I absolutely love this outfit, especially those jeans xx

  4. You are an absolute mad woman! I love these photos though girly! xx

  5. I have similar feelings about blogging since a long time, I often feel lack of motivation, but I try to win with this.
    I adore your mom jeans, the are really gorgeous, and the idea of this outfit and photo set is really cool!


  6. I love that you posted snowy shots on such a warm day, haha that's so fun! I'm sorry to hear your anxiety has been playing up, though happy to hear the promise of beautiful warm days is lifting your mood :) Those embellished jeans are so lovely!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  7. Love this post! these photos are amazing! Stay strong, anxiety is a little bitch but you will get through it! Sending you my love x

    Darriyan xx

  8. Wow those jeans are so nice! I keep seeing gemmed up jeans around! I think a lot of us bloggers do fall out of love with our blogs... sometimes a break is a good thing to become re inspired x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  9. Glad to hear you've been feeling better this month! Gorgeous look, love the snow shots!


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  11. When I saw these pics I was slightly confused by the snow as it was so hot at the weekend ha! I love the look, you look so great in MOM jeans, I haven't tried them but I love topshop jeans, I love the pink top with it and the silver ball your holding looks so nice in the photos! I can get a bit de-motivated blogging especially with full time work, its hard but I try to blog when I feel stressed and it helps motivate me x


  12. Sorry to hear you had a crap couple of months hun. Glad to hear you're feeling more like yourself now though. SAD is real and it sucks!! One of the reasons I want to live abroad. I hate the cold :( still think you're amazing for braving the bloody snow all for these pictures haha!! Love these jeans.
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

  13. wow! you look fantastic, love your pants!

  14. I relate to this SO much, you don't even know! I struggle with the exact same thoughts, so please don't feel like you are alone! And, I really care. About your blog and you! <3!

  15. These jeans are everything! Seriously, so cute!

  16. I love your outfit babe! Super glitzy and you nailed it! :)

    Angelie // Chocolate Hills - Bohol, Philippines

  17. I can so relate to this, I think the way Blogging has taken off in recent years is great knowing that as well as being a hobby there is now true potential to turn it into a career, it doesn't have to just be a pipe dream anymore. The negative side of this though is comparing yourself to others, there a lots of blogs I still love to follow but I do sometimes get hit with a bit of self doubt that I don't post regularly enough or my posts aren't "professional" enough or I'm not pretty enough to be a successful blogger. This is when I have to give myself a little space from the blogosphere and remember why I started my blog in the first place.

    You look fabulous in these pictures, I love the jeans and the snow is so pretty. I have absolutely no idea how you managed to stand there looking so fierce though when you must have been cold to the bone!! Sorry to hear that your anxiety has been bad, as you know I have plenty of experience with that so if you ever want to talk I'm only a message or email away :) xx

  18. I'm glad to hear that you're doing better. I suffer quite a lot from anxiety and the spring daylight and being outside always helps loosen it's hold on me. xx

  19. Haha I love that you took these pictures in the snow, so groovy! x

  20. You look absolutely stunning in these photos babe, the snow filled background makes those gem stone jeans pop and that metallic crop is just glorious with it too!

    The sun is making a small appearance and it's making me so excited for summer, your garden BBQs and creative ideas sound amaze and I can't wait to see the home made hammock!!!

    Sorry to hear about your bad anxiety beaut, that's a bummer that it was really low but I'm so happy to hear your feeling more positive lately, I hope this feeling lasts for you! Your blog is so bad ass and always full of sass and style Inspo, I personally love reading your posts not only for the fashion pieces but for the story you tell in each and every post, it has a personal touch and diary like style to it.

    Hope you've had a fabulous Easter weekend and keep working on your book, it's going to such a hit, I just know it!!

    Gem | xxxx

  21. I can definitely relate to what you're saying in this post about lack of motivation. I had my slump off and on this year, but I'm gaining it back more and more! Keep doing what you're doing babe, we give a shit! You're one of my faves. By the way, you're melting that snow with all your hotness! <3 <3 <3

  22. As usual, Sophie, you look fantastic and you're so brave getting out there dressed like that in the snow! You must have been freezing but the colour contrast of your lovely colourful outfit works so well against the snow these are perfect pictures! I've also been having blogging doubts lately, there's something in the air I swear!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  23. I totally get where you're coming from Sophie. Blogging is a lot of work, especially when you are busy with so many other things in your life. I love everything about blogging, especially connecting and making and impact, or inspiring others. I guess when I think about it, when I feel great I feel that I have much more to give. When I feel tired, or low I don't get inspired to write much. Everything is related. Maybe because you weren't feeling so good, you felt less interested in writing? Also I have gotten more into the photography aspect of it, and feel like posting on Instagram is so much easier because I don't have to write as much. I also spoke about this recently on my blog. I do miss connecting on a deeper level when I don't write as much. Hope that helps a bit. Keep on doing your thing because you are wonderful and the world needs your voice!


  24. I love MOTO jeans so much- I wish we had a Topshop up here! Saying that, I'm saving up my dollars to have a full on Topshop spree when I go to Sydney! These dazzling jem jeans look incredible on you babe- they would be equally as perfect on a Summer beach with a sparkling azure sea in the distance. Love the metallic crop too- you look HOT! Though you must have been freeeezing! I'm so sorry to hear that your anxiety was getting you down hun, that sunshine is coming (both metaphorically and literally) and Im always here if you wanna chat

    Rachel xx

  25. LOVE this jeans babe!



  26. So sorry to hear about your struggles with anxiety Soph. I can relate so much to what you've been going through. I don't feel like the same person since losing my gran back in December and blogging hasn't been the same.

    You look absolutely gorgeous here (as always, duh) loving the jeans and the whole look- so brave, too hehe to be shooting in the snow! :) Good news is, summer is almost here! :)