Wednesday 15 March 2017

Spaceship sparkle

I was on a voyage to atlantis but the disc broke halfway through, I asked the driver to get the scratch off Go for Your Guns but he didn't have a clue. He told me don't be a pest, it's Kanye West or back down to Earth for you. Sometimes late at night I'd stare at the stars and listen to him and wonder. I'd like a shopping date in every different state, living in the fast lane without no visit from Major Payne. Would Martin and Gina have stayed together? Flashing Lights; Martin ain't nothing without Gina, I think you're right. Yet Charmaine and Lance stood no chance. A Different World spun them out. I had high hopes but they always choke and that's a damn low down dirty shame. Talking of Peaches, I'd like a housemate like Wayman, don't you know I'm his biggest fan? To read about UFOs and tabloid stuff although it's not 1994, not anymore, but you'd think it was round here. Amongst the stars all I have is VCR and a clapped out dream to beam. Poetic Justice. Sometimes I relate to Justice. You know that's my favourite movie? I could watch that on repeat and it wouldn't be a feat, just an over the moon attempt at longevity. 

Mind full of mojito we crashed down in the sand. I was promised the Bahamas so what the fuck was this pathetic excuse for land? I wasn't impressed but still I was dressed in sequins and glitter galore, so unzip the ship and let me down to wow the staring souls once more. Liquor and Poker and a whole load of swagger and I think I'm good to go. Shall I get a truckload of tattoos or dye my hair blue? Earth Girls Ain't Easy when it comes to making colourful conclusions. Hyped up on the cosmic trip of potions and lotions I made my trip back to the ship and it's time to take off once more. Refill the bar and tow back my pink car, I think I might visit again soon. For now the galaxy is galvanising and we can't be late, the aliens eagerly await. They've got the cocktails lined up, ain't that our luck. Now the stars dazzle and the soaring succeeds anything I've ever believed. Make sure the station is hooked up to a decent satellite so we can watch all our sitcoms and shows. The solar system scorches and the realisation torches so we can only glide into the glitter and rise above the stars. You can be whatever you believed, belief is all you need. 

Liquor & Poker mermaid mom jeans
WYLDR London sparkle top 
Asos Hydrogen glittery heels 



  1. Babe you look amazing in these shots!!! I'm loving all the glitter and sparkle!!! You go for it girl!!

    I can't believe how creative you been in this post with a story/poem-like read that was captivating at every sentance!! Your really are an author at heart beaut!!

    Keep your words and banging photos coming and summer will soon be here!!

    All the sparkles and mermaids.

    Gem | xxxx

  2. Only you could pull this off, you look STUNNING! xx

  3. Loved the read Sophie, you're so young but know all these 90's sitcoms so well. They are some of my faves and Poetic Justice was one of the best! Can you tell I grew up in the 90's, lol? Your outfit is super fresh! Keep on writing, so cool.


  4. Oh my goodness girl. How do you manage to look so beautiful in every single photo?! Your style just makes me so happy. I'd never be able to pull off those jeans, but they suit you so well!

    I'm always in total admiration of how you put outfits together!

    Lots of love sunshine xx

  5. I'm loving the amount of sparkle in this post! You look Starkissed for sure! Your writing blows me away every single time - you are so talented!!! <3 xxx

  6. I need to take a look at liqour and poker because all your jeans from their I really love! Ripped jeans are my fave, I've been looking from some with these type of rips to wear fish nets under and can't find any, none that fit anyway but i'll try this brand :) x


  7. Love your style! You look fantastic and that top is beautiful!


  8. Ah I love how unique your posts are Sophie! Stunning writing and an incredible look! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. HOLY CRAP! The sparkle! :O. Girl you look fantastic, and those jeans...Ah. I love those jeans!


  10. Oh my gosh this is amazing! Those jeans are everything, I love your hair! Great post, obsessed with this look xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  11. This is so cool and fun! Your hair is incredible!


  12. One word.. WOW! So much sparkle! So many sequins! You look incredible like always babe. Love this look on you, you're totally rocking it. Definitely wouldn't loose you under a disco ball :)
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

  13. You look so so SO AMAZING! I've never seen so much sparkle in an outfit before and the result is amazing. I love seeing your style posts, you're so unique in everything you wear.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  14. Such an sparkly outfit.. I love the sunglasses as well! Can't wait to see more outfits, especially over the Summer x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  15. I love how your creative mind reflects in your personal style and outfit choices, this is so creative and unusual! Full on disco shimmers on a beach - totally Sophie!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  16. Omg this is too much for me to handle, I love it! You absolute mermaid! You have a really lovely blog here, I would love to keep in touch.. it is always nice to make new blog friends! x

  17. Oh my gosh, this post was a wild ride! Your writing is so fun, as is this outfit. You've taken sequins to the extreme in the best way! I adore this look!

    Amber -

  18. Love the pink in your hair, so cute <3

    Pink Frenzy

  19. Sophie you are SO talented! I love how you write, really. Also, you're looking bloody fabulous! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  20. Would you look at those pants. Wow. And I am besotted with your words. Everything feels so otherworldly and beautiful.




  22. LOVEE this outfit girl! It is so you!! You rock this look!

    Darriyan xo

  23. Omg this outfit is amazing! You are rocking it Sophie!


  24. This is a LOOK! Super dope! The pants are my faves.


  25. What a babe?!! Loving all the sequins and the shades of blue and purple, you are totally rocking it! Thank you for your lovely comment on my post, I am trying really hard to up my photography game and play around with different styles :) xx

  26. You're amazing! This was super fun to read, you've got mega talent, hun! LOVE it all! XOXO

  27. I wish more clothes were made with sequins, metallic colors and glitter!! It is my absolute fave!! <3