Monday 13 March 2017

Off the shoulder vibes: pom pom dress

First it was my Liquor & Poker jeans and now pom pom fever is spreading with an off the shoulder dress. After a long obsession with black when I was younger, you rarely catch me in darker colours these days, hence this dress only caught my eye due to the colourful detailing of the pretty pom poms. I think they go pretty dreamily with the shades, all the colour poppin' cute that spring craves. Is it just me or do these Rad + Refined shades remind anyone else of the lights at a fairground? They're definitely best (alongside most of my outfits) surrounded by sequins and sunflowers
After a long overdrawn winter it's so lovely that spring is finally in full bloom. Without wanting to jinx things, the UK temps are soaring into (almost) 'let's sunbathe on the deck with several rounds of mojitos and piƱa coladas' territory and getting me thinking hard about various summer looks to prepare. It's going to be so nice to finally venture out into the garden amongst fresh flowers, the smells of freshly mown grass, the bubbling pond all the while stretching those summer deck chairs out. 
I can definitely see my off the shoulder collection of dresses and tops growing this summer, it's one trend I really love. Not only is it stylish and sexy for summer, it's also so comfy and easy to rock. This two tone contrast fedora hat makes for the perfect compromise when adding that bit of edge to an ootd. I felt like last summer I really found my style stakes so hopefully this one will be just as colourful as the last. 

Dress: c/o SheIn

Are you getting summer-ready yet? 
What's your favourite thing about spring?

Dress gifted to me, all opinions and views are my own


  1. I have such a crush on this dress- and as ever on your style! xx

  2. This is such a stunning look Soph, the dress is seriously the cutest! I'm so happy that you've already welcomed spring (and also, slightly jealous). We're snowed in at the moment, having the biggest snow storm of the season haha :) Looking beautiful as always, Love!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  3. Pompoms are so adorable! Definitely channeling summery/ spring vibes to me I love it.


  4. I am in love! This dress is so frigging cute. Even I feel like I could pull this one off haha! I smelt cut grass for the first time this year the other day, it was amazing :) spring is here and summer (hopefully) will follow soon after. I have some similar glasses i think you'd love. I can't remember what I've done with them, but if I find them I'll let you know :)
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

  5. This dress is so cute! Love the outfit x

    Pink Frenzy