Wednesday 13 June 2018

Motel Rocks sequin dress + shell pool float fun

Hey beach babes! So I thought a fun fashion post was long overdue. As much as I'm really enjoying branching out with blogging and talking about a whole range of topics, fashion will remain the heart of this blog amid all the upcoming subject matters I want to discuss with you too. I've got lots of outfit posts to share, so hopefully there'll still be a mix of content here for everyone. It's been lovely getting such a positive reaction from my last few posts, especially "what to do when friendships f*ck up", and "how to gain confidence when your self-esteem is at rock bottom". It''s given me the courage to keep talking freely and openly about a wide range of issues that I've experienced. If my bad times and experiences can become good outlets for advice and tips to help my readers then I'm living for that. 
I snapped up this uniorn disc sequin dress from Motel Rocks earlier in the year which I'm totally starry-eyed for. As always the sequin dresses and festival fashion pieces on the Motel Rocks site are pure magic to me, but a potion of poison for my bank account. I'm desperate to get my hands on more dazzling designs of theirs but $$$. I found this sparkly sequin dress for half price on eBay (bonus) and immediately knew it would work perfectly with this ultra cute pink seashell pool float from BigMouth. I've got quite a pool float collection, but there's deffo something extra sassy about this one. For this shoot I had fun with festival vibes using Go Get Glitter sparkle; I was lucky enough to win a competition of theirs over on Instagram and was thrilled to receive some of their sparkly glitters which worked perfectly with my sequin dress. I kept the glitter on my shoulders after the shoot and later on our Starbucks barista complimented me on it which was lovely. 

The fluffy pink bag is from Skinnydip London, one of my favourite bags from them so far. I'm a little heartbroken to say that their latest bags aren't giving me all the feels. I'm just not loving their new releases as much as usual. They just don't seem as original, as sassy or as stand-out as they normally are. Just me? I really hope they gift us with some gorgeous badass bags soon, I've got a voucher to spend and am dying for a new addition to my bag collection. Come on Skinnydip, wow us! 
 Add in my talkative "He was like....and I was like..." slogan heels and purple shades and this outfit was good to go! Mama and I had fun shooting these blissful beach pics. Hilarity ensued as the shell floaty wouldn't pose properly and kept blowing away; I spent most of the shoot chasing the bloody thing up the sand dunes. Even though it was a warm day the beach was totally deserted meaning we got these photos in gorgeous peace. Afterwards we went for cups of tea and read our books. Honestly, just being at the beach is cloud nine closure to me. My idea of a perfect day for SURE. 

Have you got any beach trips planned this summer?
Are you a fan of sequins on the beach?



  1. I have to say I've never really considered sequins on a beach! I'm off to the Algarve next month and I'm so excited for sand and sea :) xx

  2. How lovely that you managed to snap these photos in peace! You look perfectly adorable as always and I'm loving all of the different pink hues and the sparkle of the sequins :) Typical that the floaty kept blowing away! xxx

  3. I love your beautiful fun style Sophie, it always makes me happy how you get out there and add sparkle to your outfit. Wether it be with glitter, your cool floats or your personality, your inner soul shines bright. I'm sure you inspire not only me but so many girls with your personality and by sharing your life experiences with the world. You look magnificent babe!!


  4. Such a fantastic dress and that bag is so cute! You look super beautiful and these photos are stunning!


  5. Such a great marmaid style - so lovely dress, so stunning shoots with big shell xx

  6. Lovely post and i like you dress.

  7. You look stunning *_*
    I looove that dress and the heels you paired it with! Amazing! :)
    Would you like to follow each other ?

  8. Omg!!! This outfit is so so perfect. I love your dress and the bag and just everything!!

  9. I love this sequin dress. It looks fabulous on you and goes well with your skin tone.
    You look like mermaid.LOVE IT

  10. Dear Sophie!

    I absolutely love your sequin dress on the beach.
    I used to wear sequin clothing almost every day because I love to sparkle and shine. Nowadays I got more into black and white clothing. But Fashion is so fun and cool thank you for reminding me on trying out more different things again.

    Enjoy your weekend x Eva

  11. The first thing that came to my head when I saw your photo is "she looks like a mermaid". Your outfit is just on point!

    T H E Ä S T R O N

  12. Love how you've been expressing more of your thoughts on life topics lately Sophie, they're always so interesting to read! This is a fabulous look; ALL the pink mermaid vibes that you wear so well :) Also definitely heeeeere for that incredible float - YES to summer! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  13. You’re the absolute Goddess of all Sparkling Mermaid good vibes! Love all of the pics and the whole blog post. Your words and everything. I always learn something. Was it your mama who took the photos? Love it! She did great and for sure she’s a mama who’s always up for anything! Cuuute! Lavya!������

    1. Aww thank you a million sweetest babe! That is oh so cute of you! I'm so happy you love the photos and the blog post, means the world to me ☺️ It was mama who took the blog photos, I was so happy with these ones! 💖💖 She's a great sport, always carrying my pool floats around for a shoot on the beach 😂 Love you tons! 💕💝💗🍥

  14. Good to hear that fashion will still remain the heart of this blog because I love your style. Gotta love sequin, so radiantly beautiful on the beach Sophie.The dress is incredible and suits you perfect.

  15. I love a mix of content on blogs and I'm definitely happy to still be seeing your beautiful fashion posts! Sequins are suitable everywhere as far as I'm concerned! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  16. Your sequin dress is so fun, as is the giant pool float, but I'm mostly just impressed at the heels on the beach, haha! I know it was just for the photo shoot but I'm in awe you were able to stand on sand in them!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! It's really cold here and one of the boys is unwell so it will be another quiet one for us!

    Away From The Blue Blog