Tuesday 7 August 2018

Peggy Porschen, the pink houses of London & anxiety

For so long I'd admired Peggy Porschen and many of the beautiful pink houses and doors of London from an online kaleidoscope of hope but never actually made it to any of those stunning places myself. Since last summer Graham and I had planned to do our own "pink London tour" and finally in June this year we got the chance. As well as showing you some gorgeous picturesque places, I also wanted to be frank about my lifelong battle with London since I was a little girl. It symbolises anxiety for me, not to mention a whole book of bad memories that I'd rather forget. So as well as taking you on a pink London tour full of fun and frolics, I thought I'd first explain how London has affected my anxiety in the past (I intend to do a full post in the future about my anxiety from the very beginning, so will keep it vague for now). 

London reminds me of my first panic attacks....  
Central London is a quick twenty minute train ride away from my doorstep but I never go because in all honesty I hate it. London reminds me of terrifying times in my life; experiencing my first panic attacks there as a little girl, enduring a crappy work experience placement at my (not so) favourite magazine and getting lost on my own late at night after a meet-up with an online friend turned into disaster and left me with a low bout of self-confidence. 

Thankfully Graham and I both share a dislike for the city; the crowds and smoke, the rudeness, the crushing rush of the capital are all downsides for us. We have our beloved Bluewater which provides us with all the shops, cocktail bars and films we need whilst we have our pick of the beaches which are much more our scene; fresh air, calm, quiet and the soothing sea. Craving Southend as I type this, dude. I'd be lying if I said I loved London, and although this post is a happy one, I had to give you a little background on my battle with it. We had a perfect day, but as always when I arrived home from the city I was left with a headache from the stress of the crowds. The relief to be out of London was overwhelming, but whilst we walked the streets to find all the pretty pink places and indulged in Peggy Porschen cakes, I loved every moment. 

I've been to London three times in total this year, all happy occasions. I'm glad I can enjoy going if and when I decide. It's a stepping stone.

Peggy Porschen is pink paradise 
Our first stop-off point on the pink London tour was Peggy Porschen. The fancy cakes fuelled us for all the pink prettiness that lay ahead. I've been here three times now and it lives up to the hype 100%! First I went with my mum back in March as a late birthday present after I got back from Barbados. Determined to sit outside despite the sub-zero temperatures, the staff gave us pink blankets to put over our knees and were unbelievably lovely. I was so impressed with how sweet they were. Because Peggy Porschen is such a sought after cafe I expected to feel a little intimidated by it all, staff included, but I needn't have worried as they are beyond kind.

 My second visit with Graham on the pink London tour was just as perfect. The weather was breezy and balmy. Not quite the sizzling temperatures we're experiencing now, but still hot. We enjoyed slices of Strawberry Champagne cake and Raspberry cake. It is a bit surreal seeing so many people out front capturing photos of Peggy Porschen, a real life Instagram huddle of hysteria. I'll be honest with you and say that a lot of people getting photos seem to lose all sense of their manners as they clamber for their perfect Peggy Porschen insta moment... my mum and I waited patiently to take a few pictures and once it was all clear two girls had the nerve to tut at us for getting a mere few photos (and when I say "mere" I really mean it, I felt too self-conscious to stand there for long at all). Note to people like that: you're being twats. Peggy Porschen is for everyone to enjoy so let others capture some lovely photos too and stop being so selfish! Another reason why I don't come to London; I don't have the patience for it! Overall though, I absolutely loved it. Mum and I had another pink tea date there a week after Graham and I went, and are arranging an August date as we speak.

The pink houses and doors of London
There are so many gems! Graham sweetly drew up a map of the houses I'd found online and we followed his route throughout the day. After Peggy Porschen we wandered through Kensington and Chelsea, to this gorgeous bright street. The pink house was one I'd had a long-time love affair with and the woman who lived in the house was on her front door step. She was just going in so we said hello and complimented her on her pretty pink house. "It's fun, isn't it!" She said. We asked her if she minded whether we got a few quick photos of me outside her house, and explained about our visit to see lots of pretty pink places, that I had a fashion blog, and a love for pink. The sweet lady couldn't have been lovelier, and she said we were the first people to actually ask her permission for getting photos outside her house. We had a conversation with her for a while, and she told us she wanted to paint the house pink as it was fun and bright. My idol! We only got a few pictures as we didn't want to disturb her, then thanked her and went on our way. 

Notting Hill is always a good idea. Graham and I have been here a couple of times, it's always beautiful. The pretty rainbow coloured street is true treasure, and this pale pink shop was a bonus that we happened upon. Just before I started my blog Graham actually took me on a "Notting Hill" tour, to see the key places featured in the movie. Nearby we found this little pink babe with the gold lion knockers. 

This place reminds me of a pink sweet! Another unexpected treat that we stumbled upon, I'd forgotten all about this until we feasted our eyes on it in real life. 

This LOVE door is such a dream! A true Valentine's wish of pink bliss. Even more fittingly, in the same road I spotted this cute pretty pink car. It must have been destiny calling.... 

On our way to find our last door, Graham stopped in the street and gave me a funny look. I spun round to come face to face with these massive eyes looking at me, it actually made me jump! The eyes are even bigger in real life than they look in the photos! Eyeballing me! We fell about laughing, it was the cutest sight. One of my favourite doors, for sure. 

I've saved my favourite house till last, this gorgeous Barbie babe that wouldn't look out of place in Malibu! I fell head over heels for this house, it's even cuter in real life than you could imagine.....
 I really hope you guys have enjoyed our pink sightings! Thank you so much to Graham for making this dream come true, and for sweetly taking precious time on his well-earned holiday to do this with me! ­čĺľ

Have you been to any of these places?
I'd love to know which door/house is your favourite! 


  1. How lovely, Sophie!! I adore how supportive Graham is, what a sweetie to map all of that out for you. These sightings are absolutely dreamy. I wish I could see them all for myself! Thank you for sharing all the pink with us!! I'm so glad that London has been enjoyable for you. I hope it continues to bring you ALL the happiness, my love! Besides the rude ones.. haha. Do ya thing, babe!!!

  2. All of these buildings are so pretty! I love colourful buildings and houses, especially Rainbow Row in Charleston! Those cake slices look amazing too - perfect flavours! I love the flowers that adorn Peggy Porschen, what a lovely place! ♥♥♥

  3. So much pink, I love it! Sorry I don't have anymore more deep and meaningful to say right now xx

  4. Wow wow and wow love them all, such a good idea and G and his maps (he loves a map) ;)

  5. Seriously love all of these beautiful pink spots! That door with the eyes was too cool! Makes me want to do that to one of my doors. haha.


  6. Oh very interesting post~ Always is hard deal with anxiety.


  7. Oh, that's great, a cute place, all pink, so thanks for sharing, you are so beautiful


  8. I mean, this place is so YOU, Sophie! I love the look of that cake more than anything; absolutely delicious! Hope you are having a great week! xx


  9. I definitely can relate to parts of your anxiety being tied to a specific location, especially as someone who used to really struggle to even leave my dorm in my first year of college because I would get so anxious.

    In other news, that cake looks absolutely delicious! And all those pink and purple buildings have me completely heart eyed over here in Chicago! Lots of love for ya, keep on doing what you're doing!


  10. omg these photos are beautiful xx


  11. I'm going to London and I'm going to visit this beautiful place, thanks for the tip and beautiful blog.

  12. I love this post! It couldn't be shabbier if anyone tried, this hue of pink makes everything look cozier. I love it!

    Natalia | Lindifique

  13. Literally my dream house!! Lovely photos you look gorgeous!

    Darriyan ♡

  14. London just ain't for me Sophie. I get panicky and anxious whenever I visit there. Is just too much people rushing everywhere and I can't deal with the undergrounds. Ha!! Peggy Porschen is definitely famous on Instagram. Almost every blogger has visited. Makes me feel left out. Lol!! You look wonderful in this checkered number. I gotta visit Notting Hill some day. Love the coloured street.


  15. Such a gorgeous photos! I also really like pink houses and Pegggy Porschen is on my list to visit! Thanks for sharing your impressions!


  16. Awwwww! I loved everything on your blogpost, Sophie! Enjoyed reading and looking through the pics, wish it didn’t end. Haha. Your man is such a good man if he supports you with your passion, likes, hobbies especially when it involves pink! Not a lot of men are able to do that! He’s patient in that matter. My husband is not so even when taking pics of me! Hahaha just kidding. Hope you two have a lovely day! And hi to your mum too! Wish someday, maybe, *fingers crossed* I’ll use this blog post in the future for a pretty Pink tour too. Who knows.. Haha.

  17. Loving how pink everything is. I had a panic attack in London not so long ago and ended up doing a work placement I hated there. I have to admit that it’s not one of my favourite places.


  18. I haven't been to any of these places but it all looks so cute and pretty, the pink doors/houses are absolute goals!! Lovely pictures x


  19. Oh darling, I can't tell you HOW happy I am to see you made it to London and enjoyed your time there - and snapping such gorgeous, pretty in pink photos along the way! :) I'm super keen to get a shot outside that Barbie-esque house sometime soon too, need to add that to my to-do list for sure. I hope your positive experience of London with your boyfriend has changed your mind about the city?! :)

    aglassofice.com x

  20. Such gorgeous images you captured Sophie. Notting Hill is one of my favorite movies of all time! The googly eyes door is my favorite and my favorite house is the last one that you said reminded you of Malibu. Sorry to hear about the anxiety you experience when you are in London, I can tell how bad it is because it still affected you a bit with the people trying to get pics in front of the buildings. Some people are just plain rude, and I have to say that it helps to laugh it off for me because that way their ridiculousness doesn't affect me as much. I agree it is annoying! You look incredibly beautiful in your gingham dress with the pretty house as your backdrop. Adore the style you chose to wear!

    Much love beauty,

  21. OMG all these pink places are incredible, so dreamy! Glad you could take all these pictures. I haven't been in London yet, but I totally understand your feeling when you have to be next to a crowd, I think this must be a problem with all the big cities. Anyways, thanks that sweet lady let you take pictures in front of her house, it's beautiful! ❤

    New post: What To Style | Instagram

  22. What a fun tour! I love all the houses, especially the last one. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your time in London - it can be overwhelming, especially if you've had a bad experience in the past - so it's great that you could put that aside and have a fun time there. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  23. That is such a fun idea for a tour, I love it! Despite living in London I have never actually been to Peggy Porschen, maybe I should change that though, the cake looks amazing. Well done for braving London and not letting negative past experiences stop you, that's a great achievement! It's funny, to me London represents pretty much the opposite - a place where I always felt like myself, a place where I feel safe and free. I'm much more anxious in the quiet of my family home ... anxiety works in weird ways, doesn't it? xxx


  24. Girl what a beautiful post! Well done!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  25. Babe this post is a dream come true I love Pink! And what a great idea to go around London looking for pink doors Very inspiring I don't think we have so many gorgeous doors on the Gold Coast like London. Your outfit is so pretty top to toe. And that caf├ę must be the most photographed place in London and I totally understand why, glad to hear it Is not just beautiful but also very friendly. When I lived in London I found difficult to find places that were welcoming so now I know exactly where I am going next time I visit it. Have a lovely weekend xoxo Cris

  26. omg, so many gorgeous photos. Makes me wish I lived closer to London! Might have to start looking at unis in London!
    Aleeha xXx

  27. Wonderful places ÓČś(Óęş╦ŐßÁĽ╦ő)Óęş*

    Blog de la Licorne

  28. How sweet of your man to make a map for you! What a lovely post - so glad to hear you overcame your anxiety! It's very easy to have a love/hate relationship with London because of the chaos so I know how you feel!

    xx Lauren

  29. I really enjoyed reading this, mostly because of how much you have achieved :) I love when others do well despite their anxieties. Hope that next London trip will be as smooth.x

    Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com/?m=1

  30. Captivating blend of Peggy Porschen's iconic pink houses in London with a poignant exploration of anxiety. Insightful and visually stunning , Core Recovery