Monday, 29 October 2018

Halloween outfit: pink haired Penelope Pitstop

Quitting the Wacky Races I revved off with my head held high. Head office wouldn't let me die my hair pink and I'm at the crossroads between sass central and not giving a shit what people think. Sure, the show had a good run but TV is all smoke and mirrors. No tattoos, they said. No cruising out of the studios and into Sephora. No pink hair. 

Penelope Pitstop is supposed to resemble pink but her outfit was disastrously out of date and the make-up they used for the beauty parlour on wheels that was home to my race-car was utterly tragic. No highlight or strobing or even glowing in 2018. Honey, enough is enough. The mirror was losing its shine and so was I. Besides, I was sick of being the only female on set. The damsel in distress act was starting to get humiliating. Penelope Pitstop deserves better and so do I. The fantasy of kicking Dick Dastardly in the balls and giving my colleagues the V sign came true as I crossed the finishing line and announced I was departing. The shock! The horror! Isn't it funny how they only realise what they're losing once you decide to quit on them?
So, Halloween 2018. Where did I go? BITCH WENT SHOPPING! Pink hair, if you please. A glittery pink choker and the shortest skirt I could find. No frumpy dump wardrobe assistants controlling what I wear. Showing skin was a crime on set, now I can be an off-the-shoulder obsessive. I drank my body weight in Starbucks sinking pink drinks then crashed the Pink Panther's Private Party. I'd always had a raging crush on him. Sorry Peter, you never were man enough for me. 

Since then, the Pink Panther and I have had a hedonistic love affair; on-off, like all the lightbulbs in Vegas. He broke my heart, looks like I'm just another pink haired pretty who he wanted as a "friend with benefits" booty call. Piecing yourself back together is easy when you have pink blood flowing through your veins. 

Glamour Gal of the Gas Pedal is dead. From now on I'll blaze my own trail, see all 50 US states, bloom and flower like a butterfly ready to spread its wings and tilt towards the rainbows. Boundless and free, the confining space of the race-track is no longer for me. Penelope Pitstop is perfectly pink. Riding solo and soaring towards the sun. Perhaps I'll keep the car. Company perks and all. 

 I'm not Scott Windsor, buying a Benz that looks like a sporty looking banana for those potential clients, my bet is on the motorbike winning on that racetrack. I'm Penelope Pitstop, thinking pink.
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Saturday, 27 October 2018

London travel: hidden gems in Soho

Even though I live in the Greater London/Kent area I don't often venture into the city of London too much although this year has seen that change with a few visits here and there. Travelling to London has been more frequent for me these past few months and I couldn't wait to embrace an exciting collaboration with to discover all the hidden gems that Soho has to offer. It was a challenge as I don't know the area too well but it was fun and new to unearth some fantastic hot-spots in Soho that deserve all the spotlight. As I made my way through Soho, Carnaby Street dazzled me with its dreaminess. I don't often visit Carnaby Street but it's totally my idea of heaven; not only was it all lit up with a Bohemian Rhapsody theme to tie in with the new movie release but it also holds host to shops such as Skinnydip London and The Gypsy Shrine, two of my favourite places. NBC news were also shooting there so there was a real buzz.

After having a browse through all the fabulous shops I sought out somewhere to go for lunch. I chose 100 Wardour Street, right in the heart of Soho. It looked both inviting and perfect for the laid-back vibe it emitted. It wasn't bright or colourful like a lot of the pubs, restaurants and bars in Soho but there was something about it that drew me in. Inside the restaurant was even better than I'd hoped; the decor was to die for, I'm talking walls full of flowers and quirky chairs. I ordered a cheese board which had the dreamiest cheeses ever and grapes and crackers. I also decided on marinated olives and a Virgin cocktail called "Flight to the Virgin Islands"which was the perfect blend of paradise, it tasted like candyfloss in drink form. Divine! I didn't expect it to be so pretty and pink so that was an added bonus. There was a ton of fun loving cocktails to choose from plus lots of different options for lunch. Cosy, comfortable and relaxing, 100 Wardour Street was a blissful retreat from the busy streets as I refuelled for more exploring of Soho's hidden treasures.

Soho is vibrant and bustling with style and electricity, there's never a dull moment. Amongst cute cafes, colourful cocktail bars and stylish restaurants, there's also fun shopfront displays. These cakes caught my eye from a display in an ice cream parlour. The "I am divorcing you" one particularly raised a smile. 
Soho Square Gardens 
London was surprisingly warm for October during my time in Soho and cooling off in Soho Square Gardens was a vital remedy. Shadowed by lush greenery, it would have been easy to overlook on my stroll past but I'm so glad I stopped in and enjoyed some peace and quiet amongst all the crowds. This pretty building caught my eye; built in 1925 like a tudor cottage it actually functioned as an electricity substation and was also used as a bomb shelter in the Second World War. They made it look like an attractive feature to camouflage the fact that it was an electricity substation. Nowadays it's used as little more than a shed to contain gardening tools and wheelbarrows.

Paul. A. Young Fine Chocolates 
It was a win to pass a welcoming chocolate shop and immediately I was drawn in. Paul. A. Young is award-winning and Paul and his team make fresh brownies, chocolates and truffles in store daily. The staff were all so friendly and polite, there's a real family feel. They even had some tasters of their brownies to sample which were without a doubt delicious. The chocolates in their Soho store are handmade in the basement and Paul has several other chocolate shops, the first one to open was in Camden Passage, Islington in 2006. The flavours are all innovative; they made a Yorkshire tea and biscuits creation a few years ago, right up my street!
 In the corner of the room stood a massive vat of their hot chocolate ready to sample. I couldn't turn that down and they kindly gave me a some to take on my way as I braced the sunny but crisp October streets outside. I was so tempted by the brownies that on my way back to the station I bought their salted caramel billionaires shortbread brownie and I can attest that it's absolutely divine! I love their unique ideas for chocolates, all so creative. They had some Halloween themed chocolates displayed by the windows which looked amazing too. 

Maison Bertaux
Much as I loved the modern decor of 100 Wardour Street, Maison Bertaux was a welcome contrast for all its olde worlde charm. For a tea break it was the perfect choice. A pretty French Patisserie and tea rooms, it was immediately picturesque paradise with its piano, nostalgic trinkets and butterfly decorations displayed behind the till. The cakes and pastries were all to die for, set out at the front. I chose a creamy strawberry tart and a pot of english breakfast tea which came in a generous size.

Many cups of tea were enjoyed and it washed the pastry down perfectly. The other cakes all looked delicious; from chocolate eclairs to sponge cheesecakes, I could have sampled them all! Little fairy lights were strewn throughout the shop and the retro harmony that punctuated the air was something else. 

Next door to Maison Bertaux was another gem I was interested in - House of MinaLima. This quirky shop is the mastermind behind Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, who are displaying their graphic art from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films and also other classic books and fairytales such as The Secret Garden, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Beauty & The Beast. A tour descended upon the shop just as I was venturing in so I didn't get to see much of the Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts displays but the fairytale displays were gorgeous. 

Simmons Bar
Craving a cocktail as Happy Hour approached, I stumbled upon a neon wonderland in the shape of Simmons Bar. Decked out for Halloween with a Darth Vader revolving disco ball spinning on the ceiling, 90s retro kitsch gaming equipment in the corner and spooky cobwebs and skulls adorned the walls, it was both festive and funky.
The cocktails all had eclectic names and immediately the "Barbie Ferrari" cocktail caught my eye; vodka, raspberry and lime served in a kooky cup. The Barbie Ferrari cocktails were going two for £10 seeing as it was happy hour. I loved the atmosphere and definitely want to go back in the future! 
Simmons Bar was the perfect end to the perfect day, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Soho and getting familiar with some hidden gems that I'll definitely be remembering for any future trips to the area!   

Have you explored much of Soho? 
I'd love to know if you have any recommendations!

*Gifted post, all views are my own 

Saturday, 13 October 2018

A Halloween cake date at Peggy Porschen

Earlier in the week mum and I ventured to one of our cake dates at Peggy Porschen. We'd been excited for this one in particular seeing as Halloween has hit the cafe and turned it into a spooktastic pink parlour. The Halloween decor at Peggy Porschen is dreamtastic to say the least; a massive floral skull adorning the window, purple and pink pumpkins arched along the entrance and brooms, flower power and magical sweet treats to conjure up all the cosmic cuteness any pink babe of bliss could wish for. I wasn't intending to blog about our visit but I took my camera this time and decided it would be the perfect time to post this festive Halloween cake date here on the blog for a little bit of Halloween heaven. 

As always the latte art was funktastic and for mum's latte she was given a pumpkin face (she couldn't wait for me to take photos, she broke the rules and sipped at hers before I caught it on camera), while my hot chocolate was given a Boo theme. Too cute! I also chose a Golden Apple & Chai cupcake but I was totally eyeing up the skulls & pearls one they do too, so pretty and festive. Mum got a bit impatient as I took 1234567890 photos on my camera and phone but by God was it worth it for the instagrammable dreaminess! Despite having visited Peggy Porschen a couple of times now, I've never really managed to get decent outfit shots of me there so during this visit I decided to dress to match the dreamy pink decor. I unearthed this gem of a pink floral dress from my wardrobe which I'd forgotten all about and was thrilled with how it matched against the Peggy Porschen decor. 

I also got to take my brand new fluffy pink ombre heart-shaped bag out for a ride. This is from Accessorize and admittedly the kids section, because do you know what? Their adult bags aren't half as fluffy and sassy. I know I've mentioned this before but I'll say again how friendly and sweet the staff at Peggy Porschen are. The guy serving us greeted us with a massive smile and as always we were made to feel welcomed and given a lovely experience. I'm so glad it was a sunny day and as always it was perfect. 

As is always the case after Peggy Porschen we got straight back on the train which is the perfect amount of time in London for me. I'd love to try some more of the London cafes now I'm getting more confident with London but I have a feeling Peggy Porschen will always be my favourite. It always offers up such a unique and cute vibe, it's a truly special place and if you have the opportunity to go then it's truly worth it. 

Have you ever been to Peggy Porschen? Do you like their decor? 
Do you have some favourite London cafe recommendations? I'd love to know!