Wednesday 16 December 2020

Peggy Porschen's Nutcracker Christmas + my Sugar Plum Fairy

Introducing my new Christmas theme which will run throughout the winter months on my blog and social media; ballet! I'll be waltzing through ballerina babetown as I bring you my spin of ballet-inspired looks which I'm so excited for and have been planning for months! The Sugar Plum Fairy is my first foray into Christmas content and what better way to celebrate my first ballet post than by a visit to Peggy Porschen's Nutcracker Christmas display, my favourite of their dream-like displays yet! ♥︎

Peggy's pretty parlour lit up the London streets as we braved the cold to shoot my Sugar Plum Fairy outfit and warmed ourselves up afterwards with candycane engraved hot chocolate and christmas tree cookies. Peggy's The Nutcracker Christmas Collection is straight from cloud nine, or the Land of Sweets to be more precise. Gingerbread, Sugar plum Fairies, Nutcrackers and more, the magic was non-stop! 

It seemed fitting, of course, to opt for a Sugar Plum Fairy cupcake complete with mini ballet shoes and the most delicious winter wonderland icing! The Jolly Gingerbread cupcake was a real treat too, alongside a merry marching Nutcracker cookie. ♥︎

I really felt like I ruled The Land of Sweets as I twirled around in ruffles with my gingerbread house held close to my heart and my mint green hair the perfect candycane accessory. My new blue coat also got an outing, and I love the contrast of the pink and blue, it felt really Christmassy. I had a blast in London shooting this look and it felt like the bravest I've done - yet the most rewarding. Throwing myself into this new theme has really given me a boost and I hope you love what's to come ballerina wise on the blog just as much as I've enjoyed making it happen!  ♥︎

At 11 years old I actually went to see The Nutcracker ballet but ended up experiencing one of my first major panic attacks and having to leave early and miss the whole thing. I'll have to talk about it more someday as the power of kindness the theatre staff showed me still plays heavily on my heart today. I'm so glad ballet brings people joy and this theme has been fun and interesting to put into place! 
I'll be posting the second part of my Christmas in London adventures next week so stay tuned! ♥︎

Are you a fan of The Nutcracker?
Have you ever seen any ballet performances? 



  1. This is so beautiful, love your outfit & the whole Nutcracker theme! I'm a big ballet fan & The Nutcracker is my favourite one, it's so Christmassy!! xx��������

  2. Sophie, you absolutely sparkle!! Your hair, dress, accessories, all of it is a total dream!! Those treats and goodies look so delightful and delicious, I'm so glad you had the time.of your life. You're such a stunning princess and in your element. I totally love everything!!!!

  3. Sophie you look sooo stunning! I love your hair!!! And your photographs are amazing! The Nutcracker is my favorite part of Christmas, so thank you for sharing this post! I hope you're having a lovely day/evening whenever you get to read this xx

    Mari |

  4. Wow I love this concept and how fun to take on this challenge! This look is so fun and LOVE your hair. What a great place to shoot an Instagram worthy spot to be sure. Excited for future posts!

    Allie of

  5. You look absolutely fabulous dear and these pictures are so lovely!

  6. wowwwwW! you look so cute
    and the theme is perfect
    I love all of it :) :)



  7. I love these photos from your fashion photoshoot at Peggy Porschen's!!!
    It looks like an absolutely delightful place to visit, have cookies, cakes, munchies, hot chocolate, and be photographed having one's fashion fantasies coming true!
    I love that Peggy Porschen has a Vegan-Friendly and 'Made Without' cake range as well.
    Your taste in feminine fashion makes me swoon, and your makeup looks beautiful!
    I love how how your pretty mint green hair complements the deep pink white-trimmed tiered ruffled embroidered dress!
    I also love how your flared double breasted coat looks styled with the over the knee boots and with the pink knit hat.
    The rainbow heels you accessorised your outfit with look amazing as well!
    I'm so sorry to read of the panic attack that caused you to miss The Nutcracker when you were 11. That Nutcracker display at Peggy Porschen's is great, and your outfit photos are amazing.
    Although I did visit broadway long long ago, I'm afraid I have never been to see a ballet performance live and in person - only parts of them on television or on YouTube (like a couple of videos by @RaeAbigael).
    Seeing the Nutcracker in person would be quite a treat.

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  8. This is such a fun theme! Everything looks magical! I love your outfit and you hair looks gorgeous!

  9. I love how your style always transports me to dreams and fantasy. Lovely!!!


  10. These are some gorgeous pictures! I just love how you matched all the colours. Take care

  11. I absolutely love your rainbow heels ­čśŹ­čśŹ­čîł

  12. Fabulous photos, I love the colours ❤

  13. What cute outfits! that blue coat is beautiful on you, such a great piece for winter and the treats look delicious! :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas week :)

    Away From The Blue

  14. These photos are so magical. I love the beauty of ballet and would love to see one live.

  15. Wow you look so great and awesome! This photos are so cute! I love pink :)

  16. I love ballet! I was a dancer for over 20 years and of course Ballet was one of the first dances I tried. You just brought me beautiful memories full of magic, every dance pair of dance shoes I had made my heart race and my eyes sparkle with so much happiness. You look so beautiful enchanting ballerina of dreamland. Love Love Love this cafe so pretty and so absolutely fantasyland happy place to be! You look adorable in pink, blue or whatever colour you choose as rainbow pops out of your content mirrored by your heart. The Mint green hair with the blue coat OMG you look so so cute. Nutcracker, Giselle, Don Quixote, Cinderella, you name it love them all.
    Happy new year I hope 2021 bring you much happiness, success, health and may all your dreams take flight. Much peace and love your way. xoxo Cris

  17. I really need to visit London during Christmas season, what gorgeous decorations!
    Happy New Year!

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