Tuesday 16 August 2016

Disco dreams: Suns out with MinkPink

Feeling hella love for this MinkPink Suns Out crochet halter neck top (try saying that three timesss after a rum and coke) that I treasure-troved via asos. So summery and snap-upable. Instantly fell in lust with it and knew it would make my summer stylin' that bit more dreamy. The New Look crochet salsa shorts made for the perfect pairing and I'm over the moon with the Temerity Jones disco ball. Didn't really need a disco ball but as a fashion blogger I'm allowed to justify it (sure thing, see? Done). Wedges aren't usually my scene but these Talia sandals also from asos were the perfect blend of compromise, fuelled with a pretty holographic gold vibe. And last but not least, show-stopping shades from Dolls Kill, remember those sugary sweet bracelets as a 90s kid? Yeah those. 
I'm really happy with the desert vibes going on, as you know I'm a summer girl at heart and I think this has to be one of my favourite looks ever, aside from the whole A UFO Landed in my Pool! Trip. I'm getting really into liquid gold hues and feels; the gold shimmery body oil I slathered myself in for this shoot was a start, at least. Anything a bit glowy and shimmery and gold gets my vote. 
I talked about my decision to quit my job here and it turned out to be even more of an emotional rollercoaster than anticipated in the end. I was overcome with upset, a little heartbreak and a mix of relief, sadness, highs and lows. A bit of shock too, as I ended up leaving a little earlier than planned, which, although best, was still quite overwhelming and I couldn't get my head round a lot of it, still can't. Despite a few issues towards the end it was a job I had loved once upon a time, the only place to work that's ever felt like home, and silver linings and pots of gold have come thick and fast in meeting so many good, decent people full of support and kindness. Something I can't say I've ever really experienced in the workplace before. It was nice to finally feel accepted for who I am, my visions and my direction. I've met some lifelong friends, not something I could ever have imagined last year when those glass doors looked so intimidating and the office behind it more-so. Graham often says it's usually the people that make a job, and for once I understand what he means. 
Well, that's it for now folks. I'll definitely be back sooner rather than later this time (promise you, promise you!) Ideas are trickling in for a few more personal posts, as I feel that the blog -once so open and honest - is now lacking in that department a little. It'll be nice to be posting more content on a regular basis, as it will be to open up and get chatting about a few more topics and switch-up between fashion every now and then. Besides that, I'm looking forward to broadcasting some further tropical looks, hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed shooting 'em. Can't wait; be sure to bring PiƱa Colada's along, and suntan cream. 

P.S Happy #NationalRumDay! 
What's your favourite cocktail? 


  1. These photos are stunning! I'm in love with your sunglasses!

    Bella x

  2. I love the combination of sunny, summery colours in this outfit! The halter top is particularly adorable <3 I've been very into silver lately, but you are definitely a golden girl! It's perfect on you lovely lady! ♥ I'm sure you will definitely keep in touch with your workmates and it's lovely that they were supportive of you :) It's always a little strange when you make a big decision like that but we are all here for you! xxx

  3. Those DollsKill sunglasses are totally amazing!! They look great on you too babes!
    Loving the usual summer vibes your posts give out, the beach shoots are totally you sunshine!
    Quitting your job is a hard thing sometimes, I've been through that and you do it for the best but sometimes feel worse but it will all be ok I promise!
    Can't wait to see your next fashion look doll

    Gem | gemsupnorth.co.uk xxx

  4. Love this look Sophie! It's just so summery and I love the location chosen to shoot. It really pulls the whole shoot together! I really hope you're okay about leaving the job now, I think it's important that you've recognised the fact that you've met some lovely people there, and those people sound like they are going to be lasting friends :) I'm really really excited to see what you've got planned next, as you deserve all the greatness in the world. Time to be a #girlboss! :P ^_^ xx

    Yasmin Qureshi Photography

  5. Fab photos as ever Sophie and you're absolutely rocking this look - especially those incredible shades! Quitting your job is never an easy decision but hold on to the reasons why - I know you have never been prepared to compromise your dreams, and the sky really is the limit now! Onwards and upwards. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  6. Such an amazing outfit, that top is too fab! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  7. Your outfit posts are always so much fun Soph, I'm loving that Disco ball! I really like this outfit, its so girly and cute but looks really comfy at the same time! My favourite cocktail is easily a Southern Rock from the Hard Rock Cafe!! xx

  8. My favorite cocktail is the same as a favorite author - a good Hemingway daiquiri. Or even a regular daiquiri. Lovin' this outfit btw, it's so you!


  9. I just love your sense of personal style Sophie, it's so much fun seeing what outfit you'll be wearing next! Everything is always so bold, colourful and playful. I love the sunset-beach concept for the shoot and GIRL your legs go on forever!!!


  10. These photos are so much fun! Love the 70's vibes!!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  11. Ahh, I missed National Rum Day? I had no idea of this day. But, love a playful post like this. The crochet halter is adorable as are these photos as well. <3 /Madison

  12. as usual i love the bright colors in your outfit(: and it's so wonderful that you got to experience working in a place with such kind people. honestly, even in the worst situations, the people you encounter can truly make an experience great.


  13. Your top is so cute, I really love the pattern and style

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  14. Im loving this fun summer look! The crochet set is so beautiful... and those sunnies are the best! Such fun style!


    Novelstyle Blog

  15. I love the whole theme of this blog post!


  16. I love your style so much, your sunglasses are so cute! xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  17. such an amazing outfit! and what a good find from minkpink! :) my job scenarios been virtually the same left behind alot of good friends which made the decision harder to leave but has in the end made me happier doing a job i prefer (even if it came with not seeing mates so much and a huge paycut!) im still in touch with them now though. fave cocktail? gotta be pina colada though im virtually tee total, i only just tried one for the first time this summer and was dizzy after 3 sips!! xx http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/yeehaa.html

  18. this is such a dreamy look oh my god <3 love the sunglasses!

  19. This top is so cute and I absolutely love the way you styled it! You look stunning and these photos are beautiful!

    xo, Esther


  20. You look SO CUTE!!! Adore this whole look babe, especially your sunnies! They're so much fun! Xx


  21. Wow, quitting your job is a big step especially when you love the people you work with. I know because I did that last month, and I'm so happy with my decision as well. Congrats on new beginnings! Love the tropical vibe, you look fabulous!!!


  22. OMG TOTAL DESERT BABE ALERT!!!! I have to agree with you Soph, this is one of my fave of your shoots too! It's just so editorial, unique and sizzling hot. I used to eat those candy necklaces all the time so your sunnies are so cute and nostalgic! Plus: THAT 2 PIECE **insert round of wolf whistles, pervy emojis and heart eyes** SMOKIN HOT!!!!

    You were so brave quitting your job- good on you for following your dreams! You are super talented and I will be the first in the queue for your book :)

    Rachel xx

  23. Oh my wow, if this isn't the mos summery outfit I ever did see. The perfect concoction of warm, fiery tones remind me of a tequila sunrise i.e. ideal for the sunnier seasons. Those sugary sunnies are where it is at, I am taken back to all of those jelly and ice cream birthday parties and being delighted in finding a multicoloured treat at the bottom of my goody bag to slip over my wrist (and thinking I was totally cool). I am also definitely stealing your fashion blogger status as a justification technique, that disco ball is everything - 'it's my aesthetic darling'.
    So pleased for you vis a vis breaking free from your job, I can only imagine how difficult it is leaving somewhere you've found sanctuary and especially where there's people you've gained a connection with. Here's to all of the new roads you are set to travel *clinks glass*
    Also, can I just mention how incredible your legs look in those photos? Catwalk model vibes 100% achieved <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  24. Your photography is always so on point and uber creative, sweetie!! You're the queen of props!!! <3 Loved this look & all the vibe of this OOTD & post, honey. I hope you're doing great post-quitting. Every decision, no matter how tough it might seem at the time, is great. It gets us moving forward!! Well done, babes!!
    Now just follow your dreams - and you're golden, my sweetheart!!!
    I am always here for you <3
    xox Nadia

  25. This is such a gorgeous outfit!! I love it. These pictures are stunning too

    Charlie @ ablogbycharlie || www.ablogbycharlie.co.uk