Saturday 27 May 2017

Festival fever feat minkpink + Topshop

So yet again Topshop have launched another pair of mystic, majestic MOTO jeans to their so hot I heart it collection. It seems this holographic pair have sadly sold out, but I'm sure they'll add another babin', bedazzling pair to sass up their shelves sometime real soon. My glittery MOTO jeans from last summer are still a firm favourite, as are the enchantingly pretty gemstone mom jeans that were perfect summer sizzlers against a snow globe of glacial gorgeousness. I think my staple summer piece has to be this MinkPink suns out crochet crop top, I'm still just as obsessed with the orange hues and fun loving feels as I was when I bought it last year. You can still snap the shorts up from asos. Perfect for that BBQ, that ice cream trip, that boot fair haul... hang on, now I'm convincing myself to get 'em. 
I can't be the only one craving glitter by the gallons and crochet crop tops aplenty as summer strikes its unmissable magic. Festival fashion is hitting us even harder this year, and I'm loving all the holographic, sparkly, dazzling adornment of gems and diamonds this season. I want to invest some time in doing some glittery looks myself, there's just too much to be inspired by these days and too little time, am I right? I am however, chuffed that my 90s candy bikini look materialised as planned (who says chokers can't be edible?!) I am pleased to say I have refrained from eating said candy bikini and this restraint will now grant me future bouts of sugary sweet flatlay fever. 

I have to talk about THE BAYWATCH MOVIE as, okay, I've been hyped about seeing it since Christmas. I'm sure if you know me well enough by now, you'll know this is my kinda movie. My mum of course is pretending she doesn't want to see it, but the sooner she admits her closet crush on Zac Efron to the world the better. (Safe to say she is in Spain this weekend so I've been insta-messaging her pictures of Zac on a pink vespa as punishment). The guy working at the cinema a while back asked us what films we were keen on seeing in regards to getting a 'see four oscar nominated films and get to see one for free deal' and of course Baywatch came up. His response? "I don't think, er, that's going to be nominated for an, er, Oscar...." We need to make this happen. My mum tells me he was nominated for a 'Best Moment of Zac Efron shirtless' award back in 2014 but still no oscar. Let's just hope he doesn't turn to period dramas because life would be a lot less funny if we lost him off the comedy circuit. 

Are you looking forward to Baywatch?
What summer styles are you loving at the moment?




  1. Omg these jeans are GORGEOUS!!! I also really wanna see Baywatch as Zac Efron is just the most amazing human being :') x

  2. Hahaha I need to see Baywatch too! And yes, a specific 'topless' Oscar should have been made just to give to Zac Efron!

    BABE you are like a sparkling desert mirage! I could easily imagine your rocking this glitzy goodness to Coachella :) You honestly have the best collection of embellished jeans, and these are on fire, literally. They remind me of flames scorching in a heatwave. The top is gorgeous on you too. #queen

    As for your candy bikini, you have far more will power than me! Nothing containing sugar lasts more than a day in our house! ;)

    Rachel xx

  3. Wow! That's cool!
    Have a good day :)

  4. Love your jeans and the top! So cute outfit and you are lovely!
    Honestly, I'm not planning to see Baywatch, it just not my kind of movie:)

  5. Loving these jeans, super cool! Do you know if they have them in shorts as well? I'm not sure I could pull off the full look as well as you :)

    1. Thank you, so fun aren't they! ✨💖 I don't know if they do them in shorts, haven't seen any. Fingers crossed you find some though 💕

  6. This look is so on point!!! Love those pants!!! <3


  7. Your jeans are so cool! At first I thought they were pixel jeans or something! They look so dazzling and suit you so well! <3 <3 <3 xxx

  8. Wow, those pants are amazing! And you styled them so well! <3


  9. Girl your looks are always so fun and original, adore it.


  10. These jeans are insane! I love how they catch the light. Any movie that's light-hearted gets a thumbs up from me! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  11. YES going to see Baywatch all the way! I mean come on. You cracked me up inside with your moms secret crush...made me grin so hard. I hope she admits to it soon, hehe!! Your crop top is so dreamy, so good with so many outfits. I'm coming up with them in my head right about now. Gorgeous pics and styling too Sophie. Keep the great glittery goodness coming!


  12. I literally can't stop looking at these jeans, all the mermaid, festival and glitter vibes!!! The sun rays bouncing off the sequins give it such a magical look, bet this photoshoot was so much fun! Your top totally goes with the jeans and has that 90's summer feel, this look would totally rock any festival!!

    I'm excited to watch Baywatch too, i love watching anything with the Rock in so I think its gonna be a funny one!

    Keep all the glitter filled posts coming beaut! I love reading about your fantastic style.

    Gem | gemsupnorth xxx

  13. I love the photos you take they really excite me for summer!! Love the outfit, you buy the cutest stuff from Topshop, I love anything with sequins and the sunglasses go so well with it x

    S x

  14. The outfit looks so cool on you! The jeans are like the sort of thing you see in magazines, but you pull them off way better! I'm not too sure I'll watch Baywatch, apart from Zac Efron, I don't really have strong feelings on it either way :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  15. How cool, I've never seen a pair of jeans like that! Nice photos :)

  16. Loved reading this post chick ! And those Jeans - Oh my rainbow !!

  17. I'm so desperate to go and see Baywatch and this outfit is stunningg xo

  18. Omg these jeans though! I can't deal, so amazing <3

  19. YES babe, this is such a Sophie look - you really suit the mass of bright, cheerful and colourful shades! This crop top has got me thinking of hot days spent on the beach this summer. Lovely!!

  20. Those jeans stand out so much - you pulled them off so well. Defo a statement. OMG I literally can't wait to watch Baywatch ... I loved Baywatch growing up and Zac being in the film makes it 10000x better *heart eyes*

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  21. HELLO LOVER! My oh my what fabulous jeans you have there! I am so, so in love with the kaleidoscope of colours.


  22. LOVE that trousers!!!!

  23. SO. MANY. SEQUINS! My eyes! Such a lovely choice. I'm definitely going to watch Baywatch! :D It's Zac Efron!! <3

    yanrula x

  24. I love this cute outfit! Those jeans are amazing!

  25. Those jeans are possibly the best thing I've seen - well, ever!
    ♥ Fran - xx

  26. Girl, you look bomb! I mean those jeans, Ariel would kill for them for sure! Love your style, so colorful xx

    Naya //